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Ackerstein Group Ltd.
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Established: 1925
Line of Business: Infrastructure, Construction and Development
Address: 103 Medinat Hayehudim St.,
P.O.B. 337, Herzliya 4676670
Phone: 972-9-9596666
Fax: 972-9-9543130
Email: [email protected]
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  • Giora Ackerstein, Ackerstein Group Ltd.

    Giora Ackerstein

    Chairman of the Board, Ackerstein Group

    Ackerstein Group Ltd.

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    Giora Ackerstein
  • Zvika Ackerstein, Ackerstein Group Ltd.

    Zvika Ackerstein

    Chairman, Ackerstein Industries Board of Directors; Deputy Chairman, Ackerstein Group

    Ackerstein Group Ltd.

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    Zvika Ackerstein
  • Ehud Danoh, Ackerstein Group Ltd.

    Ehud Danoh

    CEO Ackerstein Group

    Ackerstein Group Ltd.

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About Ackerstein Group Ltd.

Ackerstein Group is a leading company in Israel operating in the field of production, infrastructure, construction, and development. Founded in 1925, the group began as a small workshop in Tel Aviv, Israel and grew over time. Today, Ackerstein operates on two continents, and its factories cover hundreds of dunams in Israel and in the USA, in addition to commercial & industrial real estate, it also operates in the areas of commercial and retail real estate. The group has established itself as the leading industrial company for industrialized solutions for the construction and infrastructure industries in Israel. The group has proven experience and exceptional capabilities for planning and executing complex projects that combine managerial and engineering excellence, advanced engineering and construction methods, adherence to safety issues, sustainability, as well as providing quality and uncompromising service. Ackerstein Group’s entrepreneurship, innovation, reliability, and expertise are based on high standards and backed by solid financial strength.
In 2021, the Ackerstein Group was made into a public company and its shares are traded on the TASE.
There are 13 factories in Israel operated by Ackerstein Industries, which are involved in the infrastructure, construction, and environmental development industries:
• The production site in Yeruham was established in 1978, covers an area of 150 dunams. The site operates four different factories: an environmental development products factory, a special processing plant for the company’s products, a concrete pipe and trench plant and a plant for heavy prefabricated elements.
• The production site in Ashdod was established in 1987, covers an area of 60 dunams. The site includes 4 different factories: an environmental development products factory, a tile production plant, a factory to produce heavy prefabricated elements and a factory for the production of railway sleepers.
• The production site at ZHR (Rosh Pina) was established in 1994, covers an area of about 140 dunams. The site operates 5 different factories: an environmental development products factory, a concrete pipe factory, a factory to produce structural and acoustic walls, a factory for the production of heavy prefabricated products and a factory for the production of architectural concrete elements. In the USA, Ackerstein Industries (Ackerstone) specializes in manufacturing, developing, and marketing products in the environmental field, using three manufacturing plants located in Arizona and California:
Ackerstone Southern California was established in 1989 - provides landscape design products for prestigious projects and is considered a leading manufacturer in the field of processed products. Ackerstone Chandler Arizona was established in 2018- specializes in the production of flooring and tiles in various finishes and various elements for structural walls.
• Ackerstone Buckeye Arizona was established in 2009 - specializes in the production of retaining walls and various paving stones. In addition to the group’s activities in the field of industry and engineering in Israel, it also operates in the income-producing real estate industry through a subsidiary, which is 100% owned and controlled by the group. Most of the activity in this field is concentrated in the provision of offices for rent in the industrial area of Herzliya Pituach, as well as in the field of industrial land for lease.

Innovating and Protecting the Environment

Ackerstein advocates quality, innovation and applies these values in all areas of its activity. The company’s experience allows it to provide unique solutions at uncompromising levels of quality for both complex and exceptional projects. By offering a wide range of products, Ackerstein meets complex and unusual engineering, planning, architectural requirements and implements various large-scale projects. Ackerstein’s production processes are mechanized and meet the highest standards of sustainability, as well as the requirements of the Israel Standards Institute and various international standards. With a lot of resources invested in research and development, the company can improve its existing products and create breakthrough products. The company’s products are of excellent quality and design and come in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes. Over the years, the group has developed unique products and registered patents and designs on them in Israel and around the world.

Areas of Activity

Civil Engineering and Infrastructure - Provides advanced engineering solutions for unconventional construction, reducing schedules and improving quality as a leader in industry and manufacturing. The group has developed various solutions for underground infrastructure - sealed piping systems for drainage and sewerage, push-in pipes of different diameters for different uses, control trenches, etc. Industrial Construction - The company maintains production lines for industrial buildings and elements, including the production of modular structures with a comprehensive level of equipment, including finishing and systems, that are designed and manufactured in exact accordance with the customer’s requirements, while integrating thermal insulation solutions to reduce energy consumption, which contributes to the environment. In addition, Ackerstein installs buildings up to delivery and executes various public projects including office buildings, logistic centers, sport buildings and residential buildings for various entities, all preformed in industrialized construction methods. Due to its unique capabilities allow it to streamline construction processes and manufacture engineering solutions in the field of industrial modular construction. Landscape Design - Ackerstein is a leading company in the field of environmental development and offers a wide range of solutions and products for landscape design including paving stones and tiles, available in a wide variety of shades, textures, finishes, and sizes. In addition, the company manufactures a wide range of complementary elements for environmental development including curbs and stairs, demarcation elements, accessibility elements, street and garden furniture for the public space. Supporting and Acoustic Walls - Ackerstein works closely with leading companies in the world to provide a full range of acoustic and supporting walls that meet every requirement. These solutions use noise-absorbing aggregates and advanced ground armor systems. Architectural Concrete - The company offers a wide variety of panels in different sizes and textures that suit to any application - from environmental development to luxury towers. Also, the company has a unique product line of its kind in Israel with UHPC technology exceptional architectural concrete that is the result of an exclusive knowledge contract with the Ackerstein company for the field of sidings and facades. Roof Tiles - The company has been manufacturing tiles and is the leading manufacturer in Israel of concrete tiles in a variety of colors and roof solutions. Roofing shingles are manufactured in high-density concrete compaction using a unique technique that makes them strong, opaque, and resistant to harsh weather conditions and freezing. Many rooftops, which last for years and with great success, are the company’s certificate of quality. Railway Planters - The company is Israel’s leading prestressed concrete railway planters’ production company using the world’s leading technology and for the use of trains in Israel. Ackerstein HOME - Quality for Life, Home, and Garden - Offers to the general public to lead the design of a family living space, and offers a variety of exclusive solutions for the garden, interior and roof design, including exterior flooring and furniture, facade, concrete shingles, and other products.

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