Azorim Investments in Development and Construction Company Ltd.

Residential real estate, Yielding real estate, rentable housing, and urban renewal

Azorim Investments in Development and Construction Company Ltd.
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Established: 1964
Line of Business: Residential real estate, Yielding real estate, rentable housing, and urban renewal
Address: 32 Aranea St., Tel Aviv 6107034
Phone: 972-3-5632632
Fax: 972-3-5632665
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Friedman Hershey, Azorim Investments in Development and Construction Company Ltd.

    Friedman Hershey

    Controlling Shareholder & Chairman of the Board

    Azorim Investments in Development and Construction Company Ltd.

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    Friedman Hershey
  • Ron Avidan, Azorim Investments in Development and Construction Company Ltd.

    Ron Avidan

    CEO & Director

    Azorim Investments in Development and Construction Company Ltd.

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    Ron Avidan

Leading Executives

    Levi Shtresler CFO
    Meir Simcha VP, Engineering & Planning
    Yoni Barel VP, Marketing & Sales
    Eyal Tishel VP, Urban Renewal
    Lilach Erez VP, Legal Counsel
    Sigal Halevy VP, HR & Customer Relations
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About Azorim Investments in Development and Construction Company Ltd.

For over 60 years, Azorim has been one of Israel’s largest and leading real estate companies. Azorim, which was founded in 1964, is controlled nowadays by the international businessman Hershey Friedman and has evolved into a public company, with traded shares on TASE.
Azorim’s six decades of professional experience, together with the company’s economic strength, position it at the forefront of the Israeli real estate market, with a specialization in residential properties. Azorim has been entrusted with building innovative construction projects while identifying real estate potential and creating an advanced and pleasurable residential experience for its customers, with first-class environmental development. As of today, the company has over 29,000 planned housing units in different stages. Also, Azorim has identified urban renewal as a potential growth engine in the coming years and is initiating over 60 projects with 21,000 planned apartments.

At the Forefront of Israel’s Real Estate Market

Wide experience, uncompromising professionalism, flexibility, and meticulous work, help to make Azorim a constant force in the face of economic dynamism and social changes that characterize Israel. Combined with creativity, and the ability to locate attractive land reserves, have resulted in Azorim being identified today with some of the more iconic projects in Israel, collaborating with leading architects and designers, among them MYS architects, Kika Barz, Dana Oberzon, and others. These projects have become part of Israel’s definitive scenery with Ramat Poleg neighborhood project, Azorim Park, Neeman Towers, Dizengoff Center, Clal Center in Jerusalem, Herzliya Hills, Exchange Ramat Gan, and more.

Urban Renewal

Azorim offers up-to-date urban planning by establishing a separate division of urban renewal, which specializes in the construction of large residential complexes. The division is managed by the best in the field and has the benefits of the proven professional capabilities of Azorim, alongside the systemic flexibility needed to carry out urban renewal moves. Azorim is promoting the planning of about 60 projects and in total more than 21,000 apartments in Israel, in projects that include the company’s flagship project – MOMENT Bat Yam, SHAAR HA’IR Giv’at Shmuel, N Sokolov and N Beeri in Netanya and projects in Herzliya’s Weizmann Neighborhood and in Neve David, Haifa.

Developing Community Life

Azorim believes that a home is a community. The company initiates and conducts events and activities for its residents, to formulate a rich community life. As a result, Azorim enjoys a loyal customer base that follows it for many years, upgrading their living conditions according to their changing needs. High-quality residential environments also lead to sweeping urban development in the surrounding areas. Azorim prioritizes its customers strives for innovation and guarantees the highest level of living quality with vast urban development for their communities, including community services, high-quality education institutes, green lungs, ring roads for maximal safety, accessibility, and leisure centers.

Mixed-Use Development

Azorim is entrusted with mix-use projects across Israel, where a rich community life meets leisure and entertainment, creating high-quality residential environments. The commercial areas offer the residents services such as supermarkets, cafés, restaurants, and parking. Azorim Prime’s yielding properties have more than 60,000 sq.m. of commerce areas in various stages of operation, development, and planning.

Azorim Living

REIT fund Azorim Living specializes in long-term rental homes, initiating and building rental complexes with hundreds of housing units, allowing operational efficiency in the construction, management, and maintenance of the apartments. The projects are concentrated in high-demand areas with growth potential, with access to major roads, public transportation, employment, education, and academic centers. Its objective is to operate in medium- and long-term improvement-oriented areas. The company’s portfolio includes 13 projects at various stages with a total of about 2400 apartments, including 770 populated apartments in projects in Ashdod, Rakafot Neighborhood in Rishon LeZion, Bayit BaPark in Or Yehuda, and Kefar Shalem in Tel Aviv.

Flagship Projects in 2023

Exchange Project, Elite Junc., Ramat Gan - An upscale project showcasing modern and international mix-use architecture by MYS Architects, as seen in major cities around the globe. The project leads an urban revolution and would include two 220-meter-high towers and the conservation of the historical Elite factory. The 55-story residential tower would include 355 apartments.
Tzamarot Nahariya - Located in the new Ariel Sharon neighborhood in Nahariya it is the final phase of the project with the construction of the first towers in the city. It includes 7 buildings with 349 apartments. At the heart of the project, a spacious park and a club were created for the well-being of the tenants and the community, with a leisure and cultural center on the other side. The complex is strategically located next to main traffic routes. This project was made in cooperation with “Ertzir” organization which creates a cohesive tenant community that benefits from enrichment activities and events funded by Azorim.
N Sokolv & N Be’eri, Netanya - This unique upscale project would be built while integrating a hybrid residential concept that includes innovative architecture, special spaces for the residents, commerce floors, public institutes, well-equipped gyms, acoustic music spaces, gaming rooms, and multipurpose spaces. These projects are being established as part of the cooperation of Azorim with the Netanya Renewal Company, during which 2000 apartments are expected to be built in 5 different projects throughout the city, all of which are part of urban renewal processes. The residents would benefit from living in an environment that offers well-developed infrastructure and cultivated green lungs and from the proximity to the beach and spectacular view.
The Sea City Project, Haifa - One of Azorim’s flagship projects with approximately 1,212 apartments in 12 state-of-the-art modern buildings of 21-22 floors. The significant environmental development that the company will carry out will help maximize the use of the area and will include the “View Park” complex at the mountainside, overlooking the sea and blue southern beaches of Haifa. In addition, the residents will enjoy private lawns, playgrounds, outdoor fitness facilities, and bicycle paths that connect the new neighborhood to the main employment and entertainment areas of the city such as Carmel Beach area, MATAM the high-tech and business park, shopping malls, and the Stadium. The neighborhood is also close to main traffic routes such as Route 2, Route 4 and the Carmel Tunnels Road.
Sha’ar Ha’ir Project, Giv’at Shmuel - Like its name, the project is expected to become a meeting point for the residents of the neighborhood and the city. Sha’ar Ha’ir will include 367 units in 3 new buildings on Ben Gurion Street, at the city’s entrances in the western part of Giv’at Shmuel. In addition, the tenants will enjoy 3,500 sqm of commercial space, a tenants’ club, educational institutions, green spaces, and a central square.
Additional high-quality residential communities of Azorim in cities across Israel Include Herzliya, Jerusalem, Netanya, Nahariya, Rehovot, Tel Aviv, Ganei Tikva, Beer Sheba, Rishon LeZion and more.

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