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YSB Group - Ya’acobi Brothers Group
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Established: 1974
Line of Business: Infrastructures and Industry
Address: 23 Dotan St., Yavne
Phone: 972-3-9537111
Fax: 972-3-9628602
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ysbgroup.com
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  • Pini Ya'acobi, YSB Group - Ya’acobi Brothers Group

    Pini Ya'acobi


    YSB Group - Ya’acobi Brothers Group

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    Pini Ya'acobi
  • Amir Ya'acobi, YSB Group - Ya’acobi Brothers Group

    Amir Ya'acobi


    YSB Group - Ya’acobi Brothers Group

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    Amir Ya'acobi
  • Ziv Neuman, YSB Group - Ya’acobi Brothers Group

    Ziv Neuman

    Deputy CEO

    YSB Group - Ya’acobi Brothers Group

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About YSB Group - Ya’acobi Brothers Group

The Ya’acobi Brothers Group has been specializing in the infrastructures industry for 47 years. This longstanding family-owned group, which started operating in 1974, has been focusing on the interface between infrastructure and technologies throughout all of its years of operations. The company went public in 2017.

The group leads the business entrepreneurship, industrial entrepreneurship and infrastructure entrepreneurship fields. It provides first-class services to its clients in all aspects of planning, integration, establishment, service and maintenance in numerous technological fields. The combination of the group’s various technologies and specializations creates a unique strength that enables the group to provide comprehensive multidisciplinary services for its clients. The group’s clientele includes public and governmental agencies, the Ministry of Defense, Netivei Israel, municipalities and local authorities and government-owned companies.

The group specializes in three main areas of operations: The first is the execution of electro-mechanics and infrastructure projects. The group takes part in large-scale national projects, and among other responsibilities it is entrusted with the entire HVAC array in the Red Line of the Tel Aviv Light Rail, the electro-mechanics in the Timna Airport, and many other similar projects. The second specialization of the group is smart municipal infrastructures. In this field, the company owns Ariel Wimasor Ltd., which operates and maintains 46% of Israel’s junctions, and executes complex projects in the parking garages segment. In addition, the group is entrusted with a large-scale project of Israel Railways for the construction of automated bicycle parking areas through a unique technology. Furthermore, one of the group subsidiaries, Lead Control Ltd., specializes in all types of control and command technologies, with an emphasis on defense-related control and cyber control, and Exelerate Ltd. develops and implements an advanced traffic control management system under the name Falcon.


Exelerate is Israel’s leading company in the creation of technological solutions for municipal traffic control, through its Falcon software that manages traffic light networks both on the municipal and on the metropole level, while optimizing the operations of the traffic lights that it manages and achieving a significant reduction in traffic congestion and all of its related aspects, such as CO2 emissions. Nowadays, smart transportation is crucial for Israel in order to handle the congestion and traffic loads, both inter-city and near the homes. The planning of public spaces over the next few years would require to implement advanced technologies in order to avoid these congestions, and improve Israel living and environmental quality.

The Falcon system was developed in accordance with Israel’s unique needs, and the traffic lights are managed automatically or semi-automatically, while applying a preset set of instructions. The system includes full support for light rail preference, executing “green waves”, preferring public transport and emergency services and more.

Th company’s clientele includes leading entities in the economy, government ministries, the Airports Authority, Netivei Israel and Netivei Ayalon, NTA, Israel Police, The Prison Service, local authorities, hospitals, universities, office towers and luxury buildings.

Caring for the Environment

The green environment field, and its meeting point with technology, has been the lodestar of the owners of controlling interests in Ya’acobi Group since its establishment. The group established Green Net, a facility in Atarot which processes all of the solid household waste of the entire Jerusalem metropole area (more than a million people) every day. The system separates recyclable and reusable materials from non-recyclable materials (which go to landfills) in a smart and almost fully automated manner. These facilities of the group are the largest, smartest and most technological facilities in the world.

Generation Fund, through its subsidiary GES, entered into the group’s environmental division in June 2020 as a partner. The fund leads these operations together with the group, and they are expected to continue and develop this field, carry out additional actions and build additional facilities for Israel’s environment.

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