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Real Estate - Initiation, Construction of Residential Projects, and Yielding Assets

Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.
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Established: 1969
Line of Business: Real Estate - Initiation, Construction of Residential Projects, and Yielding Assets
Address: 49 Ha’Sivim St., Yanai Park Building 6, Petach Tikva
Phone: 972-073-2555444
Fax: 972-073-2555445
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Company Executives

  • Avishai Ben-Haim, Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.

    Avishai Ben-Haim

    Chief Executive Officer

    Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.

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    Avishai Ben-Haim
  • Royi  Twizer, Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.

    Royi Twizer

    CFO & Business development

    Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.

  • Reuven  Orbach, Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.

    Reuven Orbach

    V.P Engineering

    Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.

  • Ortal  Liber, Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.

    Ortal Liber

    V.P Marketing

    Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.

  • Itay  Smadar, Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.

    Itay Smadar

    V.P Urban Renewal

    Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.

Additional Leading Executives

    Roy Toizr V.P., Finance & Business Development
    Reuven Auerbach V.P., Engineering
    Ortal Liber V.P., Marketing
    Itai Smadar V.P., Urban Renewal
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About Rotshtein Real Estate Co. Ltd.

Rotshtein Real Estate Ltd. is an industry leader in Israel’s private and public construction market. The company initiates and constructs large residential projects throughout Israel. In the beginning, the company built dozens of public buildings across the country. Rotshtein has and continues to develop residential complexes in Netanya, Kfar Yona, Or Akiva, Jerusalem’s Har Homa, Tel Aviv’s Florentine, Be’er Ya’akov, Kadima – Zoran, Ramat Gan, Modi’in, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Rishon Le’Zion, Ashkelon, Kiryat Ha’Omanim – Matzliach, Migdal Ha’Emek, Kiryat Malachi and more.
Rotshtein is a public company, whose shares are traded on TASE.

Creativity, Quality, and Reliability

For more than 60 years, Rotshtein has been executing some of Israel’s leading high-quality construction projects. The company develops and builds with an emphasis on values of reliability, quality, and compliance with the highest standards. These principles are Rotshtein’s competitive advantage and are the basis for the steady expansion of the business. The company’s capital allows it to accept large scale initiatives while maintaining its financial strength and stability.

Quality Control

Rotshtein attributes supreme importance to the quality of construction and service. The company has a quality assurance system that is carried out according to the most stringent standard requirements, which conforms to ISO 9002 - the strictest standard available. Extensive resources are invested in incorporating the standard’s requirements in all phases of the project’s construction and service. The company is committed to a strict quality assurance system. The responsibility for the requirements applies to all of the company’s employees, with quality control managers, company employees and representatives available to the customers at all times.

Vision, Strategy, Green Environment

In Rotshtein’s vision, people are in the center, and the apartment is built around their needs, with maximum attention to the values of comfort and aesthetics. The company believes that a home should give its tenants the best residential experience possible. Therefore in planning the projects, the emphasis is placed on the personal needs of each homebuyer, their worldview, and lifestyle. Construction is carried out with attention to flawless design, and quality materials and processes. In recent years, Rotshtein has been carrying out its projects in accordance with standard 5281 - the Green Building Standard.

Selected projects in marketing

Rotshtein has built and is currently building quality projects throughout the country. During this period, the construction and delivery of the remaining housing units in Kfar Yona project (Stage 1+2) in Be’er Ya’akov (stages 1 - 9), Shirat Hasharon, Migdal Ha’Emek, Florentine, Lod, Ramat Gan and more were completed. The company also established the following projects:
• Rotshtein HaYeruka, Be’er Ya’akov – 900 residential units in the Greater Dan Region’s new neighborhood. This project boasts a young, dynamic and evolving environment, fast and comfortable access to main roads via Route 431, and to the local active train station. This “Green Project” is being built according to “Green Standard” requirements.
• “Karmei Ha’Nadiv”, Kiryat Malakhi – Adjacent to Be’er Tuvia and Kfar Warburg. Private land for the construction of 3,000 apartments and commercial space with office suites. The marketing of the second stage is underway (The company holds a 40% interest). • “Shmurat Rotshtein”, Or Akiva – In Or Akiva’s northern part, in a location with a view of the slopes of the Carmel on one side and the sea on the other, 3 towers, including 186 housing units, are built on a 14 dunam plot including green areas for the benefit of the residents. The project includes 3, 4 and 5 room apartments, mini penthouses and full-size penthouses.
• “Medoragei Rotshtein”, Givat Ha’Alonim in Kfar Yona – A perfect location between the orchards and the fields, minutes from Ha’Sharon Junction, this private residential complex was built comprising 108 housing units. It offers a choice of 4 and 5 rooms, garden apartments, mini penthouses and full-size penthouses with expensive balconies. It also offers access to main arteries including Route 6 and Route 4.
• Rotshtein FREE Pardesiya – In the northern part of Pardesiya, the project includes 110 housing units in a private residential complex with a variety of 4.5, 5 room apartments, garden apartments and a penthouse (marketing is underway).

Urban Renewal

As part of the company’s business strategy, Rotshtein initiates and promotes urban renewal projects (evacuation of construction and plan 38/2). To this end, the company has established a special division - “Rotshtein Urban Renewal” which specializes in initiating demolition and construction projects in high demand areas in city centers, self-development, and in cooperation with various companies. Current and future projects include:
Golomb 8 Ramat Gan (Tama 38/2) – a 9 story boutique project which includes 56 housing units that contain 3,4 rooms, garden apartments and penthouses with meticulous architectural design, rich specifications, a sun terrace, and underground parking, all in the quiet heart of the Ramat Gan (The project is populated).
• Rotshtein First Ramat Gan (Tama 38/2) – 47 housing units on the seam line between Ramat Gan and Givatayim in a quiet and green area of Ramat Gan, with proximity and access to the business districts (marketing is underway).
Herzl/Jabotinsky Bat Yam (evacuation & construction) – This 35 story tower will house 137 residential units and commercial space with office suites. (The tower requesting permission).
The “Geulim” complex in the Alon district, Ramat Ha’Sharon (evacuation & construction) – 180 residential units, on the border between Ramat Sharon and Tzameret. (The project is planned).

• Melchett 3 Tel Aviv (*) - (Tama 38/1) in marketing.
• Clay 18 Tel Aviv (*) - (Tama 38/2) in execution.
• Katzenelson 7 Tel Aviv (*) - (Tama 38/2) in marketing.
• Soutine 13 Tel Aviv (*) - (Tama 38/2), in planning stages
• Remez 19 Tel Aviv (*) - (Tama 38/2), in planning stages
• Zichron Yaacov Tel Aviv (*) - (Tama 38/2), in planning stages
• Pinkas 11-13 Tel Aviv (*) - (Tama 38/2), in planning stages
• Modiliani Tel Aviv (*) - (Tama 38/2), in planning stages
• Bezalel 1 Tel Aviv (*) - (Tama 38/2), in planning stages
• Remez 21 Tel Aviv (*) - (Tama 38/2), in planning stages.

(*) The project is carried out through the subsidiary company.
(The Company holds 51%). The company promotes additional projects in the area of urban renewal throughout the country.

Yielding Property Division

Rotshtein is also active in the field of yielding properties: 
Beer Yaakov Commercial Center - 10,000 sqm (**).
“Karmi Hanadiv” Shopping Center - Kiryat Malakhi - 30,000 sq.m. (***).
Rotshtein’s Ramat Amir Kadima Tzoran shopping center – 12,000 sq.m.

Beit Shemesh Commercial Center - 10,000 sq.m.

construction per square meter.
(**) 45% of the company in the project (100% is offered)
(***)40% of the company’s share in the project (100% is offered).

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