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Established: 2004
Line of Business: Development and Construction
Address: 21 Yehuda Leib Pinsker St., Petach Tikva
Phone: *9816
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.gilkata.co.il
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Company Executives

Leading Executives

    Gil Kata Owner
    Or Kata VP, Execution
    Oz Kata VP
    Ron Kata VP, Planning
    Adv. Refael Gililov Legal Counsel
    CPA Hagai Shoval CFO
    Ron Mansharov Urban Renewal and Business Development Department Manager
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KATA GROUP, the new name of Gil Kata Construction & Investments, is a family-owned group, owned by Gil Kata, who manages it alongside his three sons who hold degrees in industrial engineering, management, and engineering, combining innovation and vigor in business.
The group, founded in 2004, is one of the largest development and contracting companies in Petah Tikva, Gil Kata’s hometown and residence. The company broke through the city’s borders this year with a project in Hod Hasharon, which bought the last boutique plot in the 1200 neighborhood for NIS 100 million.
As a development and contracting company, the KATA GROUP carries out saturated construction and Pinui Binui projects. KATA GROUP has several business units that enable its extensive operations to a high standard. The Urban Renewal Department is in charge of the entire process of contacting the tenants, evacuation, and service throughout and after the entire process. Execution Division builds the projects at the highest quality and in the fastest possible way, operates simultaneously on various construction sites, and is responsible for executing the project and delivering the apartments on time. The Income Properties Division attests to the company’s financial strength, owning a complex of commercial and long-term residential buildings, offering about 1,000 square meters of commercial space and about 100 housing units. The company specializes in both new construction and urban renewal projects, and its experience includes populated demolition and construction projects, projects under construction, and many future projects in Petah Tikva and other cities in the Gush Dan area and the Sharon and Central region, including Hod Hasharon, Ramat Gan, Holon, Givat Shmuel, and Herzliya.
Since Gil Kata bought his first plot of land for ten apartments, the company has been growing rapidly, with revenues and construction volumes rising as well as the number of employees. Today, the company has 300 apartments under construction in several projects in Petah Tikva, the most significant of which is the “Neve Gan Tzafon” project, in which three 14-story towers are being built. A turning point for the company happened in 2022 when it began constructing in Hod Hasharon and Galil Yam in Herzliya, sought-after neighborhoods in the central area.
In spite of its development, KATA GROUP keeps a personal, family approach as a guiding principle for the process of purchasing apartments as well as providing service to tenants even a decade after the project is delivered. A total of 65 people work at the company’s headquarters and at its field sites. The company is also developing in terms of the management structure, with dedicated departments including the finance department, legal department, marketing and sales department, urban renewal department, planning and licensing coordination department, engineering department, procurement, and logistics department, as well as inspection and service department. The executive team of KATA GROUP is responsible for delivering top-notch quality and ensuring that it meets the highest standards. The company uses professional interior designers to decorate the common spaces, in order to give its customers a particularly high standard.
The company, which maintains a family atmosphere, has the financial strength and stability that ensures its customers’ security. The company’s skilled and dynamic team is working collaboratively with the next generation to accelerate its development.

Prominent Projects

“Neve Gan Tzafon” - Petah Tikva
A project of 3 14-story towers with 156 housing units. Construction, which began in early 2021, is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. The project is located in the Neve Gan neighborhood, next to the Em Hamoshavot in northern Petah Tikva, within walking distance of the light rail. The building will be constructed to a high standard, with an emphasis on the development of the lot, which connects to Gissin Street.
Hod Hasharon
The project is located in the 1200 neighborhood in Hod Hasharon, in the last lot for construction in the neighborhood, which was purchased by the company for NIS 100 million. The project includes one 15-story tower with 62 units, including impressive 3, 4, 5, and 6-room apartments and penthouses.
Galil Yam, Herzliya
The project, located in the most central region of the Galil Yam neighborhood, will include two buildings offering 98 apartments. The plot was purchased by the company as part of a bidding process for NIS 204 million. The project is planned by the LSA Architects Office.
Rothschild Complex, Petah Tikva
The complex is located at the end of Rothschild Street, at numbers 156-172, and includes five adjacent urban renewal complexes (demolition and construction), where 300 housing units are expected to be built on a section of the street that will be renewed and changed. Phase A, Rothschild 166, has been completed. Phase B, Rothschild 162, will be completed by the end of 2022 and the other phases will be finished during 2023.
Pinsker Complex, Petah Tikva
Between Pinsker 13-25, the company is constructing 5 buildings with a mixture of residential, office, and commercial uses, 250 meters from the light rail. The properties built in the complex remain the property of the company and are leased for the long term, and constitute income-producing properties, which include 100 units for rent and about 1,000 square meters of commercial space.
Rechasim, Ramat Gan
A Pinui Binui project in which four buildings will be demolished and 72 new apartments will be built in their place. Planning approval granted.

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