Minrav Group Ltd.

Execution of Construction and Infrastructure projects • Development and Construction of Residential real estate, urban renewal and long-term rental projects • Establishment and management of Yielding Properties • Execution & Service for Electromechanical Projects • Concession • Distribution and marketing of HVAC/R and BAM/BMS products and solutions.

Minrav Group Ltd.
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Established: 1969
Line of Business: Execution of Construction and Infrastructure projects • Development and Construction of Residential real estate, urban renewal and long-term rental projects • Establishment and management of Yielding Properties • Execution & Service for Electromechanical Projects • Concession • Distribution and marketing of HVAC/R and BAM/BMS products and solutions.
Address: 24 Raul Wallenberg St., Ziv Towes, Building D, Tel-Aviv.
Phone: 972-74-7759222
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.minrav.co.il
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  • Eli Cohen, Minrav Group Ltd.

    Eli Cohen


    Minrav Group Ltd.

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    Eli Cohen

Leading Executives

    Dr. Shai Weil Chairman, Minrav Group
    Eli Cohen CEO, Minrav Group
    Chaim Rotlevy CFO, Minrav Group
    Ronen Shefer CEO, Minrav Integrated solutions & Deputy CEO, Minrav Group
    Adi Sahar CEO, Minrav Engineering and Minrav Infrastructure
    Ehud Sternheim CEO, Minrav Real-Estate
    Jonny Malachi CEO, Mashav-Ardan Systems
    Liat Cohen Yankelevich COO, Minrav Group
    Adv. Eli Sharon VP Legal Counsel, Minrav Group
    Asaf Gilboa VP Human Resources, Minrav Group
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About Minrav Group Ltd.

Minrav Group is one of Israel’s leading real estate groups who operates in the fields of engineering, construction, and Infrastructures contracting in the public, business, and private sectors, development of residential projects in Israel and USA, PPP concessions, rental and management of yielding properties, importing and marketing of air conditioning, refrigeration and air treatment (HVAC) and Building Management System (BMS) as well as in the execution of electro-mechanical projects and service in the field of electricity, air conditioning, refrigeration, and plumbing. Since its establishment, Minrav has grown thanks to engineering and managerial excellence, project management capabilities, providing comprehensive solutions in implementing complex multidisciplinary projects, and meeting strict international standards - and above all - human excellence. The company is held by a group which is led by Essence Partners Ltd and several leading Israeli institutional and financial entities.

Notable Projects

Ever since its establishment, Minrav has performed some of Israel’s largest and most complex projects, including: • Ir HaBahadim - IDF’s Training Campus in the Negev • BGU Airport 2000 - a Air terminal, bridges and parking • Government Campus in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem • Execution of 7.5 km of tunneling by TBM for the high-speed railway to Jerusalem • “Yad VaShem” Museum - complete complex with entrance area, school, archive, memorial and museum • Tel Aviv Museum of Art • MDA - New , Blood Bank and logistics center, Ramla • Neve Tzedek - IDF’s new legal complex and prison camp • Ale Negev rehabilitation center• Underground stations of the Light Rail Red Line • Campus for the Intelligence Corps’ cadets in Be’er Sheva • Israel Railways Headquarters in Lod • The private prison in Be’er Sheva • Civil engineering and steel works in the Dalia Energy power plant • Building the “Shenkar Portal” and “Turkish alignment ” in the Red Line • Israel’s two longest railway bridges (1.2km each) in the Tel-Aviv - Jerusalem line and dozens of other office, employment and residential buildings.      

Minrav, People building Success

Minrav Group views human resource quality as a leading value. The group’s execution is characterized by uncompromising adherence to quality and professionalism owing to its strong human infrastructure, which serves as a solid base for tapping into its technological and intellectual capabilities and its financial resilience. These strengths enable it to carry out complex multi-disciplinary projects, adhering to budgets and timetables, by utilizing operational and organizational management capabilities, which are tailored to each client, for the best solution.

A Client-Centric Approach

Minrav sees the human component as critically important in every interface - when thinking about the residents who would live or work in the building and when creating long-term relationships with the clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Minrav’s 54 years of extensive experience, together with its expertise, financial strength, and management vision, have made it the first-choice development, service and engineering company of business entities, government authorities and companies in all sectors.

Areas of Operation

Engineering and Construction Contracting - Minrav Engineering, undertakes complex large-scale construction projects, including designing, execution and finishing works. Some notable projects that the groups manage and executes include: • “G City” Tower in Rishon LeZion • Levinstein Tower in Be’er Sheva • Bank Leumi’s new headquarters in Lod • Employment building complex in Rehovot • Systems and Fit-Out works for several underground stations in the LRT Red Line • Students dormitories in Ben Gurion University and IDC Herzliya • Expanding the Cancer Treatment Center in the Shiba Hospital in Tel HaShomer and building a nuclear medicine center and a cyclotron •  IDF’s Hatzerim Camp which includes a dining complex, training facility and technical buildings, and more.

Infrastructures - Minrav Infrastructure, executes some of the most complex and large-scale infrastructure projects in Israel, including: • Infrastructure works on road 461 for the LRT Purple Line and on Einstein Rd. for the LRT Green Line • Engineering and steel works in power plants • A wind turbines farm in Golan Heights • A series of bridges in the Yadin-Vulcan section of the light rail line between Haifa, Nof HaGalil and Nazareth. The group also executes, through its subsidiary Derech Afar, urban infrastructures, pipe jacking projects and more.

Execution and Service for Electro-Mechanical Projects - Mashav-Ardan systems, specializes in large-scale projects and service for electricity, plumbing, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems in energy facilities, hotels, campuses, hi-tech and industrial factories, government agencies, server farms, public institutes, shopping and trade centers, office buildings, healthcare centers, as well as industrial refrigeration, low-temperature facilities, advanced cooling systems for the food industry, chemical industry, etc. In addition, the Group integrates electricity projects in complex Electro-mechanical projects in the sectors of industry, transportation, public buildings, government authorities, etc. Some of the company’s projects: Logistics centers - Shufersal Online and Osem • Gav Yam, Be’er Sheva • Energy centers - Matam Haifa, BGU Airport, Assuta Hospital in Ashdod • laboratories - SolarEdge Tziporit and Modi’in • Servers farms - Bezeq Benleumi Jerusalem, Bezeq Narkis, Mad 1 and Global.

Development and Construction of Residential and Yielding Properties - Minrav Real Estate, develops residential and commercial complexes for sale and for rent. In the field of residential development, the group develops residential complexes, from land acquisition, through statutory redevelopment proceedings and up to construction and execution and delivery to the customers, and has completed the construction of thousands of apartments in Israel and abroad with hundreds of thousands of sq.m. of offices and commerce areas. The group owns lands for the construction of residences and offices in Tel Aviv. Furthermore, the group initiates and executes urban renewal (Pinui-Binui) projects amounting to more than 4,000 apartments in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Petach Tikva, Holon, Netanya, Ashkelon, Ramla and more. In the yielding properties field, the group rents out and manages yielding properties which it owns and in the framework of BOT concessions, including: City Tech, Ashdod; Minrav Center, Ashdod; JBP biotech park, Jerusalem; and a logistics and industry complex in Kibbutz Usha. In addition, the group is currently promoting the construction of a logistics building in the Mevo Carmel industrial zone.

BOT Concessions - Minrav is Israel’s pioneer in the field of concessions. The group is a leading partner as the concessionaire, construction contractor and operations contractors of the IDF’s Training Campus ”Ir Habahadim”- the largest concession project of the Ministry of Defense, where the transfer of training camps to the Negev was completed. Nowadays, after the successful completion of the construction stage, the project is in the operating stage as part of a 25-year concession agreement. Prior to this, Minrav built and operated for 15 years a sewage treatment facility in Netanya - the first BOT project in Israel. In addition, it has developed, built and operated other sewage treatment facilities in Be’er Sheva and in BGU Airport and was a leading partner in building Israel’s first private prison. Currently, Minrav participates in several groups (some in cooperation with international companies) in bidding for additional public tenders for significant concessions, including transportation projects and energy and environmental protection facilities.

Distribution and marketing of electro-mechanical solutions, Software Control and Building Management Systems - Minrav Integrated Solutions, exclusively distributes and markets advanced HVAC/R and BAM/BMS solutions from Johnson Controls, a global leader in this field, including brands such as York, Frick, Sabroe, Titus, Trion, Ruskin and more. In the building management and automation sector, the company distributes the leading Metasys product suite, that enables customers managing buildings and facilities, advanced and efficient and operational solutions, while saving energy and operating costs, coupled with a professional and advanced service and support team.

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