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Established: 1970
Line of Business: Real Estate Development
Address: 91 Herzl St., Zarfati House,
Rishon LeZion 7526201
Phone: *2545, 972-3-9673336
Fax: 972-3-9660453
Email: [email protected]
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  • Zvi Zarfati, Zarfati Zvi

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    Zarfati Zvi

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    Zarfati Zvi

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    Zarfati Zvi

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About Zarfati Zvi

Founded 53 years ago, Zarfati Zvi is a family-owned real estate company that has been a public company for nearly 30 years. The company operates mainly in the sought-after central area and owns a significant backlog of projects and land, as well as carrying out much of the construction itself. The company has developed a balanced and solid strategy over the years that includes, among other things, avoiding risky deals and excessive leverage - a reflection of the company’s financial strength and stability, the diversification of its activities, and its long-term outlook. The company focuses on the construction of residential projects in the center of the country, new construction, and urban renewal, as well as large commercial and employment projects. In addition, the company holds a wide inventory of apartments under construction and marketing and an even greater inventory of apartments, employment, and commercial areas that are in various stages of planning.

Pioneers of Urban Renewal in Israel

Zarfati Zvi was one of the first to operate in the field of urban renewal and is currently one of the leading companies in this field. The company focuses on massive Pinui Binui projects. The company is currently promoting more than 1,200 new housing units in five Pinui Binui projects that are all in advanced stages - one project under construction and marketing and additional four projects in final stages. The company’s total inventory in the field of urban renewal includes more than 5,500 housing units that are in the planning and construction stages.

Personal Involvement and Direct Contact With the Apartment Owners

One of the things that distinguishes the company’s activity in urban renewal projects, in general, and Pinui Binui in particular, is its personal involvement from the beginning and its direct relationship with apartment owners. The company perceives the tenants as partners from day one. It collaborates with them so that all the tenants have direct contact and an open line with the senior officials of the company. Apartment owners are never left in the dark on the status, always know whom to contact with questions, and can get assistance at any given moment.
The company recently held a tenants’ conference in Nesher as part of a Pinui Binui project that it is promoting in the area, which provides an excellent example of the fruitful relationship that it maintains with the rights holders. More than half of the apartment owners signed the agreement document at the conference, which was attended by 180 apartment owners. The company was able to achieve this extraordinary result thanks to the way it works, the partnerships, the cooperation, the reliability, as well as its transparency.

Specializing in the Most Complex Projects - Pinui Binui Route

In recent years, the company has harnessed its broad experience and diverse capabilities to promote large-scale Pinui Binui projects. These projects are defined as being long-term and complex and involve significant processes of extensive planning. Tenants in these projects are accompanied on a daily basis, combining many factors to promote and ensure the success of the project. Developers face a great challenge with these projects. The only companies that can handle these processes are large companies like Zarfati Zvi, which is well-versed in working in the field and can provide a positive outcome for projects that are underway and being built.
Zarfati Zvi’s extensive experience in the construction of employment complexes, commerce and public buildings also enables him to deal with the various aspects of urban renewal, and particularly Pinui Binui projects, with maximum success. Since the company also performs the construction, it has complete control over the process and is able to guarantee the highest quality construction.

Selected Projects

The company has a number of Pinui Binui projects that are in the final stages, among others in Rishon LeZion, Bat Yam, Ramat Gan and Azor. The most advanced project in Rishon LeZion has already been approved, and the company will develop 450 new housing units on Jerusalem Street in the center of the city, with a mix of residential, commercial, and employment uses in four towers measuring approximately 30 stories each. This is one of the first Pinui Binui projects approved in the center of Rishon LeZion.
In Bat Yam, the company is working on a project that will include 57 housing units, and another project is also being built in local council Azor - this project is the first in the settlement to be done as part of a Pinui Binui project, and construction began about a year ago. As part of the project, the company demolished 64 apartments in two railway buildings, and is building two 23-story towers to replace them, the tallest buildings in the settlement, which will include 280 apartments.
Phase II of the project will include the demolishing of another railway building and the construction of a third tower with 80 apartments, with a total of 360 housing units to be built in the complex.

The company builds a great deal in the Sharon region, and one of the most prominent complexes currently being built is the Zarfati Sokolov Tower in Hod Hasharon. This 25-story building will include approximately 40,000 square meters intended for employment and commerce and is currently under construction and marketing. Located at the Sokolov Hod Hasharon train station, this project has a unique and spectacular design. Offices, commercial spaces, and workspaces are available within the new and prestigious office complex, which was carefully and precisely planned to meet the needs of companies and businesses. There are only 200 meters between the building and the train station, and it is located in a central, accessible location that saves a great deal of traffic. It is also built to the highest standards of design and construction. Currently, the project is in the marketing stage.
Another company project in the Sharon area is Zarfati DOU, located in the center of Ra’anana, which was built as part of a Pinui Binui project and includes a 7-story boutique building housing 48 apartments. The complex is located in the city center, a few minutes walk from cafés, shops, banks, public transportation, and all necessary amenities. The prices in it currently start at NIS 2.3 million, and it is expected to be populated in 2025.

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