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Established: 1975
Line of Business: Real-Estate Projects Development and Execution
Address: 2 Nim Ave., Azrieli Rishonim Tower, 5th floor, Rishon Lezion 7546302
Phone: 972-3-5021666
Fax: 972-3-9677556
Email: [email protected]
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  • Amir  Rahelevsky, Grofit

    Amir Rahelevsky



  • Ofer  Shneor, Grofit

    Ofer Shneor

    Deputy CEO


  • Menashe  Chen, Grofit

    Menashe Chen



  • Orna  Rahelevsky, Grofit

    Orna Rahelevsky



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About Grofit

Grofit’s a construction company is a privately-owned company with over 45 years of experience in real estate. The company is owned and managed by Mr. Amir Rahelevsky, a Technion graduate and structural engineer with substantial experience in the field of real estate, who has led the company to many successes.
Grofit deals with initiating and executing a high number of large-scale projects in various fields: residences, trade, offices, logistical structures and assisted living. Aside from its ongoing activity in the field of initiating and executing, the company also holds yielding assets and shopping centers in various city centers.
The company’s financial stability has earned it an especially high reputation among the financial entities that accompany it, and serves as a guarantee for the success of large-scale projects.
Grofit specializes in all initiating, planning, execution, construction and service stages in the field of real estate. This advantage provides a rare added value that benefits all its clients. The company operates across Israel, from Ashkelon in the south to Nahariya in the north, with over 1,200 residential units and an additional 1,800 planned, built for different populations in the private sector, in tenders from the Israel Land Administration and the ‘Buyers Price’ lottery program. The company is defined by the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing as an “unlimited housing company”, and holds an unlimited C-5 classification at the Israeli Contractors Registrar.

Grofit – A Decade of Urban Renewal

About a decade ago, the company started promoting dozens of urban renewal projects in various stages in Tel Aviv, Herzliya, Ramat Gan, Yavne, Petach Tiqva, Pardes Hana and other main cities, at a scope of about 4,000 residential urban renewal units, due to the rising need to improve the façades of these cities. The company has populated several evacuation-and-construction projects to this day, in desirable locations and to the great satisfaction of their owners. Grofit is among the leading companies on Dun’s 100 ranking and the Madlan website.

Over 45 Years of Experience and Contribution to a Better Future

Grofit has maintained its success in the real estate field over the years and earned its reputation thanks to its striving for excellence and quality, seeing the benefits through different eyes, keeping to schedules, and high-quality execution and innovation in a long and impressive line of populated projects. Grofit nurtures the culture of safety in execution among its people and employees, and even received its first safety star from the Israel Builders Association.
Grofit’s calling is to contribute to a better future for its clients. The company has a devoted and experienced staff, including all the professionals needed to perform versatile projects. The team includes Technion and university-graduate engineers and meticulous project managers who are experts in their field. These employees, who constitute the company’s framework, enable the company to provide their private and business clients with the best solutions possible. Grofit sees its employees, clients and suppliers as partners on the journey.

Selected Urban Renewal Projects – planned, marketed, and built

• Yavne, Carmel Street – 286 residential units, marketed and built. Stage A is being populated.
• Tel Aviv, Hertzfeld Street – 600 residential units, planned.
• Pardes Hana, LaMerhav Road – 114 residential units, planned.
• Rehovot, HaTzanhanim Street – 204 residential units, planned.
• Petach Tiqva, Kaplan Street – 192 residential units, planned.
• Herzliya, Hadar Street – 90 residential units, planned.
• Ramat Gan, San Martin Street – 75 residential units, marketed and built.
• Ramat Gan, 240 HaRo’e Street – 33 residential units, marketed and built.
• Netanya, HaRav Kook Street – 90 residential units, planned.
• Tel Aviv, Bloch and De Haas Street – 74 residential units, planned.
• Tel Aviv, Patai Street – 102 residential units, planned.

Selected Residential Projects

Grofit has additional residential projects that are currently being planned, awaiting permits, marketed and built:
• Nahariya, Grofit West – 115 residential units in 5 buildings – marketed and built.
• Ashkelon, Top Agamim – 220 residential units in 5 buildings + commercial area – marketed and built.
• Ashkelon, 618 residential units – Buyers Price, mixed, planned.
• Even Yehuda – 154 residential units – Buyers Price, mixed, planned.
• Pardes Hana – 71 residential units, cottages – marketed and built.
• Petach Tiqva – 100 residential units, marketed and built.
• Hadera – 150 residential units – awaiting permits.

Yielding Assets

Grofit is also active in the field of yielding assets.
The following are the main ones:
• Lod, residential cluster development – 192 residential units – active.
• Ashkelon, residential cluster development – 192 residential units – active.
• Nazareth Ilit, Shopping center – 20,000 m2 – active.
• Binyamina, Shopping center – 5,000 m2 – active.
• Ashkelon, Shopping center – 3,000 m2 – active.
• Nazareth, Shopping center – 35,000 m2 – marketed and built.
• Rehovot, Student dorms – 240 residential units, planned.
• Ashkelon, Nursing home – 280 beds, planned.

Logistics Structures

• 9 dunams at Mevo Carmel – marketed and built.
• 100 dunams at Ashdot Yaakov – planned.
Assisted Living Lands – Awaiting Permits
• Pardes Hana – 280 residential units
• Hadera – 90 residential units.

Hotel Lands

• Tel Aviv – 160 rooms.

Community Outreach

Grofit is tirelessly acting to help the community:
• Donations and volunteering at “Benji’s House”, Raanana – a home for lone soldiers from Israel and abroad.
• Renovating unlivable apartments for those in need, in collaboration with the Welfare Division
• Appropriating free commercial grounds for the Binyamina Local Authority for operating the “Yad LeYad” store – a secondhand clothing store.

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