Meptagon Group provides a wide range of solutions for design, construction and management in the process industries. Services include management, planning and engineering, construction and maintenance of plants and systems. From individual element to complete turnkey projects.

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Established: 1960
Line of Business: Meptagon Group provides a wide range of solutions for design, construction and management in the process industries. Services include management, planning and engineering, construction and maintenance of plants and systems. From individual element to complete turnkey projects.
Address: 4 Hatrufa, P.O. Box 308, Netanya 4210201
Phone: 972-9-8650470
Fax: 972-9-8650478
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  • Tomer Harari, Meptagon

    Tomer Harari

    CEO & Owner


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    Tomer Harari
  • Erez Harari, Meptagon

    Erez Harari

    Director of Business Development


  • Rafi Dotan, Meptagon

    Rafi Dotan

    Director of Project Execution


  • Liav Knafo, Meptagon

    Liav Knafo



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About Meptagon

Meptagon and its group members Endor and IN.P.C., are involved in the construction of industrial process plants; from providing individual components to delivering turnkey solutions, that encompass management, design and engineering, installation and maintenance.


Multidisciplinary solutions for any industry

The company’s services include project management and plant installation for the process and hi-tech industries. This includes the food, semiconductor, biotechnology, chemical and water treatment industries, natural-gas, energy and others. Meptagon has over 50 years of local and international experience executing complex projects. This makes the company a one-stop-shop for a broad range of valuable services, where customers are assured of meticulously managed safety, scheduling and budgetary targets. Our project managers, engineers and other professionals are among the best in their fields and our team stands ready to provide services at any stage of the process, from assisting our clients to specify plant requirements through to maintenance and upkeep. Meptagon creates long-term partnerships with its customers for the duration of the plant’s lifecycle, provides design and execution of new projects as well as process optimization for ongoing projects.


Areas of activity:

Management division

It is the central authority for all team members. Our project managers track the progress, confirm correct execution and coordinate all activities such as: engineering and design, procurement and materials management, scheduling, construction management (including subcontractors), quality control, safety control, test runs and process qualification, cost control, and risk management.

Engineering and systems division

The engineering and systems division provides all-round design and engineering solutions for industrial process systems. Meptagon professionals carefully study operations and activity at the plant, and are then able to plan all aspects of the engineering and design of the process facility, construct a schedule, establish budget indices, generate BOQs and manufacture all systems.

This is the division in charge of process analysis and planning, creating PFD and P&ID diagrams, materials/energy balance, equipment analysis and specification, pipe work and instrumentation, 3D modelling, control systems (hardware and software), control circuits, power systems, validation documentation and more.

Advanced Technologies

This unit under the Engineering division deploys remote command and control systems. The unit specializes in collecting and monitoring data from a plant’s systems so that the current status of a plant is always available. The Advanced Technologies Unit also handles security-related projects and is capable of providing individual services or turnkey solutions. A turnkey security solution will typically include: preparing a security plan with a threat analysis and risk survey, solutions for protecting various sites and locations, implementing software, digital recording systems, perimeter defense systems (alarms and detectors), barriers and passage, face recognition, walk-through metal detectors, universal protocols and more.

Contracting division

Mechanical and pipework - The Mechanical and Pipework division at Meptagon supervises industrial pipework installations. A team of qualified experts directs all installations and improvements and maintenance to existing systems. Meptagon customizes its services for each customer and is able to comply with FDA, EMA, and cGMP stand-ards for the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food, desalination and water treatment industries as well as general industry. Meptagon is the only Israeli company that uses the T-DRILL collaring machine to manufacture distribution manifolds.

Electrical, instrumentation and control - The Electrical, Instruments, and Control division specializes in managing projects that involve laying power and infrastructure cables, low-voltage power installations, high voltage systems, process systems, installation and calibration of process equipment, LSS systems, power and control boards, air-conditioning systems and more. Our electrical division also excels in repair and preventive maintenance of electrical systems and instruments, as well as energy efficiency and air-pollution reduction projects.

Clean systems (semiconductors)

Meptagon has 50 years’ experience with design, engineering, installation and maintenance of all manufacturing components, making us the most experienced in this field in Israel. At the base-build stage we provide design, construction, and installation services for plant-critical systems such as water and gases. In the tool-install stage we provide complete planning and installation services for the machinery including hooking it up to a plant’s infrastructure.


Agencies and Subsidiaries

Meptagon subsidiaries and agencies are active in the following industries:

Endor Systems (2009) Ltd.: provider of clean-room design and installation services, clean-room equipment such as hoods and incubators, and clean room testing and licensing.

See for more information.

IN.P.C. Ltd.: For the past 55 years, IN.P.C. have been the official representatives of global suppliers of process equipment, process control instruments, control valves, digital control systems, software services, power and heating facilities and solids handling equipment. IN.P.C. constructs and installs pollution monitoring systems, maintains and services air-quality monitoring systems and supplies energy efficiency equipment and instruments to the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, in addition to water treatment and municipal environmental associations. The company provides technical support, maintenance and repair services for all equipment it supplies.

See for more information.


Overseas subsidiaries in India and Ireland extend Meptagon’s global reach, making its unique professional expertise available in these regions.

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