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Distribution, sales and marketing of medicine, health, beauty and baby products

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Established: 1941
Line of Business: Distribution, sales and marketing of medicine, health, beauty and baby products
Address: 44 Giborei Israel St., Netanya 4250432
Phone: 972-8-9393100
Fax: 972-8-9393101
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    Eitan Gal Owner
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About Chemipal Ltd.

Chemipal is one of the largest and leading Israeli company for the distribution, sales and marketing of prescription drugs, OTC medication, food supplements, beauty and baby products and health products, to retail pharmacy chains and pharmacies in Israel. In addition, Chemipal acts as the exclusive logistic arm of Super-Pharm, for which the company manages all logistic services, through an advanced central logistics center. In its logistics centers in Netanya and “Lev Ha’aretz” Industrial Area located near Rosh Haayin, Chemipal manages all of the logistic supply chain according to an innovative unique distribution and dispatching system. Chemipal is a one stop shop for all logistic activities, as of the receipt of the product surfaces at the company, acceptance and examination, storage, compilation, loading and dispatching to the point of sale, in a supervised and monitored process, within 24-48 hours of receiving the order. The company represents most of the Israeli medicine manufacturers, such as Dexcel, Unipharm, Rafa, Trima, Floris and others, in addition to leading international companies among which are Philips, Avent, M3 bandaging products, Clearblue products and more. Chemipal owns Pharma Guri, which imports international products such as Rescue, Naturint hair colors, Phyto Paris and more.

The company serves over 1,600 points of sale, at 600 private pharmacies, 300 Super-Pharm and New pharm branches, HOM’s, hospitals, nature stores and baby products stores. Chemipal is currently managed from its administrative and logistic center in Netanya, in a building in which 300 employees work in various departments. 300 other employees operate from the company’s logistic center at “Lev Ha’aretz”, a logistic center located near Afek Industrial Park Rosh Haayin, in which logistic procedures are run for Super-Pharm stores. Chemipal is a medicine store, approved by the Ministry of Health, which operates according to GDP and GMP quality standards, and is supervised by an active board of directors and an internal auditor.

About The Company

Chemipal was established in 1941, and was managed by Mr. Yehuda Gal until 1984. Mr. Yehuda Gal, who leveraged and developed the company’s activity, and created many business connections with both customers and suppliers. When Mr. Eitan Gal, Yehuda’s son, joined the company, it became a ground breaking nationwide company, in Israel’s pharmaceutical market.

In 2008 Chemipal was declared as the winning company in a tender to manage Super-Pharm’s logistical center.

In 2014 Chemipal won another tender to manage Super-Pharm’s pharmaceutical logistics center.

Firm Roots for Continuous Growth

Notwithstanding the company’s size and strength, Chemipal is run in an intimate familial atmosphere, stemming from respect to the company’s employees, customers and suppliers. The company’s core values are well implemented in all its endeavors, and include personal available service values, determination regarding maintaining a respectable warm work environment, innovation thinking, poineer-ship and sustaining constant development. Chemipal respects its longstanding employees who fully share its success and who have been accompanying it for decades. Simultaneously, the company adds young, bright dynamic minds, which render creative thinking and unique solutions.

The Company’s Divisions

Logistic Division

The logistic division manages, operates and supervises Chemipal’s core activity, as a national center for the distribution of medicine and consumer products to pharmacies and pharm chains. The division maintains a telephone service center that coordinates all customers’ and suppliers’ requests. The logistic division developed a holistic array for all of the complex logistic requirements concerning medicine distribution, which is controlled by advanced technological models which include WMS for stock management, PBV and computerized gathring carts for managing the compilation array and POD for managing the distribution array. The logistic division manages the company’s main warehouse, situated upon 7000 sq.m. and includes a supervised cooling room, designated medicine, food and narcotics warehouses and more. In the last 3 years, Chemipal invested NIS 10 million in its quality control improvements, thus positioning it in the top of Israel’s pharmaceuticals distribution field.

Logistic Services for Super-Pharm Division – Chemipal Super Logistics

In 2008, Chemipal was selected by Super-Pharm to be its logistic execution arm for general products, thanks to its experience and achievements in this field. The logistical center coordinates all of the chain’s products (other than medicine) in one logistic warehouse, and supervises their distribution in one centralized delivery to the chain’s 240 branches, using a temperature controlled vehicle fleet. The logistic center is located at “Lev Ha’aretz” in Rosh Ha’ayin and in additional warehouses situated upon 20,000 sq.m., with advanced computerized logistic systems, regarding storage, compilation and distribution. In 2014, Chemipal was chosen again by Super-Pharm’s management to manage for it the logistic activity pertaining to prescription drugs and OTC medicine.

The logistic center in Netanya coordinates Super-Pharm’s medicine distribution to its various branches using its designated vehicle.

Sales and Marketing Division

The sales and marketing division operates via 3 main departments:

The consumer products department – handles Chemipal’s house brands, including Philips, Avent, M3, LIFE and others.

Health and nature department (Pharma Guri) – handles the company’s health products, including beauty, additives and more.

Sales department – sales and service representatives for Chemipal products and additional suppliers.

Headquarters and Finance Division

The headquarters and finance division manages the financial array, the operations םכ the vehicle fleet, information systems, security and safety, HR and more.