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Largest Services Companies

Rank 2019CompanyRevenues NIS MillionsChange (%)Profit NIS MillionsProfitability (Net Profit of Total Sales) %Equity NIS MillionsEmployees No.Revenues per Employee NIS (000)Parent CompanySectorRank 2018
Rank 2019CompanyRevenues NIS MillionsChange (%)Profit NIS MillionsProfitability (Net Profit of Total Sales) %Equity NIS MillionsEmployees No.Revenues per Employee NIS (000)Parent CompanySectorRank 2018
2 Bezeq
The company trades in Israel
9,321.0-4.8-1,066.0-11.4434.012,992717.4-Communication Groups2
3Mifal Hapais 7,973.58.3--225.028827,685.8-Lotteries4
4 El Al
The company trades in Israel
7,700.32.0-187.5-2.4856.86,1781,246.4-Transportation Services3
5Israel Railways 5,078.0-0.4-338.1-6.7763.43,8421,321.7State of IsraelTransportation Services5
6Leumit Health Care 5,000.06.4---3,2001,562.5-Medical Services-
Company data are evaluated
3,999.0----1,3003,076.2-Communication Groups6
8 Cellcom Israel
Company shares are traded abroadThe company trades in Israel
3,688.0-4.7-62.0-1.71,677.03,3921,087.3-Communication Groups7
9Egged 3,616.026.7---6,461559.7-Transportation Services11
10Taavura 3,264.4-0.9---4,360748.7A. Livnat Transportation Services8
11 Partner Communications
Company shares are traded abroadThe company trades in Israel
3,259.0-0.356.01.71,406.02,7821,171.5-Communication Groups9
12 Matrix
The company trades in Israel
3,168.010.9144.24.6708.39,252342.4-Software Services10
13The Israel Sports Betting Board 2,934.311.2--79.915718,689.6-Lotteries12
14Assuta 2,187.230.9---4,660469.3Maccabi Healthcare ServicesMedical Services16
17Israel Post 1,838.11.7--599.85,050364.0State of IsraelGeneral Services14
19Bynet Data Communication 1,626.012.4---1,3351,218.0-Integration20
20Gadot Chemical Terminals 1,569.518.2--302.85223,006.8Tene Investment in Gadot Limited Partnership Logistics Services18
21Manpower 1,503.66.4---4803,132.4Manpower Group Israel HoldingsHuman Resources Companies21
22 Danel
The company trades in Israel
1,492.511.470.84.7216.13,124477.8-Human Resources Companies25
23 Hilan
The company trades in Israel
1,474.99.7102.97.0323.73,949373.5-Software Services24
24 One1
The company trades in Israel
1,432.42.665.74.6293.73,303433.7Computer Direct GroupSoftware Services22
25Derech Eretz 1,390.06.2--944.01686,875.0T.S.I. ROADS LIMITED PARTNERSHIPTransportation Infrastructure23
26Flying Carpet 1,368.67.3---2675,125.8Yadid InvestmentsTravel & Tourism Agents26
27Israir 1,358.09.3--307.06492,092.5IDB Tourism (2009)Transportation Services27
29 Mehadrin
The company trades in Israel
1,331.0-,059.8-Export Companies19
30 E&M Computing
The company trades in Israel
32Go Global Travel 1,132.022.1---3053,711.5-Software Services30
33ISS Israel
Company data are evaluated
1,070.0----8,400127.4-Security, Guarding and Cleaning 32
35 Ituran
Company shares are traded abroad
910.77.8218.124.0576.03,172287.1-General Services35
36Haifa Port 906.810.7177.019.52,162.31,015893.4State of IsraelTransportation Infrastructure36
37Eshet Tours 898.6-12.4---3172,834.8Kerem Investments & TourismTravel & Tourism Agents33
38Mikud Group 892.425.7---9,99589.3-Security, Guarding and Cleaning 42
39 G1 Group
The company trades in Israel
801.02.941.25.1119.25,409148.1FIMI Security Solutions, Limited PartnershipSecurity, Guarding and Cleaning 38
41 Aviation Links
The company trades in Israel
773.627.42.20.387.03042,544.9-Travel & Tourism Agents48
42Ofakim 759.05.1--23.02203,450.0-Travel & Tourism Agents113
43 Taldor Computer Systems
The company trades in Israel
44 Tigbur
The company trades in Israel
732.,208.0-Human Resources Companies45
45Modiin Ezrachi 700.00.0---10,00070.0Margalin HoldingsSecurity, Guarding and Cleaning 44
46Signal Tours 700.0-0.3---2502,800.0-Travel & Tourism Agents43
47Sheleg Lavan
Company data are evaluated
680.0----5501,236.4-Security, Guarding and Cleaning 40
Company data are evaluated
680.0----1355,037.0Kanfei HagaiTransportation Services41
49TMM 674.09.4--129.0936720.1Veridis Environmental Services IsraelWaste treatment recycling and disposal service47
50Team 3 628.66.4---5,307118.5Team 3 Management and Investments 1997Security, Guarding and Cleaning 49
52MX 1
Company data are evaluated
53Aman Computers Group 536.09.4---1,600335.0-Software Services53
54Golan Telecom 518.928.7---3021,718.3Electra Consumer Products (1970)Communication Groups100
55Ayalon Highways 502.063.7--84.41254,015.7State of IsraelTransportation Infrastructure67
56 Issta Lines
The company trades in Israel
496.8-2.763.112.7553.11,217408.2-Travel & Tourism Agents52
57The National Housing Company 478.721.028.56.0582.34691,020.7State of IsraelGeneral Services60
58Milgam 474.316.6--120.72,244211.4Kardan Municipal ServicesGeneral Services57
59SQLink 466.02.2--60.01,953238.6-Software Services54
60Shmira UBitahon Guarding Group 465.513.8---5,07591.7Shmira & Bitachon M.D. LevySecurity, Guarding and Cleaning 55
*American Express 454.06.8--470.01363,338.2Isracard Credit Cards56
*ISS Catering
Company data are evaluated
450.0----1,800250.0ISS Israel Comprehensive Business ServicesCatering*
*Y.R.A.V. 416.06.9--57.0777535.4TMM Integrated Recycling IndustriesWaste treatment recycling and disposal service*
61Hadaka Hatishim
Company data are evaluated
405.0----2301,760.9-Travel & Tourism Agents58
62O.R.S 400.00.0---639626.0-Human Resources Companies59
63Ophir Tours 375.04.2--63.0420892.9Jupiter HoldingsTravel & Tourism Agents61
64Amishav Services 371.05.1---3,313112.0-Security, Guarding and Cleaning -
66Ortal 366.12.0---2061,777.2Nahum Rahamim Holdings (2001)Human Resources Companies62
67 Amanet
The company trades in Israel
357.97.310.32.991.02,579138.8-Software Services66
68Lahish Tours Travel & Touring Co(1979)
Company data are evaluated
350.0----1402,500.0-Travel & Tourism Agents65
69Schulz Quality Catering 1997 340.0-2.9---1,400242.9Swan Holdco AmiCatering64
70 Overseas Commerce
The company trades in Israel
325.96.820.16.2177.2471691.9- Logistics Services69
71Sap Israel 309.12.0--53.2863,593.7SAP AGSoftware Services70
72Meshek Wings Tour 305.0-2.2--19.5903,388.9Mishkei Hakibbutzim - Agricultural Cooperative SocietyTravel & Tourism Agents68
73L.M. Olam Shel Koach Adam 300.03.4--37.72501,200.0-Human Resources Companies71
74Gav Systems 290.017.9---1,130256.6-Software Services78
75Amnir Recycling Industries 289.60.914.65.0-367789.2Hadera PaperWaste treatment recycling and disposal service72
76 Space-Communuaction
The company trades in Israel,880.1Eurocom HoldingsMedia74
77 Pointer
Company shares are traded abroadThe company trades in Israel
279.6-0.625.09.0247.1724386.2-General Services73
78Elad Software Systems 260.08.3---980265.3-Software Services79
79Zap Group
Company data are evaluated
*Diesenhaus-Unitours Incoming Tourism 1998 253.06.3--9.5902,811.1Israir Airlines & TourismTravel & Tourism Agents*
80Globus International Packing Shipping & Moving 240.04.3---650369.2Maman Globus Logistics Services80
81Mifat 233.09.4---400582.5-Waste treatment recycling and disposal service82
82Avidar 230.0-13.2--51.02,35097.9-Security, Guarding and Cleaning 50
83Hatama 227.2-9.1--37.02,200103.3Match - Information Through and ManagementSecurity, Guarding and Cleaning 75
84Gulliver Tourism
Company data are evaluated
225.0----1102,045.5-Travel & Tourism Agents81
85Sodexo Israel 224.017.9---1,100203.6Sodexo SACatering86
86The Israel Experience 215.25.8--15.51451,484.4The Jewish Agency for IsraelTravel & Tourism Agents83
87Mor International 210.0-4.5--13.2268,076.9EM M.B.A HOLDINGS AND INVESTMENTS Export Companies77
88Idit Food Logistics 203.04.6---7.21,100184.5Dan HotelsCatering84
89Perach Hashaked 196.615.9---1,345146.2-Security, Guarding and Cleaning 85
90ICEMAN FOOD (2002) 195.011.4---1351,444.4- Logistics Services-
91Zvi Cohen Ecology Group 192.01.1--53.0370518.9Tzvi CohenWaste treatment recycling and disposal service88
92Zer Maadanim 178.09.2---650273.8-Catering89
93 SHL
Company shares are traded abroad
175.730.536.520.8141.2375468.4-Medical Services101
94Ben Security 171.023.9---1,75097.7B.R.S Holdings and AssetsSecurity, Guarding and Cleaning 99
95MMDSmart 170.012.6--11.01101,545.5-Communication Groups96
96S.Nir Group 167.13.8---1,79193.3-Security, Guarding and Cleaning 90
Company data are evaluated
165.0----820,625.0-Transportation Services91
98ESC 162.7-,137.9State of IsraelWaste treatment recycling and disposal service87
100Allalouf Group 152.0-1.9--153.0250608.0J. Allalouf and SonsTransportation Services94
* Parent company ranked
Company data are evaluated Company data are evaluated
Company shares are traded abroad Company shares are traded abroad
The company trades in Israel The company trades in Israel
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