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Established: 2019
Line of Business: R&D of Cloud Security Technology
Address: 66 HaMasger, Tel Aviv
Website: http://www.orca.security
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  • Avi Shua, Orca Security

    Avi Shua

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Orca Security

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    Avi Shua
  • Gil Geron, Orca Security

    Gil Geron

    CPO & Co-Founder

    Orca Security

  • Yoav Alon, Orca Security

    Yoav Alon


    Orca Security

  • Mor Himi, Orca Security

    Mor Himi

    VP, Applied Threat Research

    Orca Security

  • Arie Teter, Orca Security

    Arie Teter

    VP, Research & Development

    Orca Security

  • Pini Karuchi, Orca Security

    Pini Karuchi

    CFO & Acting COO

    Orca Security

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About Orca Security

Orca Security was founded in 2019 by eight co-founders, including Avi Shua (CEO) and Gil Geron (CPO). Orca has developed a unique SideScanning technology that is able to achieve full and fast coverage within minutes, without the need for any complex implementation. It is precisely this technology that makes Orca stand out from the crowd, the cyber solutions competitors on the market most of require lengthy implementation projects, which span the duration of months or even years. In addition, Orca lightens the workload for IT security managers, by building a graph of their organization’s cloud environment and prioritizing the few critical alerts out of thousands (and sometimes tens of thousands) existing alerts.

Orca boasts offices in Israel, Los Angeles, London, Vienna and more. The company is continuing to expand their global footprint through their global affiliates program. Orca has recorded an 800% growth in revenues over the past years, its clientele includes: Databricks, Robinhood, Autodesk, News Corp, NCR, Duolingo, Unity Technologies, and Druva, and cyber companies, including: BeyondTrust, Hunters, Very Good Security, BigID and more.


Orca Security recently completed a fundraising round of $550 million, and is currently valued at $1.8 billion. This fundraising round was an expansion of its Series C round which was announced earlier this year, where $210 million was raised in March. To date, Orca has raised $640 million, $605 million of which was raised within less than a year. The Series C round was led Temasek, Singapore’s government investment fund, and one of the world’s largest investors, with a portfolio of over $300 billion, have demonstrated extraordinary returns – averaging at 14% annually over the past 40 years. Orca Security plans on leveraging Temasek’s investment portfolio and global network, to deepen their market penetration.

Other investors who participated in this round were Alphabet’s (Google) CapitalG Fund, Splunk Ventures, SAIC, GGV Capital, Stripes, Redpoint Ventures (who are investing in the company for the third time), ICONIQ Growth and Silicon Valley CISO Investments, a group of 50 CISO’s investing as angels who use their unmatched industry expertise to drive success.

Work-Leisure Balance

Orca Security has more than 200 employees, almost 100 of them being based in Israel. Despite their dramatic growth in revenues and manpower over the past two years, Orca has managed to maintain their familial and intimate work atmosphere across the whole company. This atmosphere is created, inter alia, through the weekly updates that the employees receive about Orca’s progress. Great importance is also placed upon the employees’ welfare, as is evident when looking at their benefits: such as a sous vide lunches every Sunday (with vegan options), Yoga classes on Mondays and Tuesdays and a basketball game every Tuesday. Orca also hosts a happy hour event every Thursday, each week having its own theme (this is where employees receive updates and news on Orca’s operations). The employees also enjoy company trips, vacations and more.

Switching to a Hybrid Work Model

Following the COVID-19 global pandemic, the company has switched to a hybrid work model that integrates working both remotely and from the office, but as time passes, more and more employees opt to work from the office. This trend indicates both that the employees enjoy their workplace and that they value the common goal of Orca and wish to be close to the heart of the action.


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