Industrial Companies

Largest Industrial Companies

Rank 2021Company NameIncomeRevenue Change(%)Exports/ Overseas Sales of NIS Millions% Sales of Total Sales% Change from last yearNet ProfitProfitability (Net Profit of Total Sales) %Equity NIS MillionsEmployees NoSales per Employee NIS (000)Name of parent companyBranch2020 Rank
Rank 2021Company NameIncomeRevenue Change(%)Exports/ Overseas Sales of NIS Millions% Sales of Total Sales% Change from last yearNet ProfitProfitability (Net Profit of Total Sales) %Equity NIS MillionsEmployees NoSales per Employee NIS (000)Name of parent companyBranch2020 Rank
1 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
Company shares are traded abroadThe company trades in Israel
57,346.9-4.755,053.196.0-4.7-14,110.4-24.635,561.139,7171,443.9Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics1
3 ICL Group
Company shares are traded abroadThe company trades in Israel
17,360.0-7.616,465.094.8-,635.011,7441,478.2Chemicals, Minerals, Refinery4
The company trades in Israel
13,990.0-38.96,303.445.1-40.7-944.3-6.83,470.91,34110,432.5Chemicals, Minerals, Refinery3
5 ADAMA Agricultural Solutions
The company trades in Israel
13,315.01.512,915.297.01.5227.21.77,864.95,6632,351.2ADAMAAgricultural Inputs 5
6Coca Cola (Israel)
Company data are evaluated
6,000.0-------4,8001,250.0Food Manufacturers7
7 Strauss Group
The company trades in Israel
5,873.03.11,122.019.1-6.3599.010.22,260.07,320802.3Strauss HoldingsFood Manufacturers10
8Frutarom Industries
Company data are evaluated
5,400.0-------5,600964.3Frutarom GlobalFood Manufacturers11
9Keter Home And Garden Products 5,008.63.4------5,073987.3Krona Resin (2016)Plastics , Rubber & Glass14
10 Delta Galil
The company trades in Israel
4,978.4-17.44,230.685.0-19.5-137.2-2.81,532.823,100215.5Textiles & Fashion9
11Tnuva Group
Company data are evaluated
4,570.0-------6,000761.7Food Manufacturers8
12Solaredge Technologies 4,391.20.2------2,3731,850.5Solaredge TechnologiesElectricity Producers & Infrastructures12
Company data are evaluated
4,000.0-------4,0001,000.0Food Manufacturers13
14 Shapir Engineering & Industries
The company trades in Israel
3,481.619.1---329.89.52,070.71,6992,049.2Building Products & Infrastructure16
Company data are evaluated
3,400.0-------3,0001,133.3IMC International MetalworkingMetal Products6
16Netafim 3,339.1-11.8------5,000667.8OrbiaFiltration systems, irrigation and water treatment15
Company data are evaluated
3,300.0-------4,000825.0Food Manufacturers18
18 Neto
The company trades in Israel
3,236.513.61.10.0-52.2221.76.8364.61,3552,388.5Food Manufacturers17
19 Delek Drilling
The company trades in Israel
2,632.9105.7---1,256.947.73,207.616164,559.2Delek GroupChemicals, Minerals, Refinery39
21Unilever Israel
Company data are evaluated
2,450.0-------2,0001,225.0Food Manufacturers22
22Tama Group 2,288.0-4.52,243.098.0-4.5---1,7871,280.4Plastics , Rubber & Glass19
23 Taro
Company shares are traded abroad
2,219.6-7.02,072.293.4-7.7841.837.96,782.91,4641,516.1Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics20
*Carmel Olefins 2,023.0-15.11,115.655.1-19.0--2,744.14894,137.1Oil RefineriesChemicals, Minerals, Refinery*
24Ambar 1,854.00.4-----789.02906,393.1Agricultural Inputs 26
26Tosaf 1,800.09.11,600.088.98.1---1,3001,384.6Megides A.M.A. Assets 2000Plastics , Rubber & Glass27
27 Palram Industries
The company trades in Israel
1,737.420.51,614.892.919.4254.114.6761.21,5941,089.9Ramat Yohanan Agriculture Devel OpmentPlastics , Rubber & Glass35
28Haifa Fertilizing Technologies (Formerly Haifa Chemicals Group) 1,677.43.71,602.495.53.2---6502,580.5Designated HoldingsChemicals, Minerals, Refinery28
29 Caesarstone
Company shares are traded abroad
1,674.4-14.01,533.691.6-,566.81,999837.6American Stock Transfer & Trust CompanyBuilding Products & Infrastructure25
30 Naphtha
The company trades in Israel
1,639.0-21.8135.18.2-35.6893.354.51,081.72656,185.0EquitalChemicals, Minerals, Refinery24
31 Albaad
The company trades in Israel
1,578.919.31,441.991.319.0101.96.5478.61,822866.6Moshav Massuot YitzhakWood & Paper Products36
32Miloubar 1,562.513.9-----409.812013,020.6Agricultural Inputs 31
33 Isramco Negev 2
The company trades in Israel
1,496.5-29.4---820.654.81,730.8--Chemicals, Minerals, Refinery23
34 Hadera Paper
The company trades in Israel
1,480.1-8.5284.819.2-,010.71,500986.8Fimi Five 2012 Wood & Paper Products29
35 Tempo
The company trades in Israel
1,386.0-8.538.02.7-13.674.75.4653.51,0361,337.8Tempo Beer IndustriesFood Manufacturers32
36Hogla Kimberly 1,359.,0811,257.7Kimberly Clark Crop Wood & Paper Products37
37Mashav - Initiating And Development 1,342.0-9.1------4682,867.5CT-MS HoldcoBuilding Products & Infrastructure33
38 Opc Energy Ltd
The company trades in Israel
1,325.3-0.4----56.6-4.31,670.611811,231.2Electricity Producers & Infrastructures-
39 Avgol
The company trades in Israel
1,317.1-10.71,277.397.0-11.0127.09.6560.78181,610.2IndoramaPlastics , Rubber & Glass34
40 Plasson
The company trades in Israel
1,287.92.51,,390538.9Kibbutz Maagan MichaelPlastics , Rubber & Glass40
42Plazit Industries 1,192.020.4------1,1401,045.6Kibbutz GazitPlastics , Rubber & Glass47
43Hanson Israel 1,188.11.8------5312,237.5Heidelberg Camant AGBuilding Products & Infrastructure41
*Gadiv 1,187.5-23.7868.073.1-30.8--497.49712,242.3Oil RefineriesChemicals, Minerals, Refinery-
44Jerusalem Chicken Marketing 1,038.0-9.4-----207.01,050988.6Of Yerushalayim Mehadrin Food Manufacturers42
45Tambour 1,000.00.0------8001,250.0Kusto Israel Construction MaterialsBuilding Products & Infrastructure44
*Kornish Chen 964.04.1------5781,667.8Ambar Central Feed Mill Agricultural Cooperative Society .Food Manufacturers51
47 Raval
The company trades in Israel
940.6-12.2803.485.4-12.367.77.2425.91,742540.0Plastics , Rubber & Glass43
48 Inrom Construction Industries
The company trades in Israel
936.7-1.816.31.7-3.9104.211.1393.47701,216.5Building Products & Infrastructure48
49Dexcel Pharma 925.02.8------1,050881.0Dexcel PT IsraelPharmaceutical & Cosmetics53
Company data are evaluated
904.9-------9001,005.4Food Manufacturers52
52Mifram 894.,844.4Metal Products56
53Padagis Israel 873.416.4832.295.317.2--1,354.06171,415.6Perrigo Israel HoldingsPharmaceutical & Cosmetics60
54 Arad
The company trades in Israel
861.3-8.5694.980.7-12.753.86.2418.3998863.0Filtration systems, irrigation and water treatment50
55 Kafrit Industries
The company trades in Israel
846.7-1.5722.185.3-,856.7Kibbutz Kfar AzaPlastics , Rubber & Glass54
56Baladi 800.02.6------4002,000.0Food Manufacturers58
57 Israel Shipyards Industries
The company trades in Israel
765.33.2117.615.4-57.379.410.4726.84411,735.4Metal Products63
58Shamir Optical Industry
Company data are evaluated
760.0-------2,000380.0Shamir Optics HoldingsPlastics , Rubber & Glass57
59Tadmir Group Management & Operating (2006) 748.0-1.1------1126,678.6G.R. Artzi Consulting And ManagmentAgricultural Inputs 59
60 Spuntech
The company trades in Israel
721.519.2717.299.419.085.411.8256.04021,794.7Nissan Medical Industries Textiles & Fashion77
61Hazera Seeds 707.2-1.1632.989.5-1.0--594.5824858.3Vilmorin & CieAgricultural Inputs 65
62Iskoor 704.3-16.0-----342.14101,717.9Iskoor Finance ServicesMetal Products55
63Blades Technology
Company data are evaluated
700.0-------1,550451.6Metal Products66
64 Ham-Let
The company trades in Israel
698.54.3682.397.74.917.82.6276.41,109629.9Metal Products68
66Nilit 683.3-31.7676.499.0-31.3---950719.3Nilit B.VTextiles & Fashion45
67EMS Mekorot Projects 682.29.3-----199.64841,409.4Mekorot National Water Company Filtration systems, irrigation and water treatment74
68 Tadbik
The company trades in Israel
665.71.9399.560. & Paper Products70
69 Kornit Digital
Company shares are traded abroad
665.53.8665.5100.03.8-16.5-2.51,668.6672990.4Textiles & Fashion71
70 Shalag Shamir
The company trades in Israel
655.947.2599.591.452.464.39.8361.75181,266.1Shalag Shamir Holdings ACSPlastics , Rubber & Glass93
71 Gan Shmuel Foods
The company trades in Israel
655.7-10.9475.572.5-13.911.41.7420.65611,168.9Food Manufacturers64
72Of Tov 653.0-2.5------850768.2Food Manufacturers67
73Neuman Steel Construction Ind 650.06.6------2502,600.0Neuman Steel Industries Holdings (2005) Metal Products75
74Ashtrom Industries 644.01.6-----224.03891,655.5Ashtrom Group Building Products & Infrastructure72
75IDE Technologies Group 641.845.0397.561.939.2--698.84501,426.2Alfa Water Partners LPFiltration systems, irrigation and water treatment94
77 Plasto Cargal
The company trades in Israel
621.7- , Rubber & Glass62
78 Tefron
The company trades in Israel
619.611.9619.6100.011.915.72.588.1855724.7Litef HoldingsTextiles & Fashion79
Company data are evaluated
610.0-------6001,016.7Milout Central Agricultral CoopFood Manufacturers78
*Yotvata Dairies 590.014.6------1703,470.6Strauss GroupFood Manufacturers*
80 Shaniv
The company trades in Israel
575.128.393.516.3883.640.27.0268.44831,190.6Wood & Paper Products92
81Omrix Biopharmaceuticals 551.8-18.1------3671,503.7Johnson & Johnson InternationalPharmaceutical & Cosmetics61
82 Ginegar Plastic Products
The company trades in Israel
541.80.5436.380.53.424.34.5237.23181,703.8Plastics , Rubber & Glass80
*Carmel Frenkel 540.02.520.03.70.0---5001,080.0Hadera PaperWood & Paper Products*
83 Middle East Tube
The company trades in Israel
511.1-,080.5B. Gaon HoldingsMetal Products81
84Israel Weapons Industries (I.W.I) 492.3-9.7------520946.7Naska Industries Sk GroupMetal Products-
85 Shemen
The company trades in Israel
488.6-4.0----88.8-18.2123.91553,152.4Memorandum HoldingsFood Manufacturers82
86Stanleyworks Israel - Z.A.G Industries 487.214.7480.198.513.6--1,289.9651748.4Stanley Israel Investments B.VPlastics , Rubber & Glass101
87 Bet Shemesh Engines
The company trades in Israel
483.3-20.8387.880.2-,122430.7Metal Products76
88Gad Dairy
Company data are evaluated
480.0-------2501,920.0Food Manufacturers91
89I.M.A. 1990 479.1-3.9------3501,368.9Baywatch Agricultural Business And Management ACS Wood & Paper Products84
91Phibro Animal Health
Company data are evaluated
470.0-------3501,342.9Phibro Animal Health Corp.Chemicals, Minerals, Refinery86
92Solbar Protein Foods 467. Food TechnologiesFood Manufacturers97
93 Kamada
Company shares are traded abroadThe company trades in Israel
458.71.2334.372.9-1.559.012.9574.34081,124.2Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics88
94Electra Elco C&S 456.95.0-----161.93771,211.9Electra Electricity Producers & Infrastructures95
95Zemach Feed Mill 442.83.0-----170.81443,075.0Agricultural Inputs 96
Company data are evaluated
440.0-------500880.0Bermad IndustriesMetal Products85
Company data are evaluated
435.0-------600725.0Food Manufacturers100
98 Schnapp Batteries
The company trades in Israel
415.4-8.2---29.97.2189.73481,193.6Electricity Producers & Infrastructures89
99 Angel Bakeries
The company trades in Israel
415.1-,032402.2Food Manufacturers87
*Polygal 412.019.1378.091.720.8--119.0830496.4Plazit IndustriesPlastics , Rubber & Glass-
*Nirlat 400.4-1.1------3751,067.7Inrom Construction IndustriesBuilding Products & Infrastructure*
101Rav Bariach 399.02.8------850469.4Doors (08) IndustriesBuilding Products & Infrastructure105
102CLP Industries
Company data are evaluated
395.0-------3701,067.6Plastics , Rubber & Glass109
103Maabarot Products
Company data are evaluated
380.0-------450844.4Maabarot ACSFood Manufacturers114
104Tropical Degil Cosmetic Industries 380.023.475.519.932.1--121.03201,187.5Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics127
Company data are evaluated
380.0-------2401,583.3Food Manufacturers111
106Elcam Medical 379.03.6------630601.6Plastics , Rubber & Glass112
107 C. Mer Industries
The company trades in Israel
375.3-11.7168.444.9-21.8-28.6-7.683.2595630.7Electricity Producers & Infrastructures99
108Haargaz Achzakot
Company data are evaluated
375.0-------540694.4Haargaz InvestmentsMetal Products107
Company data are evaluated
370.0-------500740.0Agricultural Inputs 113
Company data are evaluated
365.0-------1003,650.0Paz Oil Company Building Products & Infrastructure119
112Alliance 361.3-15.2348.196.4-15.9--322.4526686.8Alliance Tire Group K.KPlastics , Rubber & Glass98
113 Amiad Water Systems
Company shares are traded abroad
360.1-12.6322.389.5-14.812.43.4264.2670537.4Filtration systems, irrigation and water treatment103
114Politiv 360.02.6210.058.35.0--115.02501,440.0Plastics , Rubber & Glass116
115Galam Group 360.0-10.0------2501,440.0Fimi FundFood Manufacturers106
116 Nextcom
The company trades in Israel
355.02.5---15.54.481.63331,066.2Electricity Producers & Infrastructures117
118Nestle Ice Cream 350.04.5------3501,000.0Froneri IsraelFood Manufacturers120
119Wissotsky Tea
Company data are evaluated
350.0-------3001,166.7Sayfan BosmatFood Manufacturers139
*Cargal 342.5-11.1-----210.3380901.3Plasto-Cargal GroupWood & Paper Products*
121A. L. Group
Company data are evaluated
330.0-------1,450227.6G.Y.E. Alonim HoldingsMetal Products118
Company data are evaluated
330.0-------800412.5Metal Products123
123 Golan Plastic Products
The company trades in Israel
329.8-0.3135.241.0-,293.4Kibbutz Shaar HagolanPlastics , Rubber & Glass122
124Danshar (1963) 322.9-0.5------597540.9Danshar Holdings (2003)Food Manufacturers124
Company data are evaluated
320.0-------340941.2Coca Cola IsraelFood Manufacturers*
125Dor Chemicals 313.5-,544.5SaoronChemicals, Minerals, Refinery108
126 Ashot Ashkelon
The company trades in Israel
307.43.363.620.7- SystemsMetal Products133
127Dorot Management Control Valves
Company data are evaluated
300.0-------400750.0A.R.I. Flow Control AccessoriesFiltration systems, irrigation and water treatment158
Company data are evaluated
300.0-------360833.3Assa Abloy ABMetal Products125
129Best Carton
Company data are evaluated
300.0-------2301,304.3Wood & Paper Products132
131Berman's Bakery 290.0-4.0------805360.2Food Manufacturers129
132Metzerplas 284.65.2133.246.80.6--145.8420677.5Metzerplas - Cooperative Agricultural OrganizationFiltration systems, irrigation and water treatment138
*Carmit Mister Fix 281.01.6------1152,443.5Inrom Construction IndustriesBuilding Products & Infrastructure*
133Makor Haformaika 280.0-3.4------1901,473.7Wood & Paper Products136
134Palziv Ein Hanatziv 273.0-10.2198.072.5-15.0--102.0650420.0Kibbutz Ein HanatzivPlastics , Rubber & Glass128
135 Rekah
The company trades in Israel
265.535.1---10.84.1165.5385689.5Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics157
*Ganir 265.0-12.7123.546.6-15.1--62.52421,094.9Gan Shmuel Foods Food Manufacturers*
136 TAT Technologies
Company shares are traded abroadThe company trades in Israel
259.4-25.3235.890.9-30.3-12.0-4.6258.1422614.7Metal Products115
137Pisso Industries Group 257.00.0------1102,336.7Pisso InvestmentsWood & Paper Products-
138Oran Palmach Zuba ACC 257.0-14.5217.484.6-8.4---430597.7Plastics , Rubber & Glass130
139Pandoor 255.0-3.8-----660.01841,385.9GarlamBuilding Products & Infrastructure140
Company data are evaluated
250.0-------450555.6Schwartz Senior HoldingsPlastics , Rubber & Glass143
141Sharon Laboratories 250.00.8------2401,041.7Tene Growth Capital 3 P. E. F Limited PartnershipChemicals, Minerals, Refinery145
142Kfar Giladi Quarries
Company data are evaluated
250.0-------1301,923.1Building Products & Infrastructure148
143Henkel Soad 246.00.8------803,075.0Henkel KGaaPharmaceutical & Cosmetics147
144 Enlight Renewable Energy
The company trades in Israel
241.725.5174.972.427.4-141.0-58.41,175.3673,607.3Electricity Producers & Infrastructures159
145Wolfman Industries 231.03.1------2001,155.0A.B.W.L HoldingsBuilding Products & Infrastructure149
146Klir 230.07.0------2001,150.0Wood & Paper Products152
147M.B. Kosher Chickens 223.9-22.2-----87.6430520.7Food Manufacturers137
148Dr. Fischer
Company data are evaluated
220.0-------700314.3Fischer Pharmaceutical Laboratories Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics142
149Hanita Metal Works 220.0-12.0------2201,000.0Kennametal Europe GMBHMetal Products144
150 Sanlakol
The company trades in Israel
217.2-,234.3Food Manufacturers150
Company data are evaluated
215.0-------253849.8Emilia Development (O.F.G)Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics154
152Poleg Plastic Industries 213.0-16.5161.075.6-2.4--154.01131,885.0Poli-Film Protection GmbhPlastics , Rubber & Glass141
154 Alon Gas Energy Development
The company trades in Israel
208.1-29.4---73.935.5229.41208,134.0Alon Israel Oil CompanyChemicals, Minerals, Refinery135
155Hemeshavev HMTS 206.5-22.7------320645.5Metal Products131
156IFF Ingredients 202.418.2199.198.418.4--233.1942,153.2International Flavors & FragrancesChemicals, Minerals, Refinery171
158Carmel Forge
Company data are evaluated
200.0-------1901,052.6Bet Shemesh EnginesMetal Products151
159VRT Power
Company data are evaluated
200.0-------1801,111.1Electricity Producers & Infrastructures168
160Rushdie Food Industies
Company data are evaluated
200.0-------1351,481.5Rushdie TextileIFood Manufacturers169
161Deshen Gat
Company data are evaluated
200.0-------504,000.0Federman & Sons (Holdings)Agricultural Inputs 146
Company data are evaluated
195.0-------1801,083.3Agricultural Inputs 160
163Aran Packaging 191.0-5.3171.089.5-2.8---200955.0Aran Holdings Cooperative SocietyPlastics , Rubber & Glass155
164Merkavim 190.2-27.6------520365.7Mayer's Cars & TrucksMetal Products134
165Luxembourg Industries 190.05.6------1901,000.0Luxembourg PamolChemicals, Minerals, Refinery167
166Maxima 185.00.0-----248.71851,000.0Union Investments & DevelopmentChemicals, Minerals, Refinery163
167Maya Food's Industries M.T.M Manufacturers180
168Caniel Industries A.T.G 180.510.30.00.0-100.0--57.3250722.1Big Shopping CentersMetal Products176
169Dganit Ein Bar Food And Bakery Industries
Company data are evaluated
180.0-------400450.0Food Manufacturers165
Company data are evaluated
180.0-------235766.0Achdut Achva HoldingsFood Manufacturers166
171Camel Sarid 176.0-15.4137.077.8-16.0--65.0255690.2Leader Holdings & InvestmentsMetal Products153
172 Plastopil
The company trades in Israel
175.94.5125.971. HazoreaPlastics , Rubber & Glass174
173Koor Metals Group 175.517.05.53.1-63.3--60.0300585.0Koor Metals IndustriesMetal Products182
*Rion 175.011.513.57.73.1--109.0393445.3PlassonPlastics , Rubber & Glass*
174Gadot Biochemical Industries 175.0-5.4------602,916.7Fortissimo Capital Fund IVChemicals, Minerals, Refinery156
175 Rimoni Industries
The company trades in Israel
173.53.355.031.7-12.441.423.9152.3372466.4Plastics , Rubber & Glass175
176Crystalline Health & Beauty From The Dead Sea 173.02.4173.0100.02.4--26.0652,661.5Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics173
177Tosca Israel Reusable solutions Ltd 171.3-7.0137.680.3-12.0--396.11341,278.4. Tosca Netherlands B.VPlastics , Rubber & Glass164
178Wipro Givon
Company data are evaluated
170.0-------300566.7Wipro Infrastructure EngineeringMetal Products162
179Source Vagabond Systems 165.3-12.1142.286.0-11.0--0.7235703.2Textiles & Fashion-
180 Carmit Candy
The company trades in Israel
161.5-0.631.319.4- Manufacturers177
181Termokir Industries (1980)
Company data are evaluated
160.0-------851,882.4Horshim Business & Managment TDA"JBuilding Products & Infrastructure181
182Sigma - Aldrich Israel
Company data are evaluated
155.0-------200775.0Sigma - Aldrich Co.Chemicals, Minerals, Refinery178
183ViaMaris 154.6-18.7-----85.0503,091.7Via Maris Desalination (Holdings)Filtration systems, irrigation and water treatment-
184 Orda Print
The company trades in Israel
153.812.9---10.66.9178.2297517.8Pama Invesment & Property Wood & Paper Products186
185Davidovich Group 151.0- Manufacturers-
186Gal-Dairy Marketing 2011 150.025.0-----100.01501,000.0Food Manufacturers-
187Nirotek 148.8-6.361.341.2-13.9--89.61361,094.4Kibbutz Nir DavidWood & Paper Products179
188 Orad
The company trades in Israel
145.8-15.6----13.7-9.423.3216675.2Electricity Producers & Infrastructures170
189Fluence 145.7444.9138.495.0444.9---602,427.9Fluence CorporationFiltration systems, irrigation and water treatment205
190Ricor Systems 2011 A.C.S. 144.0- Harod Achzakot 2000Metal Products183
191 Mti Wireless Edge
Company shares are traded abroad
192Alon Group 139.010.3-----37.0350397.1R. And F. Alon metal Metal Products-
193Global Internal Solutions 136.5-0.7------188726.0Teknion Of Global Israel GroupWood & Paper Products185
194Supergum group 134.0-------225595.6Plastics , Rubber & Glass-
195BioLab, Minerals, Refinery-
196Yofi shel yerakot-einyahav - cooperativ 130.08.3------1013,000.0Food Manufacturers190
197Baccara 123.0-5.4------220559.1Filtration systems, irrigation and water treatment-
198 Lachish
The company trades in Israel
122.63.2100.782.,290.0Metal Products192
199Agam Plants Corporation 120.6-4.9------300402.1Metal Products189
200Khoury Isa Metal Industries 119.7- Products-
* Parent company ranked
Company data are evaluated Company data are evaluated
Company shares are traded abroad Company shares are traded abroad
The company trades in Israel The company trades in Israel
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