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ZIM is a leading global shipping company providing innovative seaborne transportation and logistics services, covering the world’s major trade routes. ZIM provides agile premium solutions through its digital, customer-oriented strategy.

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd
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Established: 1945
Line of Business: ZIM is a leading global shipping company providing innovative seaborne transportation and logistics services, covering the world’s major trade routes. ZIM provides agile premium solutions through its digital, customer-oriented strategy.
Address: 9 Andrei Sakharov, Haifa, Israel
Phone: 972-4-8652535
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.zim.com
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  • Eli Glickman, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd

    Eli Glickman

    President & CEO

    ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd

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    Eli Glickman
  • Xavier Destriau, ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd

    Xavier Destriau


    ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd

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    Xavier Destriau
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About ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services recorded unprecedented financial results in 2021, positioning it as the most profitable Israeli company and one of the most successful IPOs of 2021 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Founded in Israel in 1945, ZIM (NYSE: ZIM) is a leading global container liner shipping company, providing its customers with innovative maritime transport and logistics services focused on selected markets, where the company holds competitive edge and the ability to leverage its

In the dynamic business environment of the shipping and logistics industry, ZIM has differentiated itself as a company with a fresh and unique approach. In order to meet the main goal it has set for itself – providing customer service at the highest level – the company has implemented an innovative concept, based on big data, and which promotes digitization by presenting creative solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers.

As part of the company’s vision- “Innovative Shipping Dedicated to You” - ZIM conducts an in-depth analysis of data using AI and business intelligence tools, to better understand the needs of customers and provide them with digital solutions. All this, without giving up the personal approach and excellent customer relations that have characterized the company over the years. ZIM operates and innovates as a completely customer-centric company, striving to provide the highest level of services in the market.

ZIM’s unique strategy as a global shipping company with an optimized charter model, focused on niche markets and digital innovation, offers unique advantages, and enables the company to provide advanced premium services with a focus on the customer and maximizing profitability. This focused strategy, alongside the use of advanced digital tools and its excellent reputation in the industry, enables ZIM to continue establish its status in the industry and among its customers as a leading an innovative company.

ZIM operates in five main geographical trade areas, where it is a significant player with a substantial market share and a prominent business presence. The regions are the Trans-Pacific Trade (Asia-America), Cross Suez, Atlantic, Intra-Asia and Latin America. ZIM has a longstanding and significant presence, beyond its relative size, in these trade routes. ZIM also initiates new lines in accordance with market opportunities, often in response to the demand of customers in underserved routes.

During 2021 and 2022, ZIM launched several new services in response to changing market requirements. This business activity illustrates ZIM’s agile response and its ability to establish new lines quickly and efficiently, and to offer customers a unique service that will make the company the preferred choice of customers.
ZIM’s extensive network of lines is enhanced by operational cooperation agreements with leading shipping companies in the industry, allowing ZIM to maintain flexibility and optimize its fleet utilization.

ZIM operates a large fleet of vessels, almost all of them chartered. This model, which differentiates ZIM from its competitors, allows the company to enjoy a flexible cost structure and operational efficiency. These in turn improve the profitability of the company and enable the provision of improved services to its customers. During 2021, ZIM signed long-term chartering agreements for advanced LNG dual-fuel newbuilt container vessels with “green” propulsion, which will enter service over the next few years and will transform ZIM into one of the industry’s leaders in reducing carbon emissions. This is a central pillar of the ESG policy (environmental, social and governance) which is a guiding principle in all aspects of the company’s operations.

In an industry dominated by traditional giant companies, ZIM stands out for its agile approach, bold strategy and innovative, digitally focused spirit, which led to record financial results in 2021 and rapid growth of the company’s operations.

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