T&M Protection Resources Holdings Israel Ltd.

Security, Cleaning and Electronic Call Center

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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Security, Cleaning and Electronic Call Center
Address: 7 La Guardia St., P.O.B. 1260
Tel Aviv 6101201
Phone: 972-1700-707-799
Fax: 972-3-6376939
Website: http://www.tmprotection.co.il
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Leading Executives

    Shimon Talmor, Owner & CEO
    Robert Tucker, Chairman of the Board
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About T&M Protection Resources Holdings Israel Ltd.

T&M Israel Group of companies is one of Israel’s foremost providers of security, cleaning, electronic & monitoring as well as outsourcing services.

The Group is owned by Mr. Shimon Talmor together with  T&M Protection Resources (USA) a leading N.Y. based Security Company. - one of the longest-established and leading US companies, which provides security services to public institutions, companies and individuals. T&M (USA) is owned  by Mr. Robert Tucker, Pegasus Capital Advisors and Mr. Nathaniel Rothschild.

Since its establishment, the company has acquired numerous companies in its field and with its strong & continuous organic growth has turned into one of Israel’s largest suppliers in the field. T&M Israel  has an annual revenue of NIS 750 million and nearly 9,000 employees throughout the country. It has  six branches in Jerusalem, Sharon, Tel Aviv, Ben-Gurion Airport, Beersheva, and Haifa.


About the Company

T&M Israel has been established to provide expert services in Israel in its areas of operation taking advantage of its vast experience and thorough understanding of the world of security, cleaning and outsourcing.

Since its inception the company’s leaders have striven to apply the highest standards of operations in every department from hiring and assigning employees, training them and the routine management.

Due to the expansion in areas of its activity over the years and the market demand, the company provides customers with an overall solution under one roof.

The company’s customers include Government Ministries, shopping malls and commercial centers throughout the country, Israel Airports Authority, the Old City of Jerusalem, the Ministry of Defense, Health Funds, Israel Gas Lines, hospitals, and sensitive security installations.

Selected & Professional Manpower

The challenges of security in Israel require a special preparedness, acquaintance with areas of activity and precise training of employees. The company’s security personnel and guards undergo professional training at boarding schools where they learn security strategy which is later applied in practical training and in action .

The length of training is adapted according to the role’s requirements with the more complex and sensitive jobs requiring rich and long-term training.

Cleaning division employees undergo professional training on acceptance to the staff, which is implemented regularly over time.


Employee Focused Management Values

T&M Israel believes that the quality of services provided to customers is a consequence of worker satisfaction. With this employee focused approach, the company develops enrichment, incentive and promotion plans for its employees.


Security Division

The division provides security and guarding services throughout the country through six branches managed as independent units with a professional  management structure led by former commanders and security forces personnel. T&M Israel’s security division is known for its proven ability to provide security services individually adapted to each customer and every requirement.

Staff includes professional security personnel, guards, security examiners and patrols, many of which are army veterans who have undergone special training in schools authorized by Israel Police.


Cleaning and Maintenance Division

T&M’s cleaning and maintenance division provides an optimal response to the cleaning and maintenance requirements in commercial centers, institutions and companies.

The division is comprised of two main departments:

Professional Department – provides unique cleaning services including cleaning at heights through osmosis, cleaning of car parkings, elevators and more. This is carried out by cleaning workers specializing in their fields of combined cleaning activities with first-rate technologies.

Institutional Department – provides cleaning services for malls and commercial centers, health funds, government institutions and more. The department’s managers include expert staff striving to keep up with new professional cleaning trends worldwide. These managers are at the customer’s service and fully available with an immediate response for every challenge. The company’s staff undergoes organized training and periodic refresher courses, have customer service awareness, dress smartly, and are highly devoted to their work.


Monitoring & Electronic Security Division 

T&M Israel’s Monitoring & Electronic Security Division provides customers with optimal personalized security solutions through their skilled and experienced staff and advanced technological platforms. The company’s services include remote command and control systems, advanced security equipment with cameras, fire and smoke detection systems, sophisticated alarm systems, distress alarm systems, and more.

The Monitoring Call Center is manned 24/7 by professional personnel who respond swiftly to every challenge and provide the appropriate solution within minutes.