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Line of Business: Development, Construction, and Urban Renewal
Address: 5 Kinnerent St., 3rd BSR Tower, Bnei Brak
Phone: 972-3-6569916
Fax: 972-3-6569917
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.zimbahari.co.il
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  • Adi Zim, Zim Bahari Group

    Adi Zim


    Zim Bahari Group

  • Yona Bahari, Zim Bahari Group

    Yona Bahari


    Zim Bahari Group

  • Danny Swisa, Zim Bahari Group

    Danny Swisa


    Zim Bahari Group

  • Eyal Bahari, Zim Bahari Group

    Eyal Bahari


    Zim Bahari Group

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About Zim Bahari Group

Zim Bahari Group is a merger between the real estate group of Adi Zim, who holds a leading investment group that specializes in a variety of industries: real estate, finance, insurance, commerce and technology, between the longstanding real estate group Bahari, which has been active in the construction industry for more than 50 years, in Israel and abroad.

Zim Bahari is building thousands of apartments, mainly in the urban renewal segment, and also commerce, industry and employment areas. During its years of operations, the group accumulated vast experience through successful real estate projects, while maintaining high-quality and attentive planning and execution.

The group is currently promoting more than 70 urban renewal projects across Israel, amounting to tens of thousands of apartments. This fact turns it into a leading and major player in Israel’s urban renewal market.

Zim Bahari Group has several significant advantages

• Development and execution with a financial resilience that is among the highest in the economy.

• Optimal planning and construction quality in particularly high standards while meeting green and ecological construction standards, complying with the schedules, and uncompromising meticulous attention to every stage of the process up to its population and beyond.

• Personal customer service and full transparency throughout all of the planning and execution stages for each and every resident.

• Initiation of urban renewal not only from the economic side but also and mainly for its social aspect, with an emphasis on appropriate planning that would enable the integration of old and new populations to the benefit of all.

Zim Bahari Group’s vision is to continue and build in modern, contemporary and high-quality construction, with a clear sense of mission that would enable to conserve the facades of the city and to develop it as a masterpiece and as to enable future generations to live in an advanced and contemporary environment for a better future.

Prominent Projects

Milchen Neighborhood, Rehovot: A large-scale Pinui-Binui project that covers an entire neighborhood at the center of the city. In the framework of this project, the company would build a residential complex with about 15 buildings and 2,000 apartments as well as extensive public, employment and commerce areas that would satisfy the needs of all of the residents. The project is at the planning stage.

Tirat HaCarmel: A Pinui-Binui (under a mix-use model) project that includes residences and commerce areas and would be built at the heart of the city’s old neighborhood. The project is aimed at rejuvenating the heart of the neighborhood and building about 900 new apartments. In addition, commerce and employment areas would be built along the main street. The project is located near public areas and the mix-use model would lead to high living quality to the benefit of the residents with green nature areas that would be connected to the environment that surrounds the project which is located at the downslope of Mt. Carmel. The plan was deposited.

HaAlon Complex, Yavne: A Pinui-Binui project with about 900 apartments in 14 buildings. The project is located on Park HaNahal in Yavne and would include bike trails, a fountain and playgrounds. The project’s zoning plan was approved and the company is now at the stages of issuing a permit for Phase A.

16-20 Kitzis St., Tel Aviv: A unique residential tower with 89 apartments that would be built as a Tama 38/2 project at the heart of the Hadar Yodef neighborhood of Tel Aviv near the Frankfurt House. The project is awaiting the commission’s decision.

Be’eri/Weizmann, Netanya: A Pinui-Binui project which includes the eviction of 96 residents and the construction of about 400 new apartments. The project is situated along a central and bubbly urban artery, that includes a commercial street façade with integrated open green areas. In order to add open spaces for the residents, the buildings’ rooftops were planned as to enable gardening and rest areas. The plan was filed in the local commission.

Bar Ilan Gardens, Ramla: A Pinui-Binui project with about 1,900 apartments. The project is built as a mix-project and its residents would benefit from extensive public areas, trails, a green park and high proximity to the lively urban center. In Planning.

85-87 HaBosem St., Tel Aviv: A Tama 38/2 project where the company would build a modern building with about 81 apartments at the heart of this developing neighborhood in South Tel Aviv. The project is located near Park Darom and the plan is in the permit application stage.

HaYarkon/Zrubavel St., Tel Aviv: A 30-story luxury tower that combines hotels and residences at the city’s most expensive location. The plan was filed in the local commission.

4 Modigliani St., Tel Aviv: A Tama 38/2 project with 16 apartments in Tel Aviv’s quiet and luxurious center. This upscale building would include a diverse apartments mix including penthouse with a view of the city center. Pending permit.

Tsahal St., Kiryat Ono: A Tama 38/1 project where the company would add 56 new apartments to 2 existing buildings. Pending permit.


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