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Established: 2016
Line of Business: SaaS
Address: 45 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv-Yafo
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Company Executives

  • Gil Pekelman, Atera

    Gil Pekelman

    CEO & co-founder


  • Oshri  Moyal, Atera

    Oshri Moyal

    CTO & co-founder


  • Lior Torem, Atera

    Lior Torem



  • Sharon Peer, Atera

    Sharon Peer

    VP Customer Success


  • Nir Elharar, Atera

    Nir Elharar

    VP Marketing


  • Tal Dagan, Atera

    Tal Dagan



  • Shani Brounshtein, Atera

    Shani Brounshtein

    VP HR


  • Emanuel  Kanievsky, Atera

    Emanuel Kanievsky

    VP Sales


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About Atera

Atera was built with a singular vision: to invent a new way to do IT. For years, IT pros have been underserved with technologies that don’t meet their evolving needs, and we’re here to change that. Atera harnesses the full potential of AI to transform yesterday’s challenges into today’s greatest opportunities.

Our platform is powered by an end-to-end, first-to-market, deep integration with Microsoft Azure-OpenAI, which enables 10X efficiency when solving IT issues at scale, for both enterprise IT teams and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and the organization itself.

Atera’s AI-powered IT management platform force multiplies IT teams’ brainpower & enables relentless operational excellence for customers, across their entire organizations. By using Atera’s on-demand AI-powered assistant, IT professionals can solve as much as 50% of issues without the need for technician involvement, generate advanced scripts instantly, and discover a new way to communicate with end users without the endless back-and-forths that take up time from doing actual work.

Atera currently supports 11,000 customers across 105 countries who manage over 5 million devices through our all-in-one, AI-powered IT management platform.

What’s it like working at Atera?

Our team of passionate, like-minded individuals is driven by a shared mission to unleash everyone’s potential and constantly innovate. We create an open, transparent, and supportive environment that gives our teams the autonomy, resources, and freedom to thrive.
Located at the heart of Tel Aviv, The first thing you will notice at Atera HQ is its openness, both in the literal sense — the actual look and feel of our open space offices (situated in the very heart of all the action on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard) — in addition to the strong bond between our team, commonly referred to as “Aterans”.

Our values

Our diverse and growing team of over 200 employees worldwide (mostly in Israel and Romania) reflects our wide variety of customers from around the world. Atera stands out in terms of gender equality, with women representing 41% of Atera’s employees — and over 27% of our R&D department.
Our colleagues are from all walks of life, different faiths, and ethnicities. And while English is our official language, almost everyone has at least one other language under their belt.

Making an impact

At Atera, we believe in making the world a better place by giving back to our community. In addition to creating a product that empowers IT professionals to focus on the strategic instead of being held back by the mundane, we also strive to make a difference and hold a company-wide volunteer day every quarter. Some activities include:
• Once per quarter we spend a day volunteering and donating both time and whatever else is needed for that specific charity or organization, for example painting a school, spending time with Holocaust survivors and bringing them food, doing a beach cleanup, etc.
• Atera is doing its part in leveling the playing field for the high-tech’s next generation. We mentor young graduates as part of the Apple Seeds Association thereby creating technological equality in Israel.
• We take recycling to the next level. Throughout the Atera office, we have several types of recycling bins that we work on together with the amazing “Social Green” non-profit. The project provides an essential solution for businesses in the recycling field while expanding accessibility to the labor market for people with disabilities and special needs.
• We have an extensive calendar filled with guest experts, workshops, and personal employee stories to mark important days such as Pride Month, International Women’s Day, or Holocaust Remembrance Day.

We’re also big believers in protecting our employees’ right to free speech and the ability to exercise their civilian rights. We enable our employees to attend the country-wide protests whenever they like, and do not deduct vacation days for doing so.

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