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Real Estate, Development, Investment and Construction

BST Group LTD.
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Established: 1972
Line of Business: Real Estate, Development, Investment and Construction
Address: Kibbutz Yakum 6097200
Phone: 972-9-7798308 
Fax: 972-9-7798323
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Company Executives

  • The late Badi Tannous, BST Group LTD.

    The late Badi Tannous


    BST Group LTD.

  • Rafi  Biskar, BST Group LTD.

    Rafi Biskar


    BST Group LTD.

  • Elias Tannous, BST Group LTD.

    Elias Tannous


    BST Group LTD.

Other Senior Executives

    Yigal Mor Deputy CEO
    Samar Kardush Chief Engineer
    Alaa Tannous CBDO
    Waseem Tannous COO
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About BST Group LTD.

The BST Group was founded in 1972 by Mr. Badi Tannous. Since its inception, the Group has been involved in real estate promotion and development. The BST Group is now considered one of the leading companies in Israel in its field, and enjoys a fine reputation among customers, suppliers and financial institutions operating in the real estate industry. In addition to its activities in the local construction market and its initiation of projects, the Group has expanded abroad and has entered other sectors, pursuant to its strategy of continually seeking additional business opportunities, through its BST Group of Companies – BST Construction, BST Development, BST International and BST Investments. 

BST Construction

BST Construction is one of the leading construction companies in Israel, specializing in diverse, large scale and prestigious projects. The Company has acquired a professional reputation for its proven ability to complete complex projects on time, within budget and with a total commitment to customer satisfaction. The Company’s team includes professional engineers and project managers with vast experience. State-of-the-art technologies and advanced equipment are utilized in carrying out the projects. Projects completed by BST Construction include hundreds of thousands of square meters of shopping malls, office buildings, high-tech centers, industrial facilities and thousands of housing units, including luxury towers. The company’s annual revenue is more than NIS 600 million.


Some of the projects completed and currently under construction:
Azrieli Business Park in Holon • Azorim Park Building 2 • Business Park Office Building in Herzliya • Gindi in Tel Aviv (the former wholesale market site) • Capital Towers in Jerusalem • H Tower in Tel Aviv • Sami Ofer International Stadium in Haifa • Strauss Logistics Center and Offices in Shoham • Platinum Tower in Petah Tikva • Street Mall in Ein Shemer • Menorah Insurance House in Ramat Gan • Lubinsky Center in Rishon Le’Zion • Yediot Ahronot House in Rishon Le’Zion • Comverse Campus in Ra’anana • Apple Offices in Herzliya Pituach • Tozeret Haaretz in Tel Aviv • The Technion Dorms in Haifa • Rogovin House in Herzliya • TOHA Tower in Tel Aviv. 

Buildup – Built to Give More

Buildup is a fully owned BST Construction subsidiary, and specializes in the finishing work of luxury towers and complex large-scale projects. 

BST Development

BST Development specializes in developing and constructing large-scale, prestigious projects, including luxury apartment towers, shopping malls and commercial centers. Some of these developments are undertaken together with Israel’s most reputable and outstanding partners such as Africa-Israel, BIG, Shikun & Binui and others. The Group has already developed, along with its partners, projects such as Big Fashion Mall in Nazareth; Galey Carmel residential tower in Tirat HaCarmel (20 floors); Savion Tower residential high-rise (34 floors) in Ramat Gan; Savion Platinum residential tower in Ramat Gan (26 floors); Savionei residential neighborhood in Kfar Saba; residential tower projects in Haifa, and well as many other projects. 

BST International

BST International is involved in overseas real estate investments, mainly in Canada. Its business strategy vis-à-vis foreign investments is based on direct and close involvement in the selection and management of the investments, together with its strategic partners that bring added value in the target countries. 

BST Investments

In addition to its real estate activities, over the last few years, the BST Group has also invested in other domains which are related to Construction and Real Estate. 

Some of BST’s Major Clients

  • Azrieli Group 
  • Gindi Investments 
  • Ofer Brothers 
  • Carasso Real Estate 
  • Hagag Group 
  • Gav Yam Real Estate Ltd. 
  • Strauss Group 
  • Blue Square Real Estate 
  • Haifa International Stadium Company 
  • Amot

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