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Established: 2010
Line of Business: SaaS
Address: 105 Alenbi St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6443493
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  • Gil Pekelman, Atera

    Gil Pekelman



  • Oshri  Moyal, Atera

    Oshri Moyal

    CTO & CO-Founder


  • Lior Torem, Atera

    Lior Torem



  • Sharon Peer, Atera

    Sharon Peer

    VP Customer Support and Success


  • Yoav Machlin, Atera

    Yoav Machlin

    VP Marketing


  • Tal Dagan, Atera

    Tal Dagan



  • Shani Brounshtein, Atera

    Shani Brounshtein

    VP HR


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About Atera

Atera develops systems for data-based management, prediction, and prevention of malfunctions in IT systems, that enable enterprises to remotely manage their IT needs regardless of the physical location of their employees. Nowadays, when the entire world switched to teleworking or a hybrid work model, Atera’s software is dedicated for the management, control, and command of de-centralized systems remotely, perfectly adjusted to the changes in the way we work.

The company has more than 8,000 customers and is active in more than 90 countries worldwide, though most of Atera’s customers are located in the U.S.

After several years of operating in the cybersecurity field, the company was founded in 2010 with the aim of improving and professionalizing the IT performance of SMBs, and was bootstrapped until its first fundraising round last year.

At the heart of Atera’s organizational culture is the belief that every person who works in the company is more than just an employee, but rather a partner in it. This value leads to the attitude that the company’s employees, who benefit from a workspace that is open for everybody, is in-the-know about every fundraising round, and information including the company’s annual revenue, churn rate, and more.Since Atera sees working with the employees as a partnership, the big investors in the company also acknowledge this core value, and are happy to join a company with such an organizational culture.

Another deep-rooted core value of the company, which has been with it from its establishment, is community service. From the early stages of Atera, when it had only ten employees, the company employees would volunteer together every quarter, and, in fact, almost every company-wide activity at Atera is related to community service.

Atera’s product enables businesses to proactively avoid future malfunctions, while maintaining the organization’s continuous and ongoing operations. In addition, the product provides a significant advantage for companies and organizations, both in the recent period and in the foreseeable future, when a lot of businesses are required to switch to teleworking or hybrid models. 

Atera develops a platform that enables IT system management for businesses through a single tool and a user friendly interface. The main services that Atera provides as part of its various packages are: Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and PSA (Professional Services Automation). RMM services provide MSPs and IT entities the ability to monitor and supervise the performance of the clients’ end devices and servers in real time,     and in case of problems or warnings, to handle remotely and run actions in the background without interfering with the users’ ongoing activities. Remote access services enable secure remote monitoring and management of the end devices while protecting the privacy of both parties. Another tool that the company developed is Network Discovery for scanning networks and enabling clients to detect business opportunities with their clients, while presenting a status report of the managed networks.

The PSA services include support systems for managing businesses and technical teams. These services also enable customer management, including the management of the customer data, billing, contracts, and agreements.

In addition, the system enables communication with customers on technical support matters, whether through a customer-oriented portal that includes a database of troubleshooters, or through human technical support via chat, e-mail, or call center. All of the customers’ queries are consolidated and managed in the system, which even automatically allocate tasks between the technical team members and monitor the execution of the tasks that arise from the queries. The company recently launched a new AI feature that enables automatic tagging and cataloging of the queries on the basis of keywords. As part of the administration services in Atera’s platform, there are HR management systems and an accounting support system. In order to complement its toolbox, the company offers security solutions including an Antivirus, encrypted backups, and information security training for the employees. Atera is adapting to the teleworking trend, and during the coronavirus pandemic it developed the Work From Home (WFH) feature, a solution for end users who work remotely.

Community Outreach

Since its foundation, Atera has been supporting different communities through a variety of outreach activities. As the company expands and evolves, it expands its volunteering operations. Atera believes that the power of giving can transform the whole of society, and is glad to take an active part in it, usually in every quarter. Furthermore, the company makes every effort to verify that the gifts it gives to its employees come from businesses that support community service or small businesses that suffered from the pandemic. Some of the activities that were carried out over the past year include the renovation of the “On” School–a school for children with motor disorders and CP as part of a cooperation with the NGO Alon, distributing food in the logistics center of “Latet”, packaging foods for families in need, buying and distributing warm wool blankets to low-income families, and cleaning the Palmahim Beach during the tar spill. In addition, during the holiday of Purim, the company established a “crafts station” for sweet baskets that were donated to children and families in need, in cooperation with the NGO Mesila. The company collected hygiene and cosmetic products for girls at risk in cooperation with the Gorgeous project for International Women’s Day, and donated food baskets to senior citizens during the war. Also during the pandemic, when in-person volunteering activities were not possible, Atera donated meals (1 per employee) for Rosh HaShana to disadvantaged families.

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