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Established: 1994
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 38 Habarzel St., Tel Aviv 6971054
Phone: 972-3-7467777
Fax: 972-3-7467700
Email: [email protected]
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  • Guy Gissin, Gissin & Co., Advocates

    Guy Gissin

    Founding and Managing Partner

    Gissin & Co., Advocates

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    Guy Gissin
  • Yoel Freilich, Gissin & Co., Advocates

    Yoel Freilich

    Senior Partner, Head of Litigation Dept.

    Gissin & Co., Advocates

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    Yoel Freilich
  • Yael Hershkovitz, Gissin & Co., Advocates

    Yael Hershkovitz

    Senior Partner, Head of Corporate & Financing Dept.

    Gissin & Co., Advocates

  • Amir Paz, Gissin & Co., Advocates

    Amir Paz


    Gissin & Co., Advocates

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About Gissin & Co., Advocates

Gissin & Co., Advocates is a leading Israeli law firm specializing in corporate and finance law, securities law, capital markets, commercial litigation and insolvency.
Over the last decade, the firm has been involved in most of Israel’s major debt settlements (B Communications, IDB, Delek, Africa-Israel, Sunny, Alon Oil, etc.), and specialized in insolvency proceedings of foreign companies that raised bonds in Israel such as Urbancorp, BSR Europe, All Year, Brookland, Mirland, Starwood etc., and conducts vast international legal activities of investments, realization and sales of assets. Adv. Gissin is consistently being recognized as one of the most influential Israeli lawyers in this field, personally responsible for many legal precedents.
The litigation department has special expertise in corporate and securities law and IP, and it handles complex and high-profile cases including international legal proceedings. The firm is in the forefront of those legal fields and is recognized for its creative legal activities, initiating and obtaining legal precedents. The firm has been accompanying institutional and public clients in the capital market field since 1994, as well as corporations, working vis-à-vis the Securities and Exchange Authority and Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and accompanying leading Israeli public companies in their capital market as well as commercial activity. The firm’s clients include leading companies, institutional investors, international hedge funds and trustees of bond-holders. The firm and its partners are ranked by local and international directories such as D&B and BdiCode, IFLR, as one of the leading law firms in Israel in the fields of Restructuring and Insolvency, Commercial Litigation and Capital Markets. Chambers and Partners ranked Adv. Gissin as one of the Israelis top practitioners in the field of Restructuring and Insolvency.
In 2021 the firm initiated a designated company, together with accountant Aviva Ben Moshe (who held a senior position at the Securities and Exchange Authority for 31 years, until 2020) – Harpoon Capital Consulting Ltd. Harpoon offers consulting services, opinions and financial consulting pertaining to the field of capital market for the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Ltd., to companies and various traded partnerships.

A Winning Group

Gissin & Co., Advocates strives to provide first rate, uncompromising commitment to service around the clock, while maintaining excellence in expertise and service, availability and achievement of goals. The exceptional solutions initiated by the firm have become a byword.

Practice Areas

Restructuring and Insolvency – the firm is constantly rated as a top-tier leading firm in Restructuring and Debt Settlements in Israel, and has been a key player in most of the Israeli significant bonds debt settlements during the last decade. The firm has extensive experience in receivership, liquidations and recovery of companies in distress, as well as supporting related proceedings of insolvency, representing creditors, shareholders, banks, and corporations. The firm’s partners are frequently appointed by courts as liquidators, receivers, trustees, etc.
Commercial Litigation – the firm provides litigation services in all Israeli tribunals including arbitration and mediation proceedings. The firm has extensive experience in handling large and complex disputes, including securities holder suits, executives’ and directors’ liability, shareholder disputes, corporate takeover conflicts, discrimination, large-scale contractual disputes, etc. The firm has extensive experience in the field of securities class and derivatives actions in corporate and securities laws, as well as consumers’ actions.
Capital Market – the firm provides counsel to public companies, Institutional Investors, corporations, investors and Bond Trustees on securities law and regulations, corporate governance issues, controlling shareholders transactions, officers’ liability etc. In 2015-2020 the firm acted as a joint supervisor of Delek Drilling - Limited Partnership, the largest Israeli gas partnership.
Commercial International Transactions – the firm conducts vast international commercial legal activities in various fields, including complex investments, sales and finance of assets managed by the firm. Over the past year, the firm handled significant transactions in Canada, USA and Europe.
Corporate Finance – the firm has extensive experience in various corporate finance transactions and special expertise in advising foreign and Israeli clients regarding the regulatory aspects of the securities structure and the creation, registration and enforcement of securities in Israel.
Real Estate – The firm provides consultation for sale and lease transactions, finance and acquisition of real estate, construction, and real estate ventures.


Guy Gissin – LL.B., Tel Aviv University 1991, married to Sigal and father of five. Major (res.), at the Israeli Navy, was a partner at Zaltzman & Co., until he founded the firm in 1994. Adv. Gissin specializes in commercial law, securities, companies’ law, insolvency, debt settlements and commercial litigation. Over the last decade he is involved in the most complex and significant Israeli capital market debt settlements and liquidations, and he is personally responsible for many significant legal precedents. Adv. Gissin is often personally appointed by courts and creditors as office holder of corporations in distress. Adv. Gissin also volunteers and grants Pro-Bono services for NGOs engaged in education, lectures in various academic institutes, and is one of the entrepreneurs of a designated mediation center for insolvency, with one of the leading universities in Israel.
Yoel Freilich – LL.M., Commercial Law at Bar Ilan University, Senior Partner, heads the Litigation Department, and specializes in litigation and settling commercial disputes. Adv. Freilich gained extensive experience representing in front of a broad range of tribunals and has developed special expertise deliberate on matters of temporary relief. Adv. Freilich is the author of the book Temporary and Immediate Remedies in Business Law (Ronen Publishing, 2013) which considered the leader in its field, and lecturer areas of expertise.
Yael Hershkovitz – Adv. Hershkovitz, Senior Partner, heads the Corporate and Finance Dept., and specializes in corporate and finance, and represents clients in restructuring and debt settlements, finance transactions, M&A and complex cross border transactions. Over the last years Adv. Hershkovitz has been involved in complex and significant Israeli capital market debt settlements and liquidations.
Amir Paz – Amir is a Partner in the Litigation Practice of the firm. He handles complex and high-profile litigation cases before all courts, including in the following areas: shareholder disputes and power struggles, directors’ and officers’ liability claims, class actions, derivative claims, financial disputes, various IP disputes and various insolvency proceedings.

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Articles about Gissin & Co., Advocates

  • Israel 2014 - The rules of the game have changed

    The new practices in the field of debt settlements, and mainly the ruling by the honorable Judge Eitan Orenstin in the IDB case, which for the first time has allowed creditors to initiate and lead a debt settlement of an insolvent company, even without the agreement of the company itself and its controlling shareholder, marks a turning point for the entire economy.

    Israel 2014 - The rules of the game have changed

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