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Shoval Engineering Group
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Established: 1985
Line of Business: Planning, Construction and Initiation
Address: 18 HaMesila St., Nesher
Phone: 972-4-8202660
Fax: 972-4-8202657
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Moshe Miller, Shoval Engineering Group

    Moshe Miller

    CEO & Owner

    Shoval Engineering Group

  • Yishay Roth, Shoval Engineering Group

    Yishay Roth

    Deputy CEO

    Shoval Engineering Group

  • Sagi Barazani, Shoval Engineering Group

    Sagi Barazani


    Shoval Engineering Group

  • Nimrod  Asor, Shoval Engineering Group

    Nimrod Asor

    VP Engineering

    Shoval Engineering Group

  • Yoram  Vaintroib, Shoval Engineering Group

    Yoram Vaintroib

    VP of Planning and Licensing

    Shoval Engineering Group

  • Ortal Harush, Shoval Engineering Group

    Ortal Harush

    Sales Manager & Urban Renewal

    Shoval Engineering Group

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About Shoval Engineering Group

Shoval Engineering Group is one of Israel’s leading construction groups in the areas of planning-execution and initiation. The group was founded in 1985 by Moshe Miller and achieved continuous growth thanks to a managerial cultural emphasis on long-term customer relationships through the accurate, high-quality and reliable execution of projects while stressing the initiator’s needs and interests and strictly complying with schedules and budgets. In all its activities, the group emphasizes caution and stability - both from the financial aspect, while maintaining the financial stability, and its customers. The Group’s operations are carried out through two main subsidiaries: the initiation arm, Shoval Residential Complexes Ltd., and the execution arm, Shoval Engineering and Construction Ltd.

The Group’s Strategy

Shoval’s strategy is built on its two main strengths – large-scale and high-quality planning-execution capabilities and long-term relationships with loyal and satisfied customers. The synergy between the strengths creates a positive feedback loop – where the company’s service quality and successful projects lead to loyal customers and a strong reputation, which in turn lead to new projects and winning RFTs – which supports the company’s long-term growth and prosperity. In order to implement this strategy, the company constantly remains at the forefront of the industrialized construction technologies (including professional training, development and discovery of building technologies across the world), maintains a high share of complex and extensive projects of its total projects, and verifies that the projects are executed at the highest quality while complying to the budget and schedules limitations, and to the customer’s full satisfaction.

Shoval Residential Complexes Ltd.

Specializes in the residential initiation and urban renewal fields, including Pinui Binui (evacuation and reconstruction), Tama 38, demolition and construction, initiation and development of residential neighborhoods, from land purchasing, through planning and up to the construction and delivery of residential and commercial buildings.
Thanks to the strong execution capabilities of the sister company, Shoval Engineering, the company’s projects are built within schedule, at a high construction level and with involvement “In every nail of the building” and a maximal technical spec, which removes the purchasers’ need for making additional expenses on upgrades. The company has a skilled and attentive customer service team, which provides information and solutions for every problem of the purchasers at every stage of the process, including handling post-construction repair through dedicated and professional teams. In recent years, the company has been leveraging its experience, know-how and reputation for executing price-capped projects, in light of its belief in the economic and social efficiency of this solution for all of the involved parties. Owing to its experience and reputation, Shoval benefits from over-demand to the projects it offers in this framework and a smooth and orderly work process with statutory and government agencies.

Prominent Projects Under Development

• Be’er Sheva Touch, Park neighborhood - 800 apartments + 3,500 sq.m. commerce.
• Shoval Al Ha’reches, Rechasim - 124 housing units.
• Shoval Touch, Kiryat Bialik - 38 apartments.
•Shaoval in the Carmel, Haifa - 11 upscale apartments.
• Yokne’am - the construction of 400 apartments in Sha’ar HaGai neighborhood.
• Yokne’am - the construction of a commercial center in Sha’ar HaGai neighborhood.
• Haifa - construction of 100 housing units in HaSahlav St.
• Projects in the Neighbourhoods of Arnona, Ramot and Talpiot, Jerusalem - 350 apartments + commerce areas in Jerusalem.
• Villas Projects, HaPark, Be’er Sheva - construction of 155 cottages in HaPark neighborhood, Be’er Sheva.
• Shoval Bamoshava, Pardes Hana Karkur - a residential project, 27 apartments + commerce at the heart of Karkur.
• Alonei Tsoran - a project of 30 upscale housing units in Tsoran’s original colony.
• Nahariya, Achziv Neighborhood - construction of a hotel with 106 rooms.
• Akko - construction of 300 apartments.
• Tel Aviv - construction of a business complex with office and residential areas, covering about 30,000 sq.m.
• Kiryat Bialik - construction of a complex with commercial and office areas, alongside 750 apartments.
• Nesher - establishment of projects in urban renewal, about 2,000 apartments and commercial.
• Haifa - establishment of projects in urban renewal, about 2,000 apartments and commercial.
• Kiryat Bialik - establishment of projects in urban renewal, about 1,100 apartments and commercial.
• Bat Yam - establishment of projects in urban renewal, about 750 apartments and commercial areas.
• Ramat Gan - establishment of projects in urban renewal, about 400 apartments and commercial areas.
• Givatayim - establishment of projects in urban renewal, about 300 apartments and commercial areas.

Shoval Engineering and Building

The execution company of Shoval Group specializes and focuses on construction and execution of the projects initiated by the group. The company has an unlimited contractual classification (C5 Branch 100). The company has many years of experience (over 38 years!) in executing complex engineer works of all kinds, while maintaining schedules and meticulously executing in a high uncompromising quality. The high execution capabilities of the company integrate and support the initiation activity of the group and enable it to provide its clients a perfect comprehensive casing.

S. and B. – Z.A.G. Ltd.

An execution company with a C4 contractor classification that focuses on the execution of projects initiated by the company and various customers in the field of multi-purpose integrated buildings for crafts, small industry, warehousing and commerce, public institutions, commercial centers, industrial buildings and offices. The vast experience of the company in execution for 22 years, meticulously realizing the customer’s vision with efficient execution solutions at the agreed price and within the timetable.

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