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Rank 2019FirmProfessional Employees No.Change(%)Engineers No.Total Employees No.Total Income (NIS Millions)Main Area of PracticeArea of expertise1Area of expertise2Area of expertise32018 Rank
Rank 2019FirmProfessional Employees No.Change(%)Engineers No.Total Employees No.Total Income (NIS Millions)Main Area of PracticeArea of expertise1Area of expertise2Area of expertise32018 Rank
1 129943.7-1367723.7Proj. Management & Eng. Design---1
4AVIV AMCG 2722.6131314-Proj. Management & Eng. Design---4
6Waxman Govrin Geva Engineering 20114.2117241-Project ManagementStructural engineering--6
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16424.299208-Project ManagementTransportation systemsStructural engineeringMechanical engineering9
8Y.W. Galil Engineering 138-11.58816398Proj. Management & Eng. Design---7
9 Aran Research & Development
The company trades in Israel
1243.396179137.8Proj. Management & Eng. Design---10
11David Engineers 10917.27612052.2Engineering DesignStructural engineering--13
12DPS ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS ISRAEL 107-10.831163-Proj. Management & Eng. DesignMechanical engineeringElectrical engineeringQuality control-
15D.E.L Engineering 939.463111-Proj. Management & Eng. DesignTransportation systems--15
16Top Engineering 91-1.15295-Proj. Management & Eng. DesignStructural engineeringMechanical engineering-14
*Dana Engineering 74-2.65294-Project ManagementTunnelingTransportation systems-18
20Gronner D.E.L Engineers 6611.94684-Proj. Management & Eng. Design---26
21Star Engineers 6535.4498017.8Engineering DesignStructural engineering--31
22Eshet Engineering
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60----Proj. Management & Eng. Design---24
23S. Engel Engineers
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60--7031.5Engineering DesignTunnelingStructural engineering-25
24Ziv Av Technologies 56-17.6508565Engineering DesignTransportation systemsElectrical engineeringMechanical engineering21
25Decker Building and Engineering 5621.74170-Proj. Management & Eng. DesignTransportation systemsStructural engineering-33
26Mahod Engineering - M.W Group 555.84073-Engineering Design---28
27Nizan Inbar Project Management 55-15.43158-Project Management---23
29S. Ben-Abraham Engineers 49-7.51853-Engineering DesignStructural engineering--27
30DBA 4703052-Engineering DesignElectrical engineering--32
31Balasha-Jalon 4714.62457-Engineering DesignWater resourcesStructural engineeringMechanical engineering37
32Pe'er Moshe Shimon Moyal & Co. Consulting Engineering 450325415Engineering DesignStructural engineering--34
33David Ackerstein 44-122655-Project ManagementTransportation systemsTunneling-29
35Hasson - Yerushalmi 4203248-Engineering Design---36
37S. Karni Engineers 40-72750-Engineering Design---35
39Dagesh Engineering 3901743-Engineering DesignTransportation systems--38
40R. Cohen & assoc. Engineers 3715.62542-Engineering DesignElectrical engineering--46
41Yahel Engineers 359.42944-Project Management---45
42Tiktin Electrical Planning (2003) 33-5.7124412.5Engineering DesignElectrical engineering--40
43P.G.L. Transportation Engineering and Planning
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33----Proj. Management & Eng. Design---44
44Medva 31-6.184014Engineering Design---43
45Lavid Engineering 3015.41535-Proj. Management & Eng. DesignStructural engineeringElectrical engineeringMechanical engineering52
46Kidan 290123812.3Proj. Management & Eng. Design---50
47Zinger-Horowitz-Buch-Dickman 27-101830-Engineering DesignStructural engineering--47
48YSS Engineers 27-6.9173316Engineering DesignTunnelingStructural engineering-49
50DAGESH CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT. 26-1435-Project ManagementStructural engineering---
51H.G.M. (80) 258.723298.5Engineering DesignWater resources--54
52Fahoum & Co. Engineering Services 25-13.81536-Proj. Management & Eng. DesignQuality controlTransportation systems-48
53Tafnit Construction Management 25-7.41243-Project ManagementStructural engineeringElectrical engineeringMechanical engineering51
54Kedmor Engineers 244.3173211Engineering DesignStructural engineering--56
55Yosi Pnini Consultant Engineers 24-7.7632-Engineering DesignWater resources--53
56Etgar - Al Engineering 210825-Project ManagementStructural engineering--58
57TS.K. Engineering 1911.811216Project Management---60
58Sharist Engineers 1926.76226.4Project Management---62
59Adam Amit 17-151018-Project Management---59
60Kaplan & Navot Consulting Engineers 1730.81019-Engineering DesignElectrical engineering--64
61Adar (Kav) Engineering 15-11.8717-Proj. Management & Eng. DesignStructural engineeringQuality control-61
62Metra Watt 1318.21216-Engineering DesignElectrical engineering--65
63Iuclea Engineers 11-21.4814-Proj. Management & Eng. DesignElectrical engineeringMechanical engineeringStructural engineering63
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Company shares are traded abroad Company shares are traded abroad
The company trades in Israel The company trades in Israel
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