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Established: 1965
Line of Business: Development and Construction
Address: 19 HaHaroshet St., PO Box 2467, Ra’anana
Phone: 1-700-504514 / 972-9-7431329/7
Fax: 972-9-7449253
Email: [email protected]
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  • Tal  Kedar, Kedar Mivnim

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    Kedar Mivnim

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    Tal Kedar
  • Yuval Kedar, Kedar Mivnim

    Yuval Kedar


    Kedar Mivnim

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    Yuval Kedar
  • Sagie  Pipskovitz, Kedar Mivnim

    Sagie Pipskovitz

    Chief Marketing and BizDev Officer

    Kedar Mivnim

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    Sagie Pipskovitz
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About Kedar Mivnim

Kedar Mivnim is a leading private developer and construction company, founded in 1965 by Avraham Kedar (Dec.) who had more than 50 years of experience in the construction industry and received the title “Master Contractor” from the Israel Builders Association. Nowadays, the company is led by Tal Kedar, CEO and Owner, third generation of the family, together with the VP Yuval Kedar.

The company has a C5 (unlimited) construction classification, extensive proven experience with the construction of thousands of high-density apartments, upscale cottages, sports halls, and mobile structures over the past five decades. The company’s unique strength stems from its status as both a developer and a contractor, that guarantee quality, responsibility and professional excellence in every project.

Financial Stability and Professional Excellence

The company, which uses advanced materials, has a backlog of lands in approval and permits proceedings, that guarantee its financial strength. Kedar Mivnim won awards, including the construction excellence and design mark awards.

The family-owned company is renowned for its warm and personal attention to its customers, its professional excellence and ubiquitous first-class standards, for which it won these awards. The combination of the financial strength with the complete responsibility as a developer/constructor guarantees the customers’ peace of mind.

Construction Excellence + Design Mark

The company won the 2018 Construction Excellence Award and 1st place (nationally) for a Tama 38/1 project in Ra’anana, and a commendation and 2nd place in the Luxury Residences Category for a project in Herzliya. The company won the Design Mark Award in the Architecture category for a 4-builidng luxury project in Herzliya.

Notable Projects

Tel Aviv: The company has vast operations in Tel Aviv, including exclusive project at the heart of the city's high-demand areas. The project in 15 Rashi is a luxury project at an upscale area between HaBima and King George, in active construction (pending the completion of the second floor), offering luxury apartments priced at NIS 6-7 million. The project on Kehilat Varsha St. includes 52 apartments with 5-room apartments with huge balconies, 3-4-room apartments, garden apartments and penthouses, in marketing with construction expected soon.

Other projects in Tel Aviv include the 23-apartments project on Helsinki St., A 39-apartments project in 11 Biltmore, another project on 29 Biltmore with 29 apartments, and a 34-apartments project in 20-22 Bazelel St. In addition, the company is active in a 48-apartmetns project in 36-38 HaZohar St., a 25-apartments project in 46 Moshe Sharet, and a project in 262-264 Bnei Ephraim St.

Kedar Neve Zemer: Ra’anana’s cutting edge, 22 buildings, 336 apartments, of which 95 are populated, 99 in active construction and 142 would be built over the next couple of years, in a neighborhood with innovative subterranean sanitation, parks and public spaces. The municipality aims to turn this neighborhood into the new face of Ra’anana.

Quattro, Herzliya: This project is adjacent to IDC and won the 2019 Design Mark, and it offers 58 large luxury apartments of 5-rooms or more with huge balconies, garden apartments, penthouses and mini-penthouses. The project’s population is expected by the end of 2020.

Glil Yam, Herzliya: A project with two 10-story luxury buildings with a total of 88 apartments. One of the few non-Mehir-LaMishtaken projects, all of its apartments are luxury apartments with a view of the neighborhood’s large park.

Kfar Saba City Center: The company built hundreds of apartments in the city center over the past years, and it is currently building about eight different urban renewal and asset-swap projects at the heart of Kfar Saba, with an upscale 11-apartmetns project on 2 Trumpeldor (3,4-room and garden apartments, luxury penthouses), projects under construction on 4 HaBanim and 5 HaKalanit, and projects in marketing pending permits. The projects are expected renew older areas of the city, and are located in central high-demand locations.

Ra’anana and Herzliya City Center: The company has about 100 apartments in active construction in Herzliya, on the Ibn Gabirol, Pinsker and HaSharon streets, with another 44-apartmetns project starting soon on 9 Gordon St. The company also has land reserves for the construction of hundreds of apartments in Ra’anana in coming years, in 35 Bialik, HaYarden St., 2 HaHoresh, 31 Borochov, 4 Jabotinsky, 34 Hankin and more.

Urban Renewal

The company, which specializes in urban renewal and particularly in demolition and reconstruction, has more than 20 projects with a total of over 600 apartments in process which are expected to be built over the next few years in Israel’s highest demand cities, including Ra’anana, Kfar Saba, Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Ramat HaSharon and Hod HaSharon.

Hod HaSharon: The company is promoting numerous demolition and reconstruction projects in the sought-after areas of Hod HaSharon, including a project with about 165 new apartments in 18-20 Mashavim St., a 44-apartments project in 8 HaHistadrut St., and a 32-apartments project in 3 HaHaklai St., which is at the post-committee-decision stage. In total the company is entrusted with the execution of about 250 apartments in Hod HaSharon, in addition to projects at advanced stages.

The company is promoting about 8 additional projects in Tel Aviv, including in the streets of Sharet, David Yalin, Bezalel, HaZohar, Bnei Ephraim, Kehilat Varsha and Rashi, and is expected to expand its operations in Tel Aviv.

Executive Team

The CEO, Tal Kedar, has a B.A., Economics and Business Administration and is a Construction Practical Engineer (Planning and Management), and joined the company in 2006. Tal has vast experience in developing, planning, managing and executing complex real estate transactions. The Vice President, Yuval Kedar, joined the company in 2014, and is a Construction Practical Engineer (Building Management and Planning). The Chief Marketing and BizDev Officer, Sagie Pipskovitz, joined the company in 2011, and has a B.A., Economics and an M.B.A. from Bar Ilan University, and vast experience in leading investment houses.

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