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Established: 1961
Line of Business: Elevators and Escalators
Address: 5 HaMelacha St., P.O.B. 8026,
Poleg Industry Zone, Netanya 4250540
Phone: *5303 972-9-8303030
Fax: 972-9-8303044
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.kone.com
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    KONE Israel

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    Omer Shoval

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    KONE Israel

  • Guy Levin, KONE Israel

    Guy Levin

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    KONE Israel

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About KONE Israel

There is a long-standing connection between Israel and the international elevator and escalator giant KONE. For many years, the global corporation KONE, founded in Finland, operated through the highly reputable Israeli elevator company Israel Lift, which served as an official and exclusive distributor. In 2013, this collaboration matured into the purchase of Israel Lift by the global company, and as of 2018, it became an integral part of KONE and has since been operating under the KONE Israel brand. In this way, local knowledge and experience can be combined with the synergistic abilities of a global corporation that specializes in technology, innovation, and safety.
KONE Israel is proud to be at the Israeli industry’s forefront and provide innovative technological solutions.

KONE is a leading global public company in the elevator and escalator industry, founded in Finland in 1910. The company employs approximately 60,000 people worldwide, serving over 550,000 customers in more than 60 countries. The company’s headquarters are located in Finland, along with eight development centers and seven production facilities. The international corporation KONE improves urban life and develops advanced solutions through design, planning, and balancing human movement in urban spaces.

A Future City’s Mobility

The future of cities in the coming decades will be unlike anything we have ever experienced before. We live in an age where the cities are more crowded than ever, and the number of people constantly increases in a confined space. According to a conservative estimate, by the year 2030, about a third of the world’s inhabitants are expected to live and work in cities, which poses enormous challenges in the field of planning and construction and the need to develop intelligent measures that will help the movement of people below and above ground. Furthermore, the nature of living in Israel and around the world is changing; Tall buildings and skyscrapers will gradually become denser and, at the same time, smart, collaborative, and multifunctional.
In this context, and based on the groundbreaking architecture that dictates the pace of modern life - with a clear vision of the future, the international corporation KONE improves the movement of urban life and develops advanced and technological solutions that help optimize movement between and within buildings.

Innovation and Digital Service Experience

To move people smartly, it is necessary to take into account the connection between public transportation and an office tower. The solutions we offer are made possible thanks to cloud technologies and smart and flexible systems. The systems monitor and route the movement of people between the passages, elevators, and escalators and provide a user experience that is second to none.KONE incorporates itself into traffic planning from the first mile to the last mile. From the time one leaves his apartment, to the time he arrives at work, using public transportation.

It is KONE’s philosophy that transforming a mechanical building into a digital one, at the forefront of technology, starts with upgrading its core: creating a Digital Experience. KONE is entrusted with the world’s first digital elevator series - KONE DX. This digital platform allows connecting KONE’s elevators and third-party applications by combining built-in connectivity, a secure API, and advanced technologies. The unique elevator series makes it possible to connect a digital solution and an external interface to the elevator, such as apps, drones, and robots, to facilitate the movement of people and provide a customized experience for all users. Any future development will be able to communicate with the platform interface, thus keeping the building smart, relevant, flexible, and up-to-date even decades from now.

KONE integrates a variety of unique digital services, including a 24/7 Connected Services system that enables the prediction of faults before they affect the elevator, preventive maintenance, which saves future resources and connects the elevators and escalators to a cloud-based service and uses artificial intelligence to make smart decisions in advance and enable smooth movement of people in space. Thus, KONE Office Flow also enables more manageable and smoother access to workplaces and personalized tools for building employees and visitors. This is an innovative and automatic entry system that allows easy access from the main entrance to the destination floor, without the need to wait and perform physical operations, while remotely controlling, viewing, and managing guest entry. Another digital service of the company is - KONE Elevator Call, an application that allows one to call an elevator from anywhere around it simply by pressing a button.

Sustainability as a Core Value

KONE is a pioneering company in the field of solutions for greener buildings, which is why it scored 100, which is the highest score in the A list of the global CDP. It is the first company to achieve the best energy efficiency classification in the installation of elevators, according to the ISO 25745 standard. In addition, KONE reduced its carbon footprint by more than 60%. In this way, the company practices its environmental responsibility while reducing its factories’ environmental impact and providing advanced and cost-effective measures.
Among the company’s values are diversity and inclusion, for example, more than 50% of the company’s management is female. Beyond that, the company measures the percentages of existing employees and new hires from all sectors and populations in Israel, including people with disabilities and people with special needs.
KONE believes that the community in which we live can produce a significant ecosystem for all parties, establishing personal connections with the community where it operates.

Selected Projects in Israel and Worldwide

The company dominates in Israel and globally with some of the most innovative and unique projects that essentially represent the urban future in Israel, including the Landmark building in Sharona, Tel Aviv, which incorporates a first-of-its-kind double-deck elevator that allows a smooth ride on two levels and many other projects; the new Microsoft building in Herzliya; WIX campus in Tel Aviv; Gindi Complex, Tel Aviv; Menorah Mivathim, Ramat Gan; 22 Rothschild Hotel, Tel Aviv; Assuta Hospital, Ashdod; Alon Towers, Tel Aviv; Meyer Rothschild Building, Nimrodi Building in Bnei Brak, Da Vinci Towers in Tel Aviv and LYFE Towers in Bnei Brak.

KONE is also a partner in one of the most significant transportation projects in Israel - it is a crucial player in the future of the construction of the light rail line red in Tel Aviv, where it provided elevators and escalators - above and below ground to ensure a pleasant and safe transportation flow.
Globally: Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia; the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel towering over Singapore Bay; the prestigious Clock Tower Hotel in Mecca; Center Puli Greenland - an office tower rising to a height of 300 meters, with a huge shopping mall next to it in the ancient city of Jenan in China; the famous and unique building 180 Brisbane in Australia; The ‘Sky’ tower in New Zealand, that is open all year round to visitors and rising to a height of 229 meters.

KONE is prepared to face all the challenges of the future through a combination of digital innovation, planning, and cooperation between all stakeholders. By working together, we can continue to design smart and functional buildings and enjoy the benefits of smart and vibrant cities while keeping traffic flowing smoothly, safely, and efficiently.

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