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Iron Processing and Import for Construction

S. Cohen Metal Factories Ltd.
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Established: 1952
Line of Business: Iron Processing and Import for Construction
Address: Bnei Ayish, PO Box 63, 6086000
Phone: 972-8-8590122
Fax: 972-8-8599221
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.scohen.co.il
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  • Mirit Cohen Zamir, S. Cohen Metal Factories Ltd.

    Mirit Cohen Zamir


    S. Cohen Metal Factories Ltd.

  • Gal Rozen, S. Cohen Metal Factories Ltd.

    Gal Rozen


    S. Cohen Metal Factories Ltd.

  • Udi Halfin, S. Cohen Metal Factories Ltd.

    Udi Halfin

    Factory Manager

    S. Cohen Metal Factories Ltd.

  • Tal Blumner, S. Cohen Metal Factories Ltd.

    Tal Blumner


    S. Cohen Metal Factories Ltd.

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About S. Cohen Metal Factories Ltd.

S.Cohen specializes in metal processing and is one of Israel’s largest metal and steel importers. The company has been operating for over 70 years and owns two factories for processing iron for construction, one is located in the Reem industrial park and another at Mishor Adumim industrial park. S. Cohen continues to bolster its position as one of the leaders in the industry. The company specializes in metal processing for all types of building steel frames and construction, infrastructure (concrete reinforcement) products of uncompromising quality, personally tailored to the planning and requirements of the construction engineers, while adhering to timetables. S. Cohen markets products for residential projects of private and commercial developers and complex national infrastructures, roads, and bridges projects. Over the past few years, the company, which is based upon core values of innovation, invested in innovative technologies and advanced automation, which considerably shorten the timetables of production.

In Constant Growth, Returning to Jerusalem

The company has expanded its production and processing capacity in the region through the innovative factory it established in Mishor Adumim, about 15 km from Jerusalem which is an influencing factor of the area’s competition. This factory provides a comprehensive solution for all skeleton products for the building and infrastructures being built in Jerusalem and its surroundings, and a great deal of thought was placed on environmental safety and conservation. solar panels were installed on its roof to provide some of its electricity requirements, and top-of-the-line machinery was purchased, equipped with advanced computer systems and minimal power consumption. This factory, like the factory in Reem Park, will recycle all its leftover metal for reuse. The new factory will focus on streamlining and continuous improvement in the production process and providing added value to the customer, through professional excellence, innovation and technological improvement that will be reflected in the improvement of quality and compliance with the standard and the market. The combination of lean management with many years of experience will result in improved competitiveness and better pricing.

The Elements Production Department

S. Cohen has an elements production department that specializes in supplying products for complex infrastructures such as railways and bridges. The company produces elements of all types, including slurry walls, Element mesh, pillars, x-shaped elements, etc. This department enables the company to provide customized products according to the plans of the customer’s engineers, for urban industries, and for reinforcing transport infrastructure, bridges and commercial and residential buildings. Constructing with ready-made elements from the company’s factory improves and shortens the construction site schedules in transitions from one stage to another and solves the on-site storage and congestion problems. The factories supply the elements according to the site’s requirements and in accordance with the site’s coordination with other factors such as concrete castings, etc. This holistic process saves costs for the construction companies, since they pay only for the element’s net weight - thus not paying for the depreciation that occurs when the elements are assembled on construction sites.

The Company’s Vision

The company’s mission is to provide professional and reliable service with engineering solutions for cost-saving and streamlining in the construction process. This vision is implemented through the company’s core values – excellence, professionalism, responsibility, service orientation, and fairness.

Expertise and Reliability

The company has a production planning and control department which includes skilled engineers, who streamline the construction processes and reduce construction waste loss. Streamlining design improves construction processes for customers and contributes to the saving of metal weight, which reduces costs.
Each customer receives personal attention from one of the company’s customer portfolio managers alongside a professional apprentice person who accompanies him and the site managers, from the characterization and ordering through delivery to field application and provides him with an optimal design solution to existing engineering challenges and logistics constraints.

Uncompromising Service by Leading Experts

S. Cohen is characterized by a flat and efficient organizational structure, which guarantees its customer full management availability, flexibility, and fast response times. The company’s team includes the production, planning and control team, engineering, quality control, logistics, sales, production and customer service, who are the best in their fields due to their devotion. The company is renowned for the service, expertise, reliability, and integrity of its employees, who often undergo training and seminars that provide them with the latest professional knowledge.

Personal Service

Despite its extensive operations, S. Cohen maintains its familial atmosphere. This is expressed in both the warm attitude that the customers receive from the staff and the fact that the company’s executives, CEO Mirit Cohen - Zamir and VP Gal Rozen, maintain direct contact with the customers, and verify that all of their requests are fulfilled warmly, professionally and devotedly, always maintain reliability, and devoted customer service.

Human Capital and Innovative Factories

At S. Cohen, an industry that employs “smart hands”, is the real drive of the Israeli economy, and therefore the company views its employee as its secret power. The company’s main production facility is located in Reem Park Industrial Park – Kanot Junction, near the Ashdod Port and is about 40 km from the border with Gaza. The facility, which covers an area of 25 dunams, employs about 170 employees, who live in Ashdod, Ashkelon and the surrounding area. The factory has protected areas and continues to provide a full and stable service through military operations, also in the current “Iron swords” war. The company and its staff see the production and supply of construction iron for projects as their social mission, strengthening Israel’s economy in addition and thereby succeeds in retaining all its employees, being its main asset, also in challenging periods, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, where the company maintained all its employees. The new factory in Mishor Adumim, covers 24 dunams and employs about 50 employees. Both factories provide all types of construction metal products including iron mesh, bars, complex elements, etc. The factories have machinery that utilizes cutting-edge technology to provide solutions for iron processing plants and operate 24 hours a day – 5 days a week and half days of Fridays.

Quality and Safety Above all Else

The company’s products meet the SII and ISO9001 standards and all production processes are meticulously quality controlled from the order stage to the delivery to the client. The company’s safety supervisor strictly enforces protocols and verifies that at the end of each workday, every employee returns safely to their family. In addition, S. Cohen is a green company, which meticulously complies with every environmental protection standard, in light of its commitment to sustainability. The company has an outstanding advantage as a veteran importer in the field, and therefore can offer competitive prices without brokerage gaps, and is immediately ready to supply its variety of products, all held at large stock that is always available. The company invites every construction contractor and infrastructure contractor who does not work with us to come for a tour in our factories. We have no doubt that our company’s service, professionalism, and personal touch will surprise and impress you. With us, quality, professionalism and service are an iron rule.

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