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The largest private real estate group in Israel, and among the sole companies that attend to all the value chain, including development, planning and licencing, marketing and sales, execution, examination and guarantees. The group specializes in development, construction of residential homes, offices and commerce, logistics, urban renewal and fitouts, both in Israel and worldwide

Tidhar Group
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Established: 1993
Line of Business: The largest private real estate group in Israel, and among the sole companies that attend to all the value chain, including development, planning and licencing, marketing and sales, execution, examination and guarantees. The group specializes in development, construction of residential homes, offices and commerce, logistics, urban renewal and fitouts, both in Israel and worldwide
Address: 14 Tidhar St., Ra’anana
Phone: 972-9-7766111, *3604
Fax: 972-9-7766100
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.tidhar.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Gil Geva, Tidhar Group

    Gil Geva

    Group Chairman, Director & Founder

    Tidhar Group

  • Arye Bachar, Tidhar Group

    Arye Bachar

    Group President, Director & Founder

    Tidhar Group

  • Mark A. Weissman, Tidhar Group

    Mark A. Weissman


    Tidhar Group

    Rachel Lavine Executive Vice Chairman
    Iris Beck Director
    Tal Hershkovitz Deputy Group CEO & CEO, Tidhar Construction
    Ayelet Bornstein Deputy Group CEO & VP HR
    Ofer Franco CEO, Tidhar Project Development & Design
    Dafna Katzir VP Customer Relations
    Tomer Alfaci CEO, Tidhar Development & Income-Producing Properties
    Alon Gross CFO
    Yair Ben-Ami CEO, Tidhar Fitouts
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About Tidhar Group

Israel’s largest private real estate group, covering the entire value chain, from initiation, planning, and licensing, through marketing and sales, to construction, inspection, and the warranty period. Tidhar operates in several fields in Israel and overseas, including real estate development; residential, office, and commercial construction; logistics; urban renewal; and fitouts. Founded in 1993 as a young and ambitious contractor, Tidhar has been transformed into a dynamic leading real estate group with a solid asset base due to its winning combination of vision, values, innovative engineering, and advanced management methods. As of 2023, Harel Insurance Investments & Financial Services is a partner and shareholder in Tidhar, following a strategic cooperation since 2020 in the establishment and management of income-producing properties. The Group is ranked #5 by Dun’s 100 (Construction & Development) and #6 by BDI (Construction).

Group Activities

Tidhar operates in three core areas, emphasizing operational and managerial synchronization to achieve the optimal results while maximizing added value.
Tidhar Development & Income-Producing Properties: Handles the entire value chain on the client’s behalf, including locating, acquiring, and improving land, as well as the planning, permit, marketing, and sales processes, until final handover. Its main strategic focus is on residences and offices, alongside hospitality, logistics, and commercial projects. Tidhar owns over 350,000 sqm of income-producing properties in prime locations in Israel and abroad. These serve as a solid asset base, providing steady revenues.
Tidhar Construction: One of Israel’s leading contractors with outstanding capabilities, which have enabled it to undertake the largest and most complex mega-projects in the country for Tidhar Investments and other developers. To date, Tidhar has completed over 550 projects in Israel and overseas, including over 20,000 apartments and around 2 million sqm of commercial space.
Tidhar Fitouts: A market leader, specializing in business real estate. Tidhar has performed projects involving 100,000s of sqm for leading companies, including Microsoft Campus, Wix, Amdocs and more. It offers unique, comprehensive packages spanning planning and implementation of MEP and fitout works, delivering the perfect business spaces.

Leading Values

Reliability, integrity and personal example, safety and human life, concern for people, equality and mutual respect, excellence and commitment to results, simplicity and precision, innovation and boldness, and one group in partnership. These are the core values that constitute the Tidhar DNA and drive all its activities. They are also the personal values of each manager and employee, leaving a mark on all Tidhar products and services.

Group Vision

The Tidhar vision is expressed through all employees: • To be Israel’s leading real estate company, cultivating values of excellence and innovation, and being a role model • To be a growing, profitable, and stable company that nurtures and rewards its employees, being a home and source of empowerment and pride for them • To contribute to society, the environment, and the economy through community outreach, job creation, and improving construction and management methods.

The Tidhar Spirit

Our people and our culture serve as the basis for all areas of the Group’s activity. We work together with the utmost professionalism and dedication, creating a robust corporate culture founded on Tidhar’s values and mutual respect. This culture serves as a compass for Tidhar as a whole, guiding its path over the years as the leading real estate group in Israel.

Service as a Leading Value

Tidhar is a customer-oriented organization, viewing its clients as its main asset and periodically adapting its products and services to clients’ evolving needs. Peace of mind and a pleasant, positive experience constitute significant added value for every client. Tidhar therefore makes customer satisfaction a goal that is assessed on a daily basis, with a large, high-quality customer service system that includes a 24/7 support center – the only one of its kind.

Management Capabilities

Over the years, Tidhar has developed a unique project management, planning, and implementation methodology based on a broad range of processes, tools, techniques, and groundbreaking technologies. It is currently the only real estate company in Israel working with advanced 3D planning methods and technology throughout the value chain, and among just a few companies worldwide using VDC (Virtual Design & Construction) prior to actual construction. As a learning organization, Tidhar encourages a culture of constant evaluation and improvement. It has a dynamic “flat” structure that enables maximum control, efficiency, and flexibility, as well as rapid organizational capabilities for various tasks.

Quality, Excellence & Innovation

The constant pursuit of excellence has led Tidhar to develop innovative tools, management methods, planning and construction techniques, and effective new strategic approaches, all with the goal of meeting the Group’s own high standards, managing and performing high-quality projects on schedule, and enjoying successes every time. Tidhar is an innovation leader in real estate, sustainability, and green construction, and has invested substantial resources in supporting startups and adopting advanced technologies.
The Group’s unique efforts on behalf of its clients have earned it a long list of awards: In 2007, Tidhar was awarded a commendation from the prestigious Yitzhak Rabin National Quality and Excellence Award committee, which was followed in 2009 by a first place award for small organizations. In 2018, Tidhar won the Construction Business Excellence ribbon as well as, for the sixth time, first place in the HAMIL – Israeli Management Center’s Service Excellence competition. In 2019, the Group was honored with first place in the Israel HR Excellence competition, in the cross-organizational change process category. In 2021, Tidhar’s work on the Microsoft Campus won the Israel Builders Association’s Construction Excellence Award, in the green building category. In 2023, Tidhar was named the #1 construction and real estate company to work for by The Marker and BDI, and the year’s most groundbreaking company by the Israel Builders Association.

Financial Strength

The Group’s financial data attests to its economic strength and stable capital base. Tidhar also enjoys an outstanding reputation among the financial institutions that back its projects and are partners to its activities. This has contributed to the Group’s significant capital raising capabilities, enabling it to launch and establish large-scale projects in record time, transforming vision into reality.

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