Z.F. Development and Construction

Initiates and Executes Residential Neighborhoods, Settlement Expansion, and Tama 38 Urban Renewal, Specializes in Constructing Public buildings and Architectural Conservation

Z.F. Development and Construction
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Established: 1992
Line of Business: Initiates and Executes Residential Neighborhoods, Settlement Expansion, and Tama 38 Urban Renewal, Specializes in Constructing Public buildings and Architectural Conservation
Address: 143 Bialik St. Ramat Gan 5252337
Phone: 972-3-6420210
Fax: 972-3-6430632
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.zfbuilding.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Zvi Fox, Z.F. Development and Construction

    Zvi Fox


    Z.F. Development and Construction

  • Ran Yanai, Z.F. Development and Construction

    Ran Yanai


    Z.F. Development and Construction

  • Shlomit Swirsky, Z.F. Development and Construction

    Shlomit Swirsky

    Operational Manager

    Z.F. Development and Construction

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About Z.F. Development and Construction

Z.Initiation and Construction (ZF) was founded in 1991 by Civil Engineer Zvi Fox, a second-generation construction contractor, who’s been working in the field since 1977. The ownership in the company is divided between its owner Zvi Fox (60%) and the CEO Ran Yanai (40%). The classification of ZF in the Contractor’s Registrar is C5 (the highest classification in its field).

Areas of Specialization

Real Estate Initiation – the company is operating in real estate initiation throughout Israel. Some of the projects that the company initiated and is initiating:

Har Gilo – a project with 70 upscale single-family housing units, Yeruham – 60 units, Nili – 200 single-family homes, Karney Shomron – 96 units, Efrat, Givat HaZait – 106 apartments and a 7,000 sq.m. commercial center, Efrat, Givat HaTamar – 36 units, Efrat, Givat HaDagan – 24 units, Adam – about a 100 units, building the new village “Giv’ot Eden” with about 900 housing units, Kfar Vradim – about 144 units, Nokdim – 146 units, Tekoa – 90 units.

Architectural Conservation (Building Preservation) – the company specializes in architectural conservation, a field which requires professionalism and highly unique skills. Conservation requires meticulous attention to details, accuracy and “traditional” (unindustrialized) work capabilities. Conservation works include high-level woodcraft, extruded cornices, sculpted walls, and cantilevers.

To date, the company executed conservation works in 26 Ben Dosa St., Jaffa (a 19th-century building), 90 HaYarkon St., Tel Aviv, 11 Alenbi Tel Aviv (an architecturally-rich building), 20 HaKovshim Tel Aviv (a building of impressive quality), 44-46 Kalisher Tel Aviv, on 33 Rashi and 14 Lilinblum, Tel Aviv, 5 Levontin, Tel Aviv.

Urban Renewal Tama 38/2 – the company has some 1,500 apartments in dozens of Tama 38/2 projects that were signed vis-a-vis the apartments’ owners in the cities of Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Givatayim and Ramat HaSharon.

The projects include Tel Aviv: 7 Be’eri, 144 Jabotin.sky, 27-29 Pinkas, 22 Bar Kokhva, 15 Feibel, 171 Yefet, 41 Shivtey Israel. Ramat Gan: 12 Avigail, 18 HaHaruzim, 34 Asaf, 18 Nordau, 32, 34 Ha’Amal, 1, 3, 5 HaRav Eliyahu Hava, 9 Avigail, 17 HaHashmonaim, 2, 4 Le’an, 33-41 Arlozorov, 141 Uziel. Givatayim: HaMa’ayan 54, Kakal 24. Ramat HaSharon: 5 Henrietta Szold, 42 Golomb, 17 Golomb, 18 HaKotzer, 10 Bialik, and projects in 45-47+52-54+51+61 Sokolov, 6 HaMaggid, Jerusalem and more.

Urban Renewal Tama 38/1 – the company has about 300 apartments in several Tama 38/1 projects that were signed vis-a-vis the apartments’ owners in the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, including Tel Aviv: 171 Yefetm 18 Irit, 17 Ficus, Nahal Oz, Shivtei Yisrael and more.

Single Family (detached and attached) houses – the company specializes in the initiation and construction of multi-occupancy and single-family houses. Projects that have been populated and/or are under construction include: about 200 houses in Nili (a variety of house types), 100 units in the Adam settlement, 96 units in Karnei Shomron, 60 units in Kokhav Ya’akov, 166 units in Efrat, 144 units in Kfar Vradim and 98 units in Kiryat Arba.

Public Institutes – the company has been building dozens of public buildings in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and throughout Israel. The company built a wide spectrum of projects in this field, including schools, daycare centers, synagogues, Yeshivas, Ulpanas, clinics (Aleh – A long-term care children hospital), construction of the Dabach Mikveh and healthcare facilities.

Construction Projects in Tel Aviv – in addition to its architectural conservation works in the city, the company built an upscale residential building in 50 Ben Yehuda St., Tel Aviv, two buildings with 20 apartments on Gershon Shatz St., a 20-apartment building in 13 Ein HaKoreh St., a 20-apartment building in 12 Akiva Aiger St., a 50-unit building in 29 Alenbi, a building in 9 Levinski St., a building on HaHalutzim 34, and in 3 Yehudah Amichai - a 12-story building, at 1 Pine Street - 50 housing units, at 7 Gruzenberg St. - a prestigious building and more.

Environmental Protection and Green Building

The company takes care to create an insulation that complies with the strictest thermal insulation and caulking standards and thus protects the environment. Most of its exterior panels are made of high-quality and durable Jerusalem Stone which creates well-insulated houses that save energy. In the new settlement Gva’ot Eden, the company would execute green building that would blend into the environment. 

Community Service

The company’s owner Zvi Fox volunteered for several years in the Yadid association.