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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Full service Intellectual property firm turning ideas into value by creating, enforcing and monetizing IP
Address: 35 HaMasger St., Sky Bldg., 13th Floor,
Tel Aviv, Israel
Phone: 972-73-7919199
Fax: 972-73-7919100
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Gal Ehrlich, Ehrlich Group

    Dr. Gal Ehrlich

    Founder and Managing Director

    Ehrlich Group

  • Paul Fenster, Ehrlich Group

    Dr. Paul Fenster

    Senior Patent Attorney and Litigation Consultant

    Ehrlich Group

  • Maier Fenster, Ehrlich Group

    Maier Fenster

    Head of Medical Devices Department

    Ehrlich Group

  • Amit  Ehrlich, Ehrlich Group

    Adv. Amit Ehrlich

    Legal Counsel

    Ehrlich Group

  • Roy Melzer, Ehrlich Group

    Adv. Roy Melzer

    Head of Software and Information Sys. Department

    Ehrlich Group

  • Yehuda Neubauer, Ehrlich Group

    Adv. Yehuda Neubauer

    Head of IP Litigation (EN&M), Head of Trademarks and Design Department

    Ehrlich Group

  • Revital  Green, Ehrlich Group

    Dr. Revital Green

    Head of Chemistry and Pharma Department

    Ehrlich Group

  • Geoff  Melnick, Ehrlich Group

    Geoff Melnick

    Head of Hi-Tech Department

    Ehrlich Group

  • Eran Naftali, Ehrlich Group

    Dr. Eran Naftali

    Head of Physics Department

    Ehrlich Group

  • Hadassa  Waterman, Ehrlich Group

    Dr. Hadassa Waterman

    Head of Biotech Department

    Ehrlich Group

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Facts & Numbers

149 Employees



42  Patent Attorneys


Patent Attorneys

6 Patent Interns


Patent Interns

89 Women



60 Men



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About Ehrlich Group

Ehrlich Group, a leading international Intellectual Property firm in Israel, founded in 1995 by Dr. Gal Ehrlich, houses more than 150 highly experienced IP professionals.

The group provides clients with a complete range of services, from filing and registering a large raft of patents, trademarks, and designs, to protecting copyrights and plant breeders’ rights, defending any IP infringement in court and representing all parties to IP litigation.

By combining the patent agents and patent and trademark attorneys of Ehrlich & Fenster with the litigators of boutique IP law firm Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer, and legal experts of IPTrade, Ehrlich Group can service all of its clients’ needs.

Ehrlich & Fenster of Ehrlich Group – Drafting & Prosecuting IP

Ehrlich & Fenster of Ehrlich Group offers premier expertise in all matters concerning the protection and prosecution of intellectual property. We take pride in providing services, not only in Israel but also in the United States before the USPTO. We work with many major international corporations, including IBM and Microsoft, as well as first-tier IP firms from Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, India, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and China.

At Ehrlich & Fenster, we appreciate the intricacy of interdisciplinary issues. Our legal team, which comprises over 50 jurists, attorneys at law, patent attorneys, technical advisers, and renowned experts, many of whom hold a master’s or Ph.D., learns continually and keeps abreast of new tactics, international issues and technological and research developments that emerge daily in all disciplines of high technology.

We are well versed in the rules of the IP game; our strategic edge lies particularly in our ability to pinpoint the unique technology or set of core technologies hidden in the labyrinth of development work or behind a discovery. Having helped our clients to isolate these assets, we then analyze and evaluate the exclusive extras that provide the winning edge. Bearing our clients’ future goals in mind at all times, we assess potential opportunities and directions in which to further develop these assets.

Ehrlich & Fenster has been handling the most substantial amount of patent applications, in compression to all Israeli agents, that derive from inventions generated by Top five Universities (Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem, Weizmann, Beersheba, and Technion) in Israel Since 2008 (Data by PatBase Analytics) working with all Tech Transfer Organizations including T3 – of the Technion, Yissum- of the Hebrew University, Yeda- of the Weizmann Institute of Science, etc.

Every year, the firm files thousands of patent applications for Israeli and international clients, justifying its recognition as the top Patent Cooperation Treaty filing firm in Israel by Managing Intellectual Property Global PCT Leaders Report. Further, each year the firm files more than 1,000 patent applications in the United States alone. The firm’s global reputation of filing and prosecuting US patent applications before the USPTO is the result of the immense knowledge of its patent attorneys, around a quarter of whom are licensed to practice before the USPTO. Some of our patent attorneys gained experience as patent examiners in the USPTO, and all are directly involved with the USPTO. This in-depth knowledge of domestic and US legislation secures us a high allowance rate. Each department is engaged in drafting and prosecuting patent applications, including opposition procedures, rendering opinions regarding IP matters, IP-related due diligence processes, and in consultations relating to IP and commercialization strategies 

Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer of Ehrlich Group (EN&M) – Defending IP

EN&M complements E&F’s IP creation expertise with matching legal expertise in protecting and defending clients’ IP against breaches, oppositions, and other threats in and out of courts. Representing domestic and international clients in contentious proceedings focusing on patent and trademark litigation, protection of designs and copyright, contracts and transactions, licensing agreements, and enforcement of brands.

IP Trade of Ehrlich Group – Commercializing IP

IPTrade is a unique platform that was developed by the firm and supports its clients in monetizing their intellectual property assets, based on the extensive experience and knowledge that has been accumulated in the firm.

The Group’s Practice Areas

• Biotech, Immunology, Agrotech, Bioinformatics and Biochemistry, Cannatech, Foodtech
• Pharmacology, and Chemistry
• Physics
• Medical Devices and Clean Technology, Digital Health
• Mechanics, Electronics, Electro-Optics, and Computer Hardware, Aviation and Aerospace
• Computer Software, AI, Fintech, Cybertech, Big Data, Blockchain, Automotive, Telecommunications
• Trademarks & Designs
• Litigation & Enforcement
• Breeder’s rights
• Trade Secrets.


The firm’s clientele includes leading multinational corporations and tech giants such as Monsanto, IBM, Samsung, Huawei, leading research institutes including major universities and their commercialization departments, numerous start-ups, leading inventors and entrepreneurs from Israel and overseas and world-renowned researchers, including Nobel and Wolf Laureates.

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