Ilan Glaser & Co., Law Offices and Notary

Legal and Business Support for Real-Estate Projects in Israel and Abroad, Urban Renewal and Purchasing Groups.

Ilan Glaser & Co., Law Offices and Notary
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Established: 2000
Line of Business: Legal and Business Support for Real-Estate Projects in Israel and Abroad, Urban Renewal and Purchasing Groups.
Address: 3 HaNeHoshet St.,
CU by Tidhar Building B, 5th floor,
Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv 6971068
Phone: 972-3-6114920
Fax: 972-3-6114921
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  • Ilan Glaser, Ilan Glaser & Co., Law Offices and Notary

    Ilan Glaser

    Founder and CEO

    Ilan Glaser & Co., Law Offices and Notary

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About Ilan Glaser & Co., Law Offices and Notary

Ilan Glaser & Co., Law Offices and Notary provides its clients with real-estate-related legal and business services in Israel and abroad, including urban renewal, Pinui-Binui, Ibui-Binui, Tama 38, purchasing and buying groups, real-estate transactions, ongoing counsel to individuals, groups and REITs in Israel and abroad, commercial law support for its clients in Israel and abroad and more.
The extensive knowledge and experience in the real-estate industry that have been accumulated in the firm throughout the years, enable it to provide “end-to-end” service and counsel – from vision to completed project.
The firm has been accompanying hundreds of residents in urban renewal projects throughout Israel from the conceptual stage, through the developer/contractor selection procedure, the permits stage, the execution and construction stages and up to the population of the new apartments and their registration in the land registrars. In addition, the firm provides initiators and contractors with legal support for all of the projects’ stages.

Attorney Ilan Glaser

The firm’s founder and CEO, Attorney Ilan Glaser, has an extensive experience of 27 years in real-estate and lands law in Israel and the U.S. He has an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University and was admitted into the Israeli Bar Association in 1991.
During his many years of work, he gained a diverse experience in urban renewal, Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui. His expertise is expressed in the professionalism, practicality and creativity of the services that he provides for apartment owners and multi-occupancy houses representatives as well as initiators and contractors throughout all of the transactions’ stages and the projects’ lifecycle.

The Firm’s Specialization

The firm is a boutique firm that handles real-estate in Israel and internationally and is located in Ramat HaHayal, Tel Aviv. As a boutique real-estate firm, it serves as a knowledge center with longstanding experience and specializes in the provision of close, professional, skilled and personal services for its clients in all real-estate transactions and in all of the related legal counsel fields that are required for successful transactions and projects.

Urban Renewal, Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui

The firm was one of the first firms to practice and specialize in the “urban renewal” field in general and Tama 38 in particular and it provides its clients – initiators and apartment owners – with comprehensive and supportive services in the support of all aspects of the projects, including legal, business and taxation aspects, and throughout the entire path “from foundations to eaves”.
“We see ourselves as pioneers with particular expertise in these transactions both in the context of the preparation of contracts and in the provision of legal solutions for difficulties arising during the implementation of Tama 38 provisions, including legal and extralegal solutions for cases of residents who refuse to cooperate with the promotion of the project”.

Yielding Properties Investments in Israel and Abroad

The firm accompanies numerous investment groups in real-estate investments in Israel and abroad, from the formulation of the outline throughout all of the transactions’’ phases and up to the realization of the investment. “In the framework of our investors’ support services we utilize the extensive knowledge that we accumulated through the facilitation of hundreds of transactions, in order to provide our clients with creative and effective solutions for each and every transaction. In the handling of such transactions, our firms adhere to the protection and securing of investors’ funds, full transparency and working in accordance with the pre-agreed outline”.

Commercial Law

The firm counsels and handles clients from general corporate representation as required by the day-to-day needs of our clients, through deigning and execution commercial transactions in Israel and abroad.

Purchasing Groups

The firm provides comprehensive support for purchasing groups and provides its clients, both organizers and participants of purchasing groups, with close legal counsel which prioritizes the group’s interests, in order to enable the continuous success of the project. The firm assists in the preparation of the sharing agreement between the members of the group, handles and represents the purchasers in the rights-purchasing agreement of the land, provides legal facilitation for the planning proceedings, legal counsel and preparation of contracts with service providers, ongoing legal counsel for the group’s representatives, actions against breaching members and more.

Combination Transactions

The firm represents numerous landowners and contractors in various combination transactions. Our vast experience, our understanding of the project construction processes and the fact that we represent both landowners and contractors enable us to provide efficient and professional service, from negotiations to registration.

Business Mediation

Our experience and proficiency in a very broad spectrum of real-estate activities, provides the firm with a significant advantage in business mediations. In the framework of the mediation, the firm enables the disputing parties to reach rational and beneficial solutions in the contracts and real-estate aspects.

Planning and building

Our firm provides planning and building support including, inter alia, the submission of administrative appeals, the promotion of city master plans in planning committees, the preparation of building permits applications, rezoning, land rezoning, appropriations, building defects, building deviations, demolition orders, cease-and-desist orders etc.


The firm provides legal representation for business and private clients before all of the legal tribunals. The firm’s unique practice in the various real-estate fields guarantees to its clientele a professional, efficient and high-quality legal service before the various courts, supervisors, registrars, planning committees, arbitrators, mediators and more. The firm’s litigation team includes lawyers who specialize in litigation and court representation and who have the professional background and dedicated proficiencies for doing so.


The firm’s clientele including companies, initiators, investment trusts, contractors, property owners, residents and investors. The firm is one of Israel’s leading urban renewal firms and it represents thousands of apartment owners, and dozens of initiators and contractors in numerous projects throughout Israel.

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