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Legal services in the field of family law and inheritance

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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Legal services in the field of family law and inheritance
Address: BSR 4 Tower, 19th floor, 7 Masada St., Bnei Brak 5126112
Phone: 972-3-7366769
Fax: 972-3-5464872
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.dafnaziss.com
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    Dafna Ziss - Law Offices

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    Dafna Ziss
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About Dafna Ziss - Law Offices

Dafna Ziss - Law Offices is a leading boutique firm specializing in family and inheritance law both in Israel and the USA.

Miss Ziss offers clients a range of legal services including;
• Divorce
• Mediation
• Property division
• Child and spousal support
• Family wealth management
• Inheritance, wills and estates
• Custody, relocation and child abduction
• Parental Alienation

The firm has extensive experience and outstanding capabilities in representing clients in all civil courts (including rabbinical courts) in Israel and the USA, and New York State in particular.

The firm’s clients include senior capital management, international business-people requiring expertise in the intricacies of international family and USA matrimonial law.

Dafna Ziss - Law Offices at all times maintains absolute discretion and confidentiality in all matters handled on behalf of all clients.

The firm also has extensive expertise in the following areas;

• Drafting prenuptial and other international financial agreements which are legally binding in the USA and Israel, relating to assets, rights and property in a number of countries

 Handling sensitive International paternity suits

• Proceedings to balance resources and divide property in proportion to property rights, options, real estate and businesses in Israel and the USA

 Couples mediation conducted in English applicable to both USA and Israel law

• Relocation proceedings or child abduction proceedings and providing expert opinion to Israeli courts on matrimonial and inheritance laws in the USA

 Expertise in family wealth management, transferring assets between generations including family businesses and handling foreign and domestic estates. 

Unique Expertise in International Law

Dafna Ziss - Law Offices has superior specialization in international law specifically in the area of family law.

She is a leading authority in Israel on International matrimonial and inheritance law, as well as on the internal matrimonial and inheritance laws in the fifty states of the USA.

Dafna’s unique expertise in international law combined with her intimate knowledge of the laws of individual US states, enables Miss Ziss to provide clients with a wide range of superior, sophisticated and creative solutions. Dafna Ziss also serves as an external counselor to other Israeli matrimonial law firms in complex cases linked to the USA. Dafna Ziss is acknowledged in the legal community as an expert in USA MATRIMONIAL law, family law and inheritance law.

Service Values Focused on Clients

Dafna Ziss provides clients a reassuring safety net during sensitive periods, offering close and caring support, and personal and courteous attention. Dafna Ziss strives to reach amicable agreements in family disputes by conducting creative negotiations and finding unique mechanisms for effective solutions to family disputes even in especially complex and intricate cases.

However, when it is not possible to solve the family dispute by consent, the firm works resolutely with the aim of delivering the best legal results for its clients by creating appropriate strategies, planning the required steps, and representing the client in court with the firm’s highly impressive legal skills.


Dafna Ziss has connections with leading USA law firms specializing in family and inheritance law working in close cooperation with them. Dafna serves as an off-counsel to the law firm of Anthony A. Capetola. This firm is recognized as one of the leading matrimonial firms in New York, earning major recognition by organizations and agencies in New York, and was awarded with the coveted title for three consecutive years of best divorce law firm in New York.

Due to the complexity of the cases that Dafna Ziss handles, some of which have major economic, commercial and tax (international and domestic) characteristics and implications, the firm also cooperates with leading firms in Israel in commercial, economic and tax law.

Adv. Dafna Ziss

LL.B., Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A member of the Israeli Bar association since 1990 and a member of the New York State Bar Association since 2001, until today. She worked in the law offices of the late Amnon Zichroni and was a Founding Partner of Ziss & Assan Law offices, where she specialized in constitutional law, High Court petitions and matrimonial and inheritance laws.

Adv. Ziss lived in New York State for 12 years and was accepted to the New York State Bar in 2001. She established her own firm specializing in family law and inheritance law. At her New York firm she gained significant experience in conducting complex divorce cases, including divorce cases of marriages between Israeli and USA nationals, the division of property including business property, assessing companies values and career assets, which are linked to the USA and Israel, child abduction, support, custody disputes and visitation and managing foreign estates, including locating financial solutions in the family wealth area. She also specializes in conducting mediation procedures between couples, drafting divorce agreements, financial agreements including prenuptial agreements, and specialized in common law spouse relations and joint parenting.

Since her return to Israel in 2009, Adv. Ziss serves in Israel as an expert on the USA laws and has authored hundreds of professional legal opinions on foreign law (USA) on matrimonial, family and inheritance laws, wills and estates, and in connection with the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.

Adv. Ziss is well versed in the fields of international law and handling cases that require knowledge, understanding and impressive litigation abilities in family law both in Israel and in the United States.

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