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The company deals in promotion, development, planning and establishment of projects in all the realms of real estate

Carasso Real Estate
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Established: 1933
Line of Business: The company deals in promotion, development, planning and establishment of projects in all the realms of real estate
Address: 14 Rival St. Tel Aviv 6777861
Phone: 03-6381102
Fax: 03-6394242
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Company Executives

  • Ioni   Goldstein Carasso, Carasso Real Estate

    Ioni Goldstein Carasso

    Chairman of the Board of Directors

    Carasso Real Estate

  • Dan  Parness, Carasso Real Estate

    Dan Parness


    Carasso Real Estate

  • Hemi  Shaul, Carasso Real Estate

    Hemi Shaul

    Head of Residential Boutique Division

    Carasso Real Estate

  • Yaron  Ztuberi, Carasso Real Estate

    Yaron Ztuberi

    Head of Residential Division

    Carasso Real Estate

  • Yoni Israeli, Carasso Real Estate

    Yoni Israeli

    Yielding Properties Division Manager

    Carasso Real Estate

  • Reuven Keidar, Carasso Real Estate

    Reuven Keidar

    Chief Financial Officer

    Carasso Real Estate

Leading Executives

    Yaron Ztuberi Residential Division Manager
    Hemi Shaul Boutique Residential Division Manager
    Yoni Israeli Yielding Properties Division Manager
    Reuven Keidar Chief Financial Officer
    Moti Lahav Chief Business Development Officer
    Itzik Tubul Cheif Engineering Officer
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About Carasso Real Estate

Carasso Real Estate Ltd. is a developing company, operating for over 85 years in all primary areas of Israeli real estate, including residential, commercial, office buildings, and Hi-Tech facilities. The company encompasses all the real estate operations of the Carasso Group and is considered one of the most longstanding and stable companies in the Israeli market.
Carasso Real Estate deals in promotion, development, planning, and the establishment of projects in all the areas of real estate and strives to be a frontrunner in the key realms of real estate, while maintaining the values of fairness, reliability, and professionalism, according to which it operates since its foundation.

Financial Solidity

the Group was established in 1933 by Mr. Moshe Carasso. Throughout the decades, the group has played a leading role in building Israel, as shown in its extensive and diversified investments and business operations. Under the Carasso family, the group has expanded its activity, gaining vast experience, assets and land and prosperity. These attributes, along with the broad support of the shareholders, who are Carasso family members, confer to Carasso Real Estate the necessary financial solidity, enabling it to carry out diverse business enterprises within the various real estate realms.

Integrity, Dependability, and Excellence

The company’s unwavering dedication to dependability and integrity as its foremost values and pervades all its activities. Those values are implemented by a professional, experienced, loyal, honest and attentive team of employees and managers. The company is committed to quality and excellence, professionalism, transparency, and integrity, along with sincere and practical dialogue, in its vast relationships with clients, business partners, suppliers, and personnel. The company’s values, along with its economical solidity, provide to its clients and partners the security for rewarding and productive business dealings.

Areas of Expertise

Throughout its 85 years of operations, Carasso Real Estate has gained expertise in promotion, development, planning, and the establishment of projects in the residential, commercial, offices and industrial areas. In the last decade, the company considerably increased the scope of development activity for residential, and local commerce. Carasso Real Estate emphasizes the planning process in all its projects, in order to customize the product to each client needs and get ready for the execution stage.

Urban Renewal

Carasso specializes in the betterment, upgrade and retrofit of structures under Pinui-Binui and Tama 38 projects. The company is currently involved in dozens of projects throughout the country.

Prominent Residential Real Estate Projects

Umami Complex, Neot Ariel Sharon neighborhood, Kiryat Ono – 742 housing units.
Andromeda Reborn, North Jaffa – 55 units, in collaboration with Zemach Hammerman & Samuel Vlodinger.
HaYovel Ave., Jerusalem – 500 residential units in collaboration with Kidmat HaYovel company.
ME-CRO, 144-146 Iben Gabirol St., Tel Aviv – this ProJet offers a micro-living experience with a smart and flexibly designed living environment. This project will entail 2 residential buildings with 50 units,
24-26 Yavnieli St., Givatayim – 51 residential units in Givatayim’s most popular location.
Young Yuval, Jerusalem - 226 housing units for young Jerusalem lovers, who are looking for a family community together with a green environment. In partnership with Kedmat Hayovel.

Initiation and Management in the Income-Yielding Real Estate Areas

Carasso is engaged in the initiation, establishment and management of office towers and industrial facilities for the high-tech industry in Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva and Beer Sheva. In a short number of years, the company has completed the establishment of 5 shopping centers Under the “Carasso Center” brand: in Even Yehuda, Green Yavne, Maale Edomim, Tel Aviv and Moshav Nehalim. Further moer, it is promoting the construction of several other centers in Ein Hayam neighborhood in Hadera, and Fureidis (in collaboration with Yovalim and Synergy). In addition, Carasso owns and manages yielding properties throughout the country.

Prominent Yielding Real Estate Projects

Habira Towers, Jerusalem, in cooperation with Ofer Investments, including 70,000 built sq.m., Carasso Towers in Beer Sheva, including 13,000 built sq.m. for offices and commerce, Neighborhood Shopping Centers in Yavne Hayeruka, Ma’ale Adumim, Even Yehuda, Ein Hayam – Hadera and Hadar Ganim in Petach Tikva, holon and Tel Aviv, at a total scope of 35,000 sq.m. The future activity includes Carasso Park for Businesses in Kiryat Arie in Petach Tikva (in collaboration with Vitania), in which 120,000 built sq.m. will be built for commercial use; Prisma Tower in Petach Tikva, in cooperation with individuals, comprising 40,000 sq.m.

Contribution to the Community

Among others, Carasso Group invests in the promotion of education, reduction of educational gaps and education for science and technology in Israel. The group has promoted, developed and contributed to a variety of educational ventures and programs for development countrywide, including financing the audiovisual library for B.A. students and granting full scholarships to soldiers to further their technical-engineering studies at the Technion as well as establishing the Carasso Science Museum in Beer Sheva, which includes the Maof School, aiming to enhance the scientific and technological knowledge of outstanding students from the Southern Israel.

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