Mekorot Water Company Ltd.

Pipelines & water supply, water roduction,sewage disposal, sewage recycling, increasing the amount of water & developing advanced solutions to deal with a the shortage of water in Israel & around the world

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Established: 1937
Line of Business: Pipelines & water supply, water roduction,sewage disposal, sewage recycling, increasing the amount of water & developing advanced solutions to deal with a the shortage of water in Israel & around the world
Address: 9 Lincoln St. Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6230555, 1-800-250-270
Fax: 972-3-6230833
Email: [email protected]
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  • Amit Lang, Mekorot Water Company Ltd.

    Amit Lang


    Mekorot Water Company Ltd.

  • Yitzhak Aharonovich, Mekorot Water Company Ltd.

    Yitzhak Aharonovich


    Mekorot Water Company Ltd.

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About Mekorot Water Company Ltd.

Mekorot is Israel’s national water company. Over the past 86 years, we have embodied the unique Israeli spirit: sophistication, daring, pioneering, & innovation. These values lead the company in dealing with the complex challenges of the water economy in Israel - a country located at the edge of the desert.

Planning & Designing Israel’S Water Map from Pre-State Times

Mekorot’s history dates to the 1930s, as a small water company with only six employees with a vision: to develop a national water plant in the L& of Israel. In the northern localities Mekorot established the first plant for the supply of drinking water & agriculture. The great news that Mekorot brought to the lives of every resident of the country was the completion of “Hamovil Haartzi” in the 1960s - a huge water plant that supplied water from the Sea of Galilee in the north to settlements in the desert in the south, along about 130 km. Over the following decades, Mekorot developed many smart solutions utilizing every drop of water of Israel through the establishment of wastewater processing plants & desalination plants that were the first of their kind.

Among the Best & Most Efficient Water Companies in the World

Mekorot is considered one of the best water companies in the world, & over the years, professional delegations from around the world visited it to study & emulate the company’s results. These excellent results have contributed to establishing Israel’s status as a waterpower among OECD countries. In May 2022, GWI, the umbrella organization of the world’s water companies, announced that Mekorot would join the forum of the world’s sixty leading water companies. Two years earlier, the Israeli water sector was ranked fourth in the world in GWI’s global ranking, & it was determined that Mekorot is one of the best companies in the world in terms of operating efficiency, thanks to its low annual water depreciation, which is about 3% (compared to an average of 15% in developed countries), in addition to its excellence regarding infrastructure, research, professional knowledge, & water resources management.

Water Supply & Services to About 8 Million Consumers

Mekorot Mekorot supplies over 1.7 billion cubic meters of water to homes, agricultural fields, & industrial plants throughout Israel. The company provides water & services to the private & public sectors in Israel & to the Palestinian Authority & the Kingdom of Jordan, through political agreements. The company operates about 13,000 km of pipelines, 3,000 production & supply facilities, 1,200 drillings, 1,000 water reservoirs & pools and 20 desalination facilities. The company has accumulated investments of NIS 1.5-2 billion per year, & a three-year development plan.

Financial Stability

Since 2003, Mekorot has been ranked consistently in the highest financial strength rating (ilAAA) by the international rating company Maalot St&ard & Poor’s. In 2019, Mekorot was listed at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, after raising its first capital in the company’s history by issuing tradable bonds, accompanied by the publication of a prospectus. To date, the company has raised over NIS 4 billion while maintaining its high credit rating.

Integrated Water Solutions

The company provides an integrated package of water solutions, thanks to the company’s specialization in a wide range of areas, including advanced models for water management & operation, the optimal combination of different water types, seawater & water desalination, wastewater processing & water recycling for agricultural uses, improving water resources to the proper quality, security of water sources & more.

Innovation & Digitization

Mekorot uses advanced technologies such as IT & OT & through them implements a comprehensive digital transformation of processes, in favor of fast, efficient, & secure flow of professional-business information, beyond paperless online work, & protection against cyber & other attacks on critical infrastructures, like information infrastructure. Moreover, the company continues to implement innovative water technologies, i.e. the deployment of a fiberoptic network in its water piping, while carrying high speed communications throughout Israel.

Mekorot for Future Generations

Mekorot pursues a sustainable development policy, conserving water resources & the environment for future generations. Since 2014, Mekorot has been participating in the “Ma’aleh Ranking”, which ranks companies in the Israeli economy according to socio-environmental performance, based on criteria of sustainability & corporate responsibility. In 2021 & 2022 the company was ranked in the highest-ranking “Platinum +”. Moreover, the company voluntarily reports greenhouse gas emissions to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, including its carbon footprint measurement, as part of the analysis regarding the company’s overall environmental impact. At the end of 2021, the company published its ESG report, while maintaining strict compliance with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Concurrently, the company launched a huge project of roofing its water reservoirs - in photovoltaic (solar) systems to produce electricity from renewable energies, with a production potential of up to 1,600 megawatts, includes roofing of the “Hamovil Haartzi”, to reduce the annual electricity consumption’ because Mekorot is the largest civilian electricity consumer in Israelt is the largest civilian electricity consumer in Israel.

Mekorot as International Ambassador

Mekorot is Israel’s main water supplier, with a market share of over 80% for households, & about 70% of total consumers. In recent years, the company exp&ed its scope of activity & is a major water supplier to the Gaza Strip & Judea & Samaria. The “Abraham Agreements” signing opened a new business horizon, & the company intends to exhaust its proven capabilities worldwide: in March 2021, Mekorot became the first government company in the infrastructure field operating in the Persian Gulf, signing a development contract with the Kingdom of Bahrain. In September 2021 the company completed the doubling of the water supply to the Kingdom of Jordan, & in April 2022 signed an agreement for the development of the water economy in Azerbaijan. Since then the company signed many agreements including Morocco, Argentina, Chile and recently started a new initiative in Italy.

Mekorot Management

Yitzhak Aharonovich, Chairman of the Board - Chairman of Mekorot since 2021. Aharonovich, a veteran public figure who served as a Member of Knesset & Minister of Internal Security; Minister of Tourism; Member of the Security-Political Cabinet; Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMI; CEO of the public transportation company “Dan”; Deputy Chief of Police; Southern District Comm&er; Comm&er of the Judea & Samaria District & Comm&er of the Border Police. He holds a B.A. in general history from the University of Haifa.
Amit Lang, CEO - CEO since 2022. Previously, he served as CEO of the Ministry of Economy; CEO of Shaham (a subsidiary of Mekorot, which serves also as the company’s executive contractor); Director of the Economics Division & VP of Partner Communications; Deputy Commissioner for Budgets in the Ministry of Finance; Head of Transportation - Budget Division in the Ministry of Finance; Head of Interior & Environment - Budget Division, Ministry of Finance; Interior & Environment Referent - Budget Division, Ministry of Finance. Lang holds a M.B.A. in Business Administration from the College of Management, M.A. degree in Economics & Public Policy from Tel Aviv University, a BA in Economics & Management from Tel Aviv-Yafo College. He is former judoka, member of the Israeli delegation to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

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