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Established: 2007
Line of Business: Real Estate, Banking, Litigation and Commercial Law
Address: 11 Menachem Begin Rd., Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6245544
Fax: 972-3-6245545
Email: [email protected]
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  • Oren  Lustigman, Lustigman Lefler Rosenberg

    Oren Lustigman


    Lustigman Lefler Rosenberg

  • Meir  Lefler, Lustigman Lefler Rosenberg

    Adv. Meir Lefler


    Lustigman Lefler Rosenberg

  • Eran Rosenberg, Lustigman Lefler Rosenberg

    Eran Rosenberg


    Lustigman Lefler Rosenberg

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About Lustigman Lefler Rosenberg

Lustigman Lefler Rosenberg is a boutique civil-commercial law firm, specializing in litigation, real estate (including urban renewal), banking and AML, corporates and M&A. The firm was ranked as one of Israel leading firms in Dun’s 100’s 2020 Banking, Real Estate and Urban Renewal rankings. The firm was founded in 2007 by Adv. Oren Lustigman and Adv. Meir Lefler. Adv. Eran Rosenberg joined as a partner in 2014. The vast legal and business experience of the team has been accumulated in Israel’s top law firms and through the representation of institutional clients, including government ministries, local authorities, institutions, banks and leading companies.

Uncompromising Professionalism, a Client-Centric Approach

The firm is renowned for its professionalism and tailored solutions for its clients, resulting from its client-centric approach. The firm is proud to be preferred over the large law firms and the expansion of its professional circles arrives from its clients, who benefit from personal attention and a close familiarity with field, with mutual loyalty. The team provides the clients with personal, familial and professional service.

Unique Synergy

The unique synergy between the practice areas of real estate, banking and regulation in the firm, joins the material advantage stemming from the close cooperation between its departments. The ongoing inter-departmental communication, which benefits the clients while exchanging information and collaborating, creates an added value for the clients. The personal attention is one of the firm’s core values.

Practice Areas

Real Estate, Urban Renewal and Property Development - The firm maintains unique expertise in the area of financing complex real estate transactions, including the facilitation of planning and zoning proceedings and legal representation before tribunals, including appeal committees, planning institute and the administrative courts. Advocates Rosenberg and Lustigman, who head this practice area, are highly experienced in complex real estate transactions and solving and approbating title and commercial issues, including sales and purchases of yielding properties, partnership transactions for developing commercial and industrial centers, residential project with hundreds of apartments, residential complexes, complex combination transactions, purchasing groups and Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui. The firm handles large-scale commercial projects and rental agreements for special properties and represents banks’ subsidiaries in their real estate affairs. The firm is also an expert in managing and facilitating transactions in local authorities’ properties and has been accompanying the Property Department of the Ramat Gan Municipality for years. The firm specializes in representing developers and apartment owners in leading projects, inter alia, in quarters 3, 4 and Lev HaIr of Tel Aviv, in sales and purchases of luxury properties in Tel Aviv, Herzliya’s marina, Arsuf and additional locations, in complex issues requiring a particular specialization due to unique limitations in the transaction’s location, including use limits, correspondence with the ILA, KKL etc. The team has over a decade of experience in urban renewal and represents mainly developers and land owners in special and significant projects. The firm manages real estate activities for foreign citizens, including unique tax requirements solutions. The firm focuses on unique projects under the Capital Investments Encouragement Law.

Banking - The firm represents Israel’s largest banks, and accompanies leading financial institutes in lawsuits against the banks, ongoing legal counsel, conduct vis-à-vis the banking regulators and in the compliance and AML areas. Adv. Lefler, who heads this department, has extensive knowledge in litigation pertaining to regulatory entities in the banking and provident funds system. The firm’s partners have been practicing this area for over 20 years, and also specialize in foreign regulations and support banks in managing Israeli bank accounts for foreign residents and Israeli citizens with foreign bank accounts. The vast operations with the General Counselors and Chief Compliance Officers of Israel’s largest banks indicate both the firm’s diverse banking and regulatory knowledge and its unique expertise.

Litigation - The firm specializes in complex civil litigation and in civil-commercial litigation, class actions, and litigations in matters concerning real estate, banks, insurance, complex tort cases etc. The firm won, for the second time, the public tender for privatizing the operations of the State Attorney’s civil operations, and it represents government ministries and execution departments in all of the courts in complex large-scale civil and commercial cases.

Anti-Money Laundering and Terror Finance - The firm accompanies financial institutes and banks, and was involved in some of the precedential cases. Up to 2019, Adv. Lefler served as a member of the IBA’s Steering Committee for AML Aspects of the Duties of Providers of Business Services.

Civil and Commercial Law - The firm practices commercial contracts, commercial litigation and negotiations, and specializes in the legal aspects of companies, banks, labor, real estate, inheritance, partnerships, business ventures, liquidations and receiverships, insurance and torts and more.

Family Capital Management - The firm has extensive experience in accompanying leading businessmen and capitalists in their activities in Israel and worldwide, providing personal legal services to their assets, their family needs, tailoring intra-family intergenerational transfer arrangements. Adv. Lustigman maintains unique experience in accompanying family processes of intergenerational transfer agreements, and gained the trust of businesspeople who see him also a business consultant.

The Partners

Meir Lefler
Head of the Litigation Department, Adv. Lefler specializes in civil commercial law and litigation and banking law. He is V. Chairman of the IBA’s Banking and Finance Committee, and a former member of the IBA’s Steering Committee for AML Aspects of the Duties of Providers of Business Services. He was a lecturer in Ramat Gan College’s Law Faculty.

Oren Lustigman
Has been practicing real estate and urban renewal for over 20 years, including real estate development and taxations, and leads the firm’s commercial operations, including accompanying foreign clients in international operations, drafting company and operation sale and acquisition agreements and managing complex civil-commercial litigation cases and complex estate management cases. He is proficient in setting intra-familial arrangements and tailoring creative solutions for inter-generational wealth transfer.

Eran Rosenberg
Specializes in real estate and urban renewal, accompanies leading corporations in complex real estate transactions, accompanies a REIT, represents land owners in redevelopment of their properties and post-betterment transactions, represents developers and residents in Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui and handles additional transactions for acquiring/selling office spaces, logistics centers, shopping malls and commercial centers.

Jonathan Galanti
Joined the firm in 2014 and gained an expertise in managing complex commercial litigation. Specialized in a variety of fields, including Gas and Energy Law, Banking law with specific expertise in Anti Money Laundering litigation. Adv. Galanti represents his clients in all courts and tribunals and settlement of disputes before reaching the court.

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