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Exporting fresh agricultural produce to Europe

AdaFresh Ltd.
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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Exporting fresh agricultural produce to Europe
Address: 37 Meshek St., Kfar Truman
Phone: 972-3-9735001
Fax: 972-3-9735003
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  • Avi Kadan, AdaFresh Ltd.

    Avi Kadan


    AdaFresh Ltd.

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    Ayelet Lantzer VP Marketing
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About AdaFresh Ltd.

AdaFresh Ltd. is a well-known and outstanding export company in its field of activity, which markets fresh agricultural produce including fresh herbs, fruit, and vegetables, for sale in Europe, Russia, the US and Japan.
Due to its agricultural skill and experience, AdaFresh is involved in the entire fresh produce growing chain for export from control in planning growing, supply chain management, and accessible and professional customer service.
AdaFresh’s agricultural produce is sourced from Israel’s finest growers in  Israel, Africa and India. This is with close and productive collaboration and mutual involvement in development decisions and predicting market trends.
The company assists these growers in responding to the changing needs of global markets for quality agricultural produce at particularly short notice. AdaFresh employs technology personnel, agronomists from the field of spices and peppers, logistics personnel, marketing experts and financial managers, who ensure managed and supervised procedures fully controlled from the moment the produce is picked until it reaches the end-customer.
AdaFresh BV is the subsidiaries in the Netherlands , which operate distribution networks, customer service, and sales-points. AdaFresh is the first Israeli company to market agricultural produce to Japan’s Costco chain.

Extensive Marketing Deployment with Immediate Availability and Service

AdaFresh BV   sales  in the Netherlands from which fresh produce is sent daily to all points in Europe. The uniqueness of this logistics center is contained in its ability to supply fresh and diverse produce, in a wide range of volumes and throughout the supply chain from the large retail chains to packaging for smaller home consumption.
AdaFresh’s fresh produce is marketed as produce designed for large retail chains as local brands as well as packaging for end-consumers as the AdaFresh brand.

Smart Supervision, Control, and Monitoring Chain

Consistent and strict quality control is vital for receiving quality, fresh produce. AdaFresh’s growers meet the most rigorous quality standards including EUREGAP, PPIS, and QS, which is Germany’s strictest standard. AdaFresh operates a smart logistics using an experienced and skilled team of employees in professional logistics installations. AdaFresh’s work procedures include operations according to quality assurance procedures, strict traceability and history data support of every product with every carton bearing a code with information that includes the grower’s details, harvesting date, growing history and other data. This ensures a swift and thorough response to for a range of queries at every stage. Checking quality is conducted regularly from the moment the produce leaves the field until it is put on the shelves, throughout the refrigeration chain. This assurance system also includes a strict and thorough security check. AdaFresh works in full cooperation with growers in everything regarding the use of pesticides and operates a goods sample checking network in recognized, authorized laboratories.

Logistics Expertise as the Crucial Key to Quality

Maintaining refrigeration chain integrity is the key factor in ensuring a long shelf life for fresh products. AdaFresh has a specialist logistics department, which closely supervises supply chain integrity from keeping strict harvesting schedules, the arrival of the logistics team at the moment produce is ready for collection, operating a controlled refrigeration system, and managing transport procedures to the company’s logistics center located near the airport.
This strategic location allows produce to be kept in cold-store until it is loaded onto the plane and throughout the logistics chain from landing at its destination to reaching the customer.
AdaFresh’s subsidiaries in the Netherlands  advanced logistics systems in storage and distribution facilities that serve markets in Europe . Consequently, AdaFresh’s end customers enjoy especially fresh and quality produce just 72 hours after being harvested in Israel.

Expertise and Professionalism in Shipping Procedures

AdaFresh’s shipping team includes logistics experts who adapt shipping conditions to customer requirements while striving to optimize efficiency, reduce waiting times and maintain ideal refrigeration and storage conditions. The company’s daily shipments are monitored and supervised from the moment they are loaded for transportation to the airport, through transfer to refrigerated containers in the ship’s hold and onto loading onto the vehicles that transport them to their final destination in Europe and the US. AdaFresh makes careful and selective use of shipping methods via air, sea and land to ensure the optimal balance between speed and efficiency, and supply the best shipments.

Research & Development

As part of its commitment to the development of Israeli agriculture, AdaFresh works in close cooperation with growers in the development of innovative agriculture and encouraging markets to consume new and interesting varieties. By this vital aspect of support for agriculture, AdaFresh assists Israeli growers in realizing the potential contained in global markets.

Fresh and Varied Agricultural Produce

AdaFresh markets Israel’s and Kenyas’best agricultural produce with a wide range of fresh herbs. Among other things, AdaFresh markets Fresh herbs, edible flowers, Palm dates and various types of fruits likeAvocado,etc.

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