Initiation, Development, Construction, Leasing, Maintenance and Planning of Hi-Tech, industrial and Logistics Centers Throughout Israel

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Established: 1928
Line of Business: Initiation, Development, Construction, Leasing, Maintenance and Planning of Hi-Tech, industrial and Logistics Centers Throughout Israel
Address: 1 Matam Towers, Matam Park,
P.O.B. 15041, Haifa 31905

ToHa Tower, 114 Yigal Alon St.,
Tel Aviv 67443203
Tel: 972-3-5672717
Phone: 972-4-6644200
Fax: 972-4-8533567
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Eldad Fresher, Gav-Yam

    Eldad Fresher



  • Avi Jacobovitz, Gav-Yam

    Avi Jacobovitz



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    Avi Jacobovitz

Leading Executives

    Mark Zack CFO
    Yariv Bar-Dea VP Marketing & Business Development
    Gideon Eckstein VP Engineering
    Yoav Russo VP Assets
    Shiri Weizmann Legal counsel and secretary
    Tzvika Appel VP Subsidiaries
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About Gav-Yam

Gav-Yam Ltd. is one of Israel’s largest and longstanding public income-producing property companies in Israel. The Company is active in initiation, planning, development, construction, leasing, maintenance and management of high-tech, logistics and industrial parks throughout Israel, and building dedicated pre-leased (long-term) buildings. In addition, through its fully-owned subsidiary, the Company offers diverse management and maintenance services to its tenants throughout the entire lease period. The Company was founded in 1928 and has been listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange since 1978. Gav-Yam’s debenture rating is AA by S&P Maalot and Aa2 by Midroog.

Income-Producing Properties

The Company owns 22 hi-tech, logistics and industry parks in 19 cities, covering a total area of 1,037,000 sq.m., most of which are found in prime locations. In addition, about 899,700 sq.m. in planning and construction stages (the Company’s share out of about 716,700 sq.m.) and 447,000 sq.m of construction reserves, (the Company’s share). The Company has about 400 customers, and its occupancy rate is 98%.

Financial Information

2021 revenues amounted to NIS 548 million, the net income attributable to shareholders amounted to about NIS 1,092 million, its equity attributable to shareholders totaled to about NIS 3.6 billion, its investment properties were valued at NIS 10.3 billion.

Main Hi-Tech, Logistics and Industrial Parks and Centers

The Company specializes in initiation, development, planning, construction and management of hi-tech, logistics and industrial parks for leasing, providing a specific solution to the special requirements of the tenant companies, such as adjustment to various industries, including high-tech, biotechnology, etc. Parks have various advantages such as location, Class A buildings, easy access near main roads and trains, parks and green areas, cooperation with leading academic institutions. Gav Yam’s tenants include leading Israeli and international companies such as Apple, Intel, Elbit Systems, Philips, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, IBM, IL-CERT.
ToHa1 (50% owned by the Company) - located in the sought-after business center near HaShalom Interchange of the Ayalon Highway within walking distance from the railway station and includes an area of 89,000 sq.m. of which 57,000 sq.m. are aboveground.
MTM Park, Haifa - Israel’s biggest hi-tech and business park, 272,000 sq.m. built and fully occupied. Tenants of the park are provided with complimentary facilities.
Gav-Yam Park North Herzliya - one of the most advanced high-tech, business and commercial parks in Israel in the industrial zone comprising 136,000 sq.m. in the northern industrial zone, including office buildings and commerce areas surrounding a spectacular internal square.
Gav-Yam Center Herzliya - 116,000 sq.m. built adjacent to the coastal road with easy access and visible from Route 2. The complex is occupied by high-tech and service companies and commercial spaces.
Gav-Yam Negev Park - in cooperation with Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Beer Sheva Municipality. The park is located next to the railway station near Ben Gurion University and the C4I Corps Center that is currently under construction. Upon completion, the park will include 200,000 sq.m. The park is comprising four buildings covering a total area of 61,000 sq.m and is the leading hi-tech and cyber park in the region (the Company’s share is 73%).
Gav-Yam Park Rehovot - Biotechnology and Hi-Tech Park in cooperation with the Weizmann Institute, 56,000 sq.m (including below-ground) and land reserves for further development of the park (the Company’s share is 52%).
Gav-Yam Park Caesarea - a park with 50,000 sq.m built on an area of 110 dunams.

Projects Under Development

Gav Yam Ra’anana, 1st building - an offices and commerce building covering 72,600 sq.m., of which 40,000 sq.m. are aboveground. A combination (asset-swap) transaction (the Company’s share is 69.5%).
MTM East, buildings 1 + 2 - office project of. 93,000 sq.m, of which 56,500 sq.m are aboveground. Over 70% of the space in the project has been marketed.
MTM East, 3rd building - office project of 41,000 sq.m, of which 28,500 sq.m are aboveground.
Gav-Yam Park Hebrew University Campus – a project in cooperation with the Hebrew University and the Jerusalem Development Authority. In the first phase, buildings 1+2 will be constructed on an area of 89,000 sq.m, of which 57,000 aboveground. A combination transaction – the Company’s share is 66%.
Gav-Yam Park Haifa Bay, 4th building - a logistics center of 20,000 sq.m., fully marketed.
ToHa2 – an office project of 205,000 sq.m, of which 160,000 sq.m. aboveground, fully marketed (the Company’s share is 50%).
Gav-Yam Herzliya North – Gav-Yam 02 extension – an office project of 60,000 sq.m, of which 38,000 sq.m aboveground, fully marketed.
Gav-Yam Ashkelon Park – an industrial park with a built area of 40,500 sq.m. (The Company’s share is 70%), fully marketed.
Gav-Yam Holon – a government office project of 44,000 sq.m, of which 22,000 sq.m.

Main Companies Owned by Gav-Yam

M.T.M. (Matam) Scientific Industries Center Haifa Ltd. (50.1%) - owns the rights for MTM Park, land reserves and additional assets in Haifa.
Gav-Yam Negev Ltd. (73%) - owns the rights for Gav-Yam Negev Park in Beersheba.


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