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Residential Development, Marketing and Construction; Construction of Public and Commercial Buildings; Development, Infrastructures, Hotels

Shatit Ltd.
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Established: 1988
Line of Business: Residential Development, Marketing and Construction; Construction of Public and Commercial Buildings; Development, Infrastructures, Hotels
Address: 4 Etgar St., Tirat Carmel
Phone: 972-4-8550770
Fax: 972-4-8551771
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Company Executives

  • Shalom Shitrit, Shatit Ltd.

    Shalom Shitrit

    CEO & Owner

    Shatit Ltd.

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    Shalom Shitrit
  • Moti Ben Ami, Shatit Ltd.

    Moti Ben Ami

    Deputy CEO

    Shatit Ltd.

  • Moshe Cohen, Shatit Ltd.

    Moshe Cohen

    V.P., Engineering

    Shatit Ltd.

Leading Executives

    Meir Shitrit CEO S. Shitrit Ltd.
    Yehuda Nachum Chief Engineer
    Jalal najar Northern Manager
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About Shatit Ltd.

Shatit Ltd. was founded in 1988 and has a broad range of unlimited contractor classifications for construction, development, and bridges. The company is recorded in the contractors’ registry, has ISO 9001 certification and meets the most rigorous construction quality standards. The company is managed and owned by Mr. Shalom Shitrit, which formed a first rated staff and generated the company’s growth momentum and increased profits.
Over the past decade, the company has built over 500 projects and successfully marketed them, and fulfilled its capabilities during good times and during crises in the domestic market through consistent sustainable growth. This was achieved through the right marketing strategy and management policies coordinating all units to accomplish the Group’s annual targets.
The company’s customers include over 5,000 homeowners in housing units throughout the country. Shatit’s commercial customers include Mifal Hapayis, non-profit organizations, hospitals, senior citizens homes, universities, education institutions, local authority economic companies, Local Government Economic Services Ltd., private developers, and municipalities.

Company Vision

Since its establishment, the company operates according to a business plan with targets, while identifying future trends in Israel’s construction market and leading them without compromising the ability to control management procedures. Consequently, the company strives to realize its target of being one of Israel’s leading development and construction companies. The company has been able to hire a skilled, experienced and highly professional staff that is the most important asset for the company’s management.
Staff includes engineers, construction teams and management head office – all supported by the company’s vision and committed to providing customers with an overall excellent service experience.

Focusing on Comprehensive Services

Shatit comprises 4 specialist companies providing complete service for various construction challenges:

Shtiron Investments Co. Ltd. – Operates as Shatit’s parent company, and in recent years entered the yielding-properties field, it specializes in project development.

Shatit – Is the main implementation arm of the group for large-scale and highly complex development and contracting work, contracts, public and residential construction.
Shatit specializes in projects ranging from hundreds of homes, schools, hospitals, student hostels, senior citizens homes, day care centers, country clubs and swimming pools, auditoriums, cemeteries, and infrastructure work and a range of civil engineering tasks. The company has an order backlog of NIS 3 billion, annual sales of about NIS 600 million, and equity of about NIS 155 million.
Shatit has a subsidiary Shatit Buildings Strengthening, which specializes in urban renewal and earthquake retrofit projects around the country, which are worth about NIS 120 million.

S. Shitrit Engineering Ltd. – The company is highly experienced in urban renewal and in the Retention and expansion of public and private structures.
Among others, the company also specializes in the establishment of residential complexes, kindergartens, Hotels renovation, etc. The company’s leading projects include a “Mechir Lamishtaken” project in Yeruham, about 200 units, as well as a new residential neighborhood in Harish, about 215 units. S. Shitrit has an orders backlog of about NIS 600 million, annual sales of about NIS 125 million.

1. M.M.S. Hotels – The group’s hotels arm, it specializes in developing and building hotels. The company owns:

2. Villa Carmel boutique hotel, Haifa, which is ranked as one of Israel’s top ten boutique hotels. The hotel has remarkable rooms that are impressively designed as well as a spa and restaurant. 2. “Kedem” boutique hotel, Carmel Forest, with 60 rooms and a conference center, country club, spa and natural health center, at an investment of NIS 50 million. Kedem began its operations in June 2019.

3. Hotel in Haifa’s German Colony, next to the Bahai Gardens with 160 room, a luxury shopping center, conferences and events halls, underground parking, at an investment of NIS about 150 million. The project is currently under construction.

4. Yefeh Nof Hotel, the company takes part in this project, which includes a luxurious hotel with 200 rooms, as well as 60 apartments on the most expensive street in Haifa. The project is in advanced planning stages.

Urban Renewal

Shatit specialized in the field of urban renewal, and builds 25 such projects, starting with projects to strengthen the structure and add residential units to complex projects of evacuation and construction (pinui binui) areas. To date, the company is building about 1,000 housing units and has accommodated about 500 apartments in the urban renewal area.

Activities for the Community

In the past decade, the group has contributed its abilities to implement projects as well as direct donations. The company has built, among other things, facilities for Enosh in Kiryat Yam, renovated the building of the Ahava organization, and a hostel for battered women. The company also contributes student scholarships and donates to women’s organizations, roundtable, The Women’s Courtyard, the Horfish children’s residential village, synagogues, sponsoring basketball team in Haifa and more.

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