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Established: 1920
Line of Business: Infrastructure, real estate and global energy
Address: 1 A Hayarden St., Airport District
Phone: *6373
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  • Doron Arbeli, Shikun & Binui Ltd.

    Doron Arbeli


    Shikun & Binui Ltd.

  • Tamir Cohen, Shikun & Binui Ltd.

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    Shikun & Binui Ltd.

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About Shikun & Binui Ltd.

Shikun Binui is a global infrastructure, real estate, and energy group, which is active on 4 continents and is one of the leading groups in Israel. It is owned by Nati Seidoff (47%), and the rest of the holdings (53%) are publicly traded.

Infrastructure Development, Building, and Paving

Shikun Binui has a reputation of approximately 100 years based on reliability, professionalism, and skilled human capital, all of which significantly contribute to its success. Throughout its years of activity, Shikun Binui has left its mark in the real estate and infrastructure industry by establishing a wide variety of impressive projects, in Israel and abroad, focusing on development of national infrastructure including roads, bridges, interchanges, tunnels, complex facilities, prestigious residential neighborhoods, high-rises equipped with sophisticated systems, commercial centers, and modern residential and office buildings. Among those are the Knesset (parliament building), the Rotenberg Power Stations in Naharaim, Orot Rabin in Hadera and Reading in Tel Aviv, the ports of Ashdod and Haifa, hospitals, campuses of all universities, the Education and Training center of the Israel Police in Beit Shemesh, the red line of the light rail in Gush Dan, the State Comptroller’s building and government office buildings in Kiryat HaLeom in Jerusalem and Kirya in Tel Aviv, a new hall for the courts in Tel Aviv, Road 6 (Cross Israel Highway), the Carmel tunnels, the Hadera seawater desalination plant, the Ashalim thermo-solar power plant and many others. The group operates through subsidiaries across 4 continents and in more than 20 countries in areas such as infrastructure, project development, energy, and long term concession projects. The group’s companies carry out projects in the PPP (Public Private Partnership) model - and engage in the initiation / development, financing, design, construction, and operation of large-scale infrastructure projects, civil engineering projects, residential projects, initiation and marketing of commercial projects, establishment and management of yielding assets, initiation and operation of electricity generation facilities with an emphasis on renewable energy technologies, as well as financing, establishment, and operation of projects in the field of water purification and desalination, and much more.

The Main Divisions of the Group

Shikun Binui Real Estate, Residential Division
The leading real estate company in Israel, established nearly 100 years ago, specializes in initiating the planning and construction of residential projects, and commercial projects and in the construction and management of income-generating properties including student dormitories, offices, and commerce. The company, which launched the “Halomot” brand, has over the years fulfilled the dreams of many families through the establishment of a perfect family-community living environment. The company leads the way in the field of green construction and places great importance to the various aspects in the field of environmental development and to providing a comprehensive solution for maintaining a healthy lifestyle while taking into account environmental impact. Close support of the tenants from the moment of purchase all the way through is a top value in the eyes of the company, even after entering the new apartment, with an emphasis on personal service and quality of execution. The company, which to date has built more than 190,000 housing units all over the country for more than a million people, has dozens of active construction sites, including about 2,500 housing units under construction and thousands of square meters of commercial space.
Shikun Binui Solel Boneh, the Contracting Division
The company, which was founded in 1920 under the name “The Ministry of Public Works”, and since 1924 has been operating under the name Solel Boneh, serves as the contracting division of Shikun Binui to carry out civil engineering and construction projects in Israel. Shikun Binui Solel Boneh is a registered contractor with the maximum classifications in all areas of its activity and is the most established company in the Shikun Binui group. In the early days of Israel, Solel Boneh played a central role in the formation of the country and its development. In those days, Israel faced the challenge of accommodating accelerated immigration, and Solel Boneh was building housing units on a large scale and at a tremendous pace, for the government and the housing companies of the Histadrut: Shikun and Neve Oved. At the same time, Solel Boneh also dealt in the development of industrial plants, in the execution of public and private works, as well as in construction and paving works in foreign countries. To this day, Solel Boneh continues to lead and stand at the forefront of building the country and its continued growth. Shikun Binui Solel Boneh’s assets include an excellent, skilled workforce with a great deal of experience and seniority - people who in their day-to-day work have made and are making history. Over the years, the company’s employees, past and present, have accumulated fascinating archival material, which provides a glimpse into the story of founding and building the State of Israel, which is presented on the group’s website.
Shikun Binui Energy, the Energy Division
The company engages in the initiation, financing, construction, and operation of electricity generation facilities based on technologies such as solar, hydro, wind, and natural gas in Israel and around the world. The company develops large-scale and long-term projects with an approach of comprehensive solutions, starting from the initiation phase, financing, continuing with the design and construction, and ending with the operation and maintenance of the project. Shikun Binui Energy is a leader in the field of large-scale and long-term renewable projects and develops them using a comprehensive and holistic approach. Belonging to the Shikun Binui Group platform provides it with extensive financial resources, a global presence, and proven capabilities in the execution of projects.

Protecting the Earth

In recent years, Shikun Binui has been operating in the light of principles that exist in all its activities in Israel and around the world. The group promotes its vision in the field of sustainability and defines additional focal points for creating financial value, derived from the application of its sustainability approach in its broad activities. As part of its preservation of the environment, Shikun Binui integrates environmental considerations, starting from the planning stage of the projects through the project’s completion, and is not satisfied with meeting the minimum requirements of the environmental regulation in its countries of operation. Therefore, Shikun Binui implemented an internal environmental policy in all its activities, and it holds the ISO:14001 standard for environmental management systems and other ISO standards for a significant part of its activities. Shikun Binui regularly examines the scope of greenhouse gas emissions due to its activities and the extent of water and consumables use and implements energy-saving measures.

The Code of Ethics

In 2012, Shikun Binui adopted a comprehensive code of ethics, which expresses its values and the principles of professional ethics that apply to its employees and managers. The purpose of the code of ethics is, first and foremost, to give employees and managers tools that will help them make the appropriate decisions and the proper way of conducting themselves in various situations during their day-to-day work. In addition, the code of ethics lists parties whom one can contact to report or consult with, as well as details of the “hotline” and an email address for anonymous inquiries. Our code of ethics states that all employees in Shikun Binui will act in accordance with the law, will behave honestly and with integrity and in a way that is consistent with the principles that guide us, including sustainability, Shikun Binui’s policy documents, its enforcement plans and its procedures. Shikun Binui attempts regularly to implement the principles of the code of ethics in a variety of ways, in Israel and wherever we operate in the world, including activities and lectures for employees and managers, an orientation day for new employees, animated videos, and more.

The Group’s Vision

Shikun Binui Group is committed “to be a leading business group, creating a sustainable and progressive living environment in Israel and around the globe, for our sake and the sake of future generations”. Along with the recognition of the impact of its activities on many people for generations to come, the group is also aware of the need to adapt itself permanently to the living environment in a world that is changing at an enormous speed and is therefore careful about sustainable development, that is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Shikun Binui operates, inspired by the vision of sustainability, to introduce a common language and way of thinking to the company’s employees and managers for the benefit of society, the economy, and the environment.

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