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Real Estate Development and Construction, Investment in Construction Startups

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Established: Before the establishment of the state of Israel
Line of Business: Real Estate Development and Construction, Investment in Construction Startups
Address: 31 Yad Harutzim St., Netanya
Phone: 972-9-8355065
Fax: 972-9-8355069
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.yanush.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Eli Yanushevsky, Yanushevsky Group

    Eli Yanushevsky

    Owner and Chairman

    Yanushevsky Group

  • Nir Yanushevsky, Yanushevsky Group

    Nir Yanushevsky

    Group CEO

    Yanushevsky Group

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    Nir Yanushevsky
  • Amos Rozen, Yanushevsky Group

    Amos Rozen

    CEO of the Execution

    Yanushevsky Group

  • Elinor Yanushevsky Rozen, Yanushevsky Group

    Elinor Yanushevsky Rozen

    CEO of the Initiation and Development

    Yanushevsky Group

  • Yitzhak Nisenbaum, Yanushevsky Group

    Yitzhak Nisenbaum


    Yanushevsky Group

  • Gil  Cnaani, Yanushevsky Group

    Gil Cnaani

    COO, YNGE Development

    Yanushevsky Group

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About Yanushevsky Group

Yanushevsky Group, a prestigious and family-owned real estate conglomerate, excels in three primary areas: executing medium to large multi-system projects, developing, and constructing luxury residences, and investing in construction technology startups. Founded in Israel by Zvi Yanushevsky, the group’s legacy has flourished under the leadership of his son, Eli Yanushevsky, and now thrives with its third-generation family members.

Leadership and Expansion

Currently chaired by Eli Yanushevsky, the group benefits from his extensive experience and dedication to project quality and worker safety. His leadership has earned the company numerous accolades for its commitment to excellence. Nir Yanushevsky, who has been the group’s CEO since 2005, recently relocated to the US to enhance the group’s focus on multi-family investments, shifting towards both the development and management of these properties as income-generating assets. In addition to his executive role, Nir is actively involved in various influential positions within the construction industry, including leadership roles within the Israel Builders Association and the Green Building Council. He has been instrumental in establishing Contech, the main Israeli hub for construction technology investments, as well as the Contractors Next Generation Forum and other initiatives. Furthermore, the group has recently established the governmental licensed foreign workers cooperation, “Swords Construction,” to boost its execution capabilities.

Operational Excellence

Under the operational guidance of Amos Rosen, CEO of Execution, the group handles complex projects across various sectors, including green buildings and defense while working alongside world giants such as Siemens, GE and others. Elinor Yanushevsky Rosen, CEO of Entrepreneurship and Development, continues the family tradition with her expertise in urban renewal projects and is among the few women in Israel certified as a Tama 38 contractor.

Notable Achievements

“Yanushevsky Group’s reputation is bolstered by its ability to undertake challenging projects, as evidenced by multiple prestigious awards. These include accolades for projects like the Olympic Experience Museum, the Radio and Television Studios at Reichman University, the Sderot Smats 9 urban renewal project in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the Ashalim Solar, Stratasys Leed Campus and more. Holding a C’5 Unlimited classification, the group is recognized for its excellence in civil engineering and plays a significant role in national defense and public sector projects.”

Innovation and Technology

The group’s innovative approach is highlighted by its investments in construction technology startups, utilizing cutting-edge tools from robotics to software to enhance construction efficiency and effectiveness. The Group is a GP in Built-In Tech Fund for Contech investments. This strategy not only underscores its commitment to innovation but also positions Yanushevsky as a leader in future-oriented construction practices.

Commitment to Quality and Safety

Yanushevsky is committed to the highest standards of quality and safety, holding ISO certifications in quality systems (9001), environmental management (14001), and occupational safety (45001) and holds the highest safety degree of five stars from the Israeli Building Association. This commitment is integral to its operations and is a core part of its ethos, ensuring customer satisfaction and operational excellence across all projects.

This comprehensive approach positions Yanushevsky Group at the forefront of Israel’s construction industry, making it a trusted name in real estate development and technology innovation.

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