Law Firms

Labor Law


Ariel Shemer, Guterman, Gelman & Co. Law Offices
Bahar Shabtay Law Office
Betty Metzer Levi
Dafna Shmuelevich & Co. – Law office
Ehud Shilony & Co. Law Firm
Gideon Rubin & Co., Adv
HLB Harari-Lifshits & Babish
N. Feinberg & Co.
Orna Lin & Co. Law Offices


Bash Law Co.
Dror Gal Reut Sagiv Law Offices
Elad Morag, Attorney at Law
Kfir Zeev, Law Offices
M. Passy & Associates Law Offices & Notaries
Yair David, Law Office & Notary
Zilony – Klinman Lulachi


Ady Kaplan & Co. Law Office
Anat Rosner Law Office
Boner Razgour Law Firm
Danny Alyagon- Law Office
Haham & Orzach - Law Offices
Honigman Ayala Law Firm
Komissar & Co.
Lilia Shabshay, Law Firm
Ofer Dekel Law Firm
Tal, Kadari, Shamir & Co. Law Offices
Turkia Shelas, Law Firm
Yuval Bruck Law Office
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