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Established: 1972
Line of Business: Commercial Bank
Address: 42 Rothschild Blvd., Tel Aviv 6688310
Phone: 972-3-5196111
Fax: 972-3-5100316
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  • Ron Levkovich, First International Bank of Israel (FIBI)

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    First International Bank of Israel (FIBI)

  • Smadar Barber-Tsadik, First International Bank of Israel (FIBI)

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    First International Bank of Israel (FIBI)

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    Smadar Barber-Tsadik

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    FIBI Holdings Company Ltd.
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About First International Bank of Israel (FIBI)

Total Balance Sheet: NIS 172,475 million

Credit to the Public: NIS 92,321 million
Equity: NIS 9,478 million
Core Capital Ratio: 11.55%
(as of 26 May, 2021)

The First International Bank of Israel (FIBI) is among Israel’s five largest banking groups. FIBI Group provides a wide range of financial products and services to customers with the highest standards of professionalism and service. FIBI group includes several brand names: the parent company - First International Bank, the subsidiary company - Massad Bank, and the brand names Otzar Hachayal, UBank and PAGI, comprising a network of some 140 branches countrywide. The assets of the First International Bank amount to NIS 170 billion with a wide and stable capital base that is among the highest in the banking system and indicative of the Group’s financial strength.

FIBI Group

FIBI Bank is a universal bank offering a full range of banking services focusing on several segments of activity: corporate and commercial banking, capital market activity and investment consultancy and private banking. In these segments, the bank enjoys distinctive advantages reflected in the highly professional and skilled staff as well as technical advantages in the form of most advanced information and customer service technological systems.

An important and principal segment on which the Group focuses is the retail and small businesses segment, which is approached by the Group through FIBI Bank and the following brand name layouts: PAGI - leading in orthodox and ultra-orthodox community banking; Otzar Hachayal - focusing on services to the customer population belonging to the armed forces and the defense organizations; and Massad, a bank specializing in services to teaching personnel.

The First International Bank Group offers a wide range of customer adapted banking services also by means of digital and technological banking services through advanced direct service channels, enabling the customer to conduct transactions and obtain information rapidly and efficiently via the Group’s Internet site and by the mobile phone application, which are being upgraded frequently in accordance with the most advanced technological innovations, and which earn high usage rates and high customer satisfaction.

The Bank promotes innovation by integrating products and technologies produced by startup companies, alongside its current activity for the in-house development of products and technologies by the Bank’s IT group. The “fintech” operations of the Bank is focused on and adapted to its strategic focus points, and as part of the “investing in you” strategy of the Bank, an emphasis is put on solutions that might be integrated with interfaces regarding customers, thus improving the service experience and granting them added value. 

The Corporate Segment

FIBI provides advanced banking and financial services to large corporations in the Israeli market. The Bank is experienced and highly proficient in the management and financing of significant large-scale transactions, and many of the large and leading corporations in the market are customers of the Bank. The Bank also emphasizes its activity among middle-market customers.

FIBI offers customers of the corporate-commercial sector credit solutions adapted to their needs, based on its segmental expertise. The Bank conducts a cautious and responsible credit policy, holding a diversified and high-quality credit portfolio, constituting an important layer of the financial stability of the Bank.

The Bank also offers to customers of the corporate and commercial sector foreign trade services and foreign trade guarantees, which include advanced solutions for importers, exporters and international transactions, the financing of capital market operations and foreign currency investment management. The Bank’s foreign currency dealing room is one of the leading, professional and competitive dealing rooms in Israel.

The Retail Segment

The First International Bank is expanding its activity in the retail segment and is offering households advanced services in the areas of current account management, credit, investment advice, savings, pension advice, mortgages and more. The Bank provides its customers with a wide range of advanced service channels, with an emphasis on direct banking channels such as the internet, mobile phone applications and automatic service machines, which ensure that service is available rapidly and effectively 24 hours a day.

FIBI Group leads in providing services to diverse populations, such as the defense forces through Otzar Hachayal; the Teachers and Faculty community through Massad Bank, which is considered the “teachers bank” and the religious-orthodox community through “PAGIi” branch network.

Capital Market and Private Banking

The First International Bank is one of the market leaders in capital markets activity, Israeli and foreign securities, financial derivatives, trading rooms and various investment products.

It enjoys an excellent reputation for its professional investment advisory services and private banking, due to the professionalism of its investment consultants, who provide high-class service at the branches of the Bank, and also due to the advanced consulting systems.

FIBI for the Community – “We Believe in You” Program

FIBI continues to follow the “We Believe in You” program with the objective of establishing close involvement and collaboration with the community through outreach activities, which include volunteer work. The project combines diverse activities in various areas to different segments and populations, including youth at risk, populations from geographic and social peripheral areas and to various segments of the community.

The principal object of the program is to provide a basis and tools with the aim of creating an opportunity to change the course of their lives by providing assistance, learning, apprenticeship and development of business ventures. The program promotes also the development of business ventures for females, focusing on enrichment and the providing of tools with regards to diverse subjects, such as: financial awareness, business ventures, leadership and excellence capabilities, by means of personal follow-up, apprenticeship and adoption of female groups from the geographic and social peripheral areas. An additional field in which FIBI is active is security forces, through the involvement in the encouragement of youth to draft and join a rewarding and meaningful military service. Furthermore, FIBI works with INZ (Disabled Veterans of the IDF Organization), the Ametz Lochem (Adopt a Warrior) program etc.

Employees of FIBI take an active part in the project as volunteers, which to date has helped thousands of young people and additional populations in Israel.

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