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International Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Courier and Global Logistics Solutions

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Established: 1994
Line of Business: International Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Courier and Global Logistics Solution
Address: 144 Menachem Begin Rd., Midtown Tower, Tel-Aviv 6492102
Phone: 972-74-7555555
Fax: 972-3-5621113
Email: [email protected]
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  • Itzik Marom, Krief Group

    Itzik Marom

    CFO Krief Group

    Krief Group

  • Mor Mazor Krief, Krief Group

    Mor Mazor Krief

    VP HR Krief Group

    Krief Group

  • Meirav Itzchaky, Krief Group

    Meirav Itzchaky

    CEO, Mara Shipping

    Krief Group

  • Eyal Bozaglo, Krief Group

    Eyal Bozaglo

    CEO Krief Albatros

    Krief Group

  • Avivit Granot, Krief Group

    Avivit Granot


    Krief Group

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    Avivit Granot
  • Irit  Krief, Krief Group

    Irit Krief

    President, Krief Group

    Krief Group

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    Irit Krief
  • Maurice  Benouaich, Krief Group

    Maurice Benouaich

    President, Rom Top Aviation

    Krief Group

  • Avi Bochbot, Krief Group

    Avi Bochbot

    CEO, UBL

    Krief Group

  • Rotem Mazor, Krief Group

    Rotem Mazor

    CEO, Krief Marine & General Insurance Agency

    Krief Group

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About Krief Group

Krief Group was founded in 1994 by Irit and Reuven Krief. The Group is rated as the second largest logistics provider group in Israel by official rankings. Krief Group specializes in logistics services for importers / exporters and provides a One-Stop-Shop package of services for those operating in international trade and the supply chain.
Areas of expertise include shipping, aviation, E-commerce, marine insurance, logistics, storage, distribution, project management, shipment consolidation for import/export and commodities financing. Krief Group represents a range of airlines and shippers and is one of the leading companies in the sector. The Group has a wide range of customers involved in consumer products, including government agencies and ministries, the defense establishment and foreign armies.

The Group Includes

Krief Albatros Ltd. Active in international freight forwarding and customs, exclusively representing in Israel JAS the global freight forwarding network.
The company provides the full range of services to importers and exporters by sea and air, customs clearance, logistics, pharma.

GCX Global Courier Express Ltd. Israel largest courier B2C company and as a customs agent, it operates the entire delivery process including customs clearance and delivery to recipients in a variety of delivery options. The only company in Israel with an ISO certification in e-commerce from the SII .GCX relies on highly advanced and innovative technology to respond to a dynamic market where consumer behavior changes rapidly. The company handles hundreds of thousands of deliveries annually, for various well-known brands and websites for various countries. The company handles hundreds of thousands of deliveries annually, for well-known global brands and websites for various countries. The company is committed to meeting the highest standards of the international suppliers for service to the consignees and is proud of its achievement with a KPI of more than 99%, enabling releasing the goods on the day of landing.

Krief Marine & General Insurance Agency Ltd. provides insurance services for import and export cargoes, as well as general insurances for the business and private sectors.

Mara Shipping Mara Shipping is a shipping agency of global companies specialized in Ro-Ro, including leasing vessels and integrated logistics solutions.

Rom Top Aviation Ltd provides GSA services to foreign airlines , both on-line and off-line.

Ultimate Business Logistics Ltd. specializes in logistics projects for infrastructures, oil and natural gas drilling, and power stations, energy and tunneling, including special solutions for EPC customers.

Visa Facilities Center Ltd. provides services and logistics for the issuance of visas to foreign countries, in close contact with foreign embassies in Israel.

IS Europe Investments Ltd. an assets and investments company.

Value Logistics Capital Ltd. specializes in inventory finance for importers, helping them to execute transactions from concept to sale to end customer, with assistance in transferring the payments to suppliers in Israel and abroad (against an invoice), in customs clearance and in finances.

Krief Group has five main offices: Head Office in Terminal Park in Or Yehuda, and offices in Tel Aviv, Ashdod Port, Haifa Port, at the cargo terminal and at the courier area of Ben Gurion Airport.

Stability and Financial Strength

Krief Group combines advanced technology with maximum investment in human resources. The Group is known for its stability and financial strength through responsible management characterized by the strictest allocation of credit, and division of resources, maintenance of equity and continual development.
In the technology sector, Krief Group has developed the Krief Information Technology (KIT) system, which provides advanced solutions, as well as continuing to develop sophisticated IT and BI designed to provide efficient and professional responses and data tools. The skilled staff is comprised of long-serving employees who have been with the company since its inception and contribute greatly to the stability of Krief Group. Management invests in staff training and sends employees to specializations in the countries where the Group operates. Many of the Group’s employees have qualifications and are licensed in international freight forwarding and customs clearance.

Strategy for Success

Irit and Reuven Krief lead the Group with long-term vision, consistency, and daringness that typify their work since the Group’s establishment, supported by advanced IT systems and a professional and loyal team.
In their vision, they see the Group as a One-Stop-Shop and have led its establishment as such. Today, the Group provides services for every stage from the logistics chain to the production floor.

Facing The Future

Krief Group’s uniqueness is its long-term creative thinking while taking into account global changes in the market and adapting them for the Israeli market, and while creating close ties with a broad range of influential organizations in the field worldwide. This is demonstrated by representing airlines such as Etihad Cargo and Royal Air Maroc who joined after Abraham Accords signing. We also offer logistical solutions to importers and exporters in the American market, including classified and security cargoes, using a professional and experienced Israel desk located in New York, headed by Eilam Yaari.
Thanks to the Israeli desk, our work is carried out in close cooperation with all the JAS branches across North America, while maintaining high standards of quality of service and continuous reports throughout the supply chain process both in Israel and in the USA.

Gas, Infrastructures & Sustainability

Krief identified the growth engines in the Israeli economy and managed to train professional teams specializing in energy and pharma while setting up and supporting power stations, drilling rigs and desalinization plant and national infrastructures. Our projects include chartering vessels and aircraft, special customs clearance procedures and providing global solutions in supply chain management platforms. The company provides dedicated solutions for this industry and has built dedicated work processes with customs and the various authorities for complex logistics that integrate land, sea, and air while providing services at short notice to foreign personnel.

Contribution to the Community

Krief Group sees contributing to the community and being socially involved as an important value and as its agenda, with active participation of the companies’ managers and the employees. In this framework the company assist to the community with contributions to various foundations, food products’ baskets distribution, and contributing to the national healthcare.
Krief Group is based on reliability, precision, seriousness and progress, and strives to create synergy between all of the Group’s companies.

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