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Established: 1998
Line of Business: Hotel Management
Address: Fattal Hotels Chain, 2nd Alon Tower, 94 Yigal Alon St., 23rd floor, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6081880
Fax: 972-3-6081877
Website: http://www.fattal.co.il
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Company Executives

  • David Fattal, Fattal Hotels Ltd.

    David Fattal


    Fattal Hotels Ltd.

  • Avia  Mizrachi-Magen, Fattal Hotels Ltd.

    Avia Mizrachi-Magen

    CEO, Israel Operations

    Fattal Hotels Ltd.

  • Shachar Akka, Fattal Hotels Ltd.

    Shachar Akka


    Fattal Hotels Ltd.

  • Dani  Roger, Fattal Hotels Ltd.

    Dani Roger

    CEO, Europe Operations

    Fattal Hotels Ltd.

  • Yoram  Biton, Fattal Hotels Ltd.

    Yoram Biton

    Manager, Central Europe Operations

    Fattal Hotels Ltd.

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About Fattal Hotels Ltd.

Fattal Holdings (1998) Ltd. is an Israeli hotels company owned and managed by hotelier and businessman David Fattal. The company owns and manages 40 hotels throughout Israel, 180 hotels in Europe and signature brands such as U, Leonardo, Herods, Rothschild 22, and NYX.

David Fattal is one of the most prominent and influential figures in Israel’s tourism sector, with 40 years of experience. He was the former CEO of Africa Israel Hotels and is responsible for inaugurating the Holiday Inn brand in Israel (for AFI). In 1999 he founded the Fattal Hotel Management Company. 

The company, which was founded just 20 years ago, managed one hotel, Meridien Eilat, and over the years accumulated management agreements with additional hotels, acquired many hotels and introduced international hotel brands with unique concepts and management standards to the Israeli hotels’ industry.

As the company developed, several acquisitions were made, which expanded the scope of operations from just management to also ownership.

In 2009, the company executed one of Israel’s largest hotels transactions, acquiring all 12 hotels of Azorim Tourism Ltd. (formerly Sheraton and Accor) for NIS 970 million, and de facto became Israel’s largest hotel chain. Thus, the chain expanded its presence nationwide, in new prime locations including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Currently, the chain has full or partial ownership of 28 hotels throughout Israel, including flagship hotels such as Herods Eilat. 

In recent years, the chain opened the Herods Herzliya, Leonardo Plaza Ashdod, Leonardo Plaza Netanya, Rothschild 22, Leonardo Boutique Jerusalem, Leonardo Boutique Tiberius, NYX Tel Aviv, NYX Herzliya hotels, and Bachar House. The imminent opening of the NYX Jerusalem hotel is eagerly anticipated.

The underlying principle of all the chain’s hotels is the commitment of the management and employees to provide guests with unforgettable and pleasurable vacations.

Fattal brought innovation and freshness to the Israeli tourism sector, being the first to introduce the “All Inclusive” concept to the Dead Sea, Tiberius, and Eilat. Additionally, Fattal established a new standard in the entertainment sector, bringing the best artists in the Israeli entertainment world to perform in hotels throughout the country.

Today, Fattal’s hotels cover all of Israel’s major vacation sites from north to south and offer a wide range of concepts suitable for all budgets and purposes.

Business tourism and conventions, urban tourism, recreation tourism, family vacations, boutique tourism, romantic vacation packages, and more.

The company manages 8,186 hotel rooms in Israel, its turnover in Israel amounted to about NIS 1.7 billion in 2019, and it employs approximately 5,600 employees nationwide.

Fattal Overseas

In 2006, Fattal independently expanded its operations into Europe. During 2007 an investment fund was founded and since then the company mainly invests in 3-4+ star business and urban hotels throughout Europe. To date, Fattal owns 173 hotels in Germany, England, The Netherlands, Wales, Ireland, Spain, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, The Czech Republic, Scotland, Belgium, Poland, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus, 55 of them being fully or partially owned by Fattal. All the ho-tels in Europe operate under the company’s signature brands, Leonardo, NYX , Jurys, and Appolo .

The company’s turnover in Europe in 2019 was about €920 million with approximately 6,300 employees.


Fattal’s signature brand was established in Europe several years ago and was also introduced in Israel. The brand currently includes approximately 94 hotels (24 in Israel and 70 in Europe).


Fattal’s Business & Pleasure brand. Hotels with an eclectic atmosphere, music, innovative design, contemporary art, and bars with a unique ambiance. The company plans for expanding this brand across the world.

Community Outreach & Involvement

Fattal goes beyond providing warm and welcoming hospitality, it also contributes to the community. Hand in hand with individual work that each hotel does for the benefit of the community in which it operates, the chain offers employment to registered disabled people in every hotel in various roles, including executive positions

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