Dimri Construction & Development Ltd.

Development and Construction Mainly in the Residential Sector

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Established: 1989
Line of Business: Development and Construction Mainly in the Residential Sector
Address: 1 Jerusalem St., Netivot
Phone: 972-8-9939000
Fax: 972-8-9944437
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.dimri.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Ygal Dimri, Dimri Construction & Development Ltd.

    Ygal Dimri


    Dimri Construction & Development Ltd.

Leading Executives

    Nurit Twito VP Finance
    Iris Dimri VP Customer Relations
    Shlomo Khouri VP Operations
    Yehezkel Dimri VP Procurement & Logistics
    Aviv Sagas VP Organizations & Methodology
    Amir Cohen VP Marketing & Sales
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About Dimri Construction & Development Ltd.

Y. H. Dimri was established in 1989 by Ygal Dimri whose vision and expertise in the field have led the company to major success and built for it a strong reputation in Israel. The company is currently one of Israel’s largest and leading companies specializing in planning and building residential neighborhoods, and commercial, offices and tourism projects. The company employs a professional team of architects, engineers, project managers, and implementation managers as well as marketing and sales staff, customer services and housing inspection personnel who provide service to all the company’s past and present customers.

Financial Strength

Y.H. Dimri’s reputation is based on a sound economic foundation and financial strength. Since 2004, the company has been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and the level of profitability reported by the company has been one of the highest in Israel’s construction sector.

Advanced Technology

Y.H. Dimri implements projects using the most advanced technological methods and the company has ISO 9002 certification. Combining innovative construction methods with implementation procedures is the outcome of the company’s commitment to the highest standards of construction.

Customer Service

Y.H. Dimri believes customer service is a supreme value, and for this reason, the customer relations department personally supports the company’s customers from the moment they purchase an apartment, through to delivery, and including the inspection and warranty period.

High-Quality Projects

The company operates throughout the country and is currently planning and building 41 projects in Tel Aviv, Givatayim, Bat Yam, Petach Tikva, Hadera, Netanya, Kiryat Gat, Rosh Ha’ayin, Jerusalem, Ashkelon, Beer Sheva, Netivot, Sderot, Ashdod, Harish, Kiryat Bialik, Givat Shmuel, Or Yehuda, Dimona, and Ofakim. In addition, the Company owns income-producing properties and land for the construction of commercial and hotel buildings.

International Operations

Y.H. Dimri began its overseas operations in 2006, acquiring land in the Czech Republic for the construction of about 150 housing units, and in Romania for about 5,000 units, of which 344 units are in the process of occupancy and marketing, as well as 384 housing units under construction. In addition, Y.H. Dimri is constructing an office and commerce complex on an area covering about 7,160 sq.m.

Urban Renewal

In recent years the company expanded its urban renewal activities and is currently active in many projects throughout the country, from the Haifa to Beer Sheva, in different scopes and construction stages. The company considers urban renewal projects like s a massive growth platform with many future possibilities. In addition, the company operates in the urban renewal field in Tel Aviv’s 4th quarter through “Dimri Galim”, which promotes many demolition and reconstruction projects.

Projects in Planning and Construction Stages in Israel

As of 30.09.2021, Y.H. Dimri owned land for the construction of about 23,443 residential units, of which about 2,689 were under construction and 1,587 in advanced planning stages, about 10,600 residential units on land reserves and an additional 8,543* units in the framework of urban renewal projects. The company also owns lands designated for the construction of yielding properties.

• Tel Aviv: 252 housing units in Bavli neighborhood.

• Tel Aviv: 575 housing units, TAMA 32/2.

• Tel Aviv: 92 housing units in Nahalat Itzhak.

• Bat Yam: 280 residential units in the Castro Complex, as well as an office and commercial building.

• Or Yehuda: 808 units, pinui-binui.

• Kiryat Bialik: 330 housing units under construction.

• Harish: 252 units in high-rise buildings.

• Hadera: Land reserves awaiting permits, about 4,300 residential units.

• Netanya: 432 housing units in several projects.

* 144 luxury apartments in North Netanya.

* 288 housing units in Ir Yamim.

• Petah Tikva: 750 units - urban renewal.

• Givat Shmuel: 182 units in new Ramat Hadar.

• Givatayim: 288 residential units under saturated construction (the Company’s share is 50%).

• Jerusalem: 60 residential units in an exclusive residential area in the Mamila neighborhood (the company has a 51% stake).

• Ashdod: 1,192 units; Luxurious residential units in the marina, in the Maar Quarter, in the city’s center D Quarter, and in the City Quarter integrating a commercial and offices complex.

Ashkelon: 932 units in 4 different projects.

• Sderot: 326 units in the Music Neighborhood.

• Kiryat Gat: 632 housing units in Karmei Gat.

• Netivot: 726 units in different projects.

• Ofakim: In HaPark neighborhood lands for the construction of 869 housing units of which 530 were plots for the construction of private homes.

• Meitar: 60 cottages.

• Beer Sheva: 2,300 units (the company has a 50% stake) in the Kiryat Ganim neighborhood in the city center.

• Beer Sheva: A Cinema City commercial building.

• Beer Sheva: 400 units in Hapark Neighborhood.

• Beer Sheva: The company is promoting planning procedures for the approval and rezoning on 480 units on Haorgim St.

• Dimona: Commercial and office complex in the center of the city.

• Kfar Saba: a commercial complex, including a residential building rights permit.

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