PAPAYA is a successful high-tech company that has developed an innovative tournament platform allowing players from around the world to compete in casual games based on their skills

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Established: 2019
Line of Business: Mobile tournament games
Address: 35 HaMasger St., Tel Aviv
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  • Oriel Bachar, PAPAYA

    Oriel Bachar

    Co-Founder & CEO


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    Oriel Bachar
  • Andrey Birman, PAPAYA

    Andrey Birman

    Co-Founder & CTO


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    Andrey Birman
  • Alex Liakhovetsky, PAPAYA

    Alex Liakhovetsky

    Co-Founder & VP R&D


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    Alex Liakhovetsky
  • Yonatan Zvik, PAPAYA

    Yonatan Zvik

    Co-Founder & VP Product


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    Yonatan Zvik
  • Ilan Rosen, PAPAYA

    Ilan Rosen



  • Ifat Steinman, PAPAYA

    Ifat Steinman

    General Counsel


  • Roni Maman, PAPAYA

    Roni Maman

    SVP of CX and Payments


  • Uri Pearl, PAPAYA

    Uri Pearl

    Head of Marketing


  • Guy Yarkoni, PAPAYA

    Guy Yarkoni

    Head of Analytics & BI


  • Ori Naor, PAPAYA

    Ori Naor

    Head of Art and Design


  • Ben Kazael, PAPAYA

    Ben Kazael

    Head of Monetization


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PAPAYA has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the gaming landscape since 2019, offering skilled-based mobile tournament games while using a fresh and forward-thinking approach to game development. The company’s games are designed to reward skill, strategy, and perseverance rather than luck, as players not only enjoy a thrilling gaming experience but also have the chance to earn real money while pushing the boundaries of their achievements.

PAPAYA hosts over 20 million tournaments daily, processing over a million server requests per minute and over 37 million downloads worldwide.

Setting itself apart with innovative technology, PAPAYA has successfully transformed single-player games into dynamic multiplayer skill-based rewarding tournaments. The company analyzes the skill levels of players and strategically matches them with other players with similar abilities, ensuring a competitive and equitable gaming experience. Winners can earn either in-game currency - Gems or real money.

The company underwent a rebranding process in the past year, including a name change from "Papaya Gaming" to "PAPAYA," along with a new logo and brand language. The rebranding process represents a significant step in the journey and development of PAPAYA within the Israeli and global technological landscape. The company has set the goal of expanding into additional technological territories. The new branding reflects its evolving aspirations, with mobile gaming tournaments as just the starting point.

PAPAYA operates from two official branches, one in Israel and another in Poland, managing a team of over 250 employees, with more than 40% of them being women. The company's rapid success has translated into increased career opportunities, with over 100 recruits in 2023 alone.

Occupying four floors in the Sky Tower building at the heart of Tel Aviv, PAPAYA's offices offer a 360-degree city view, fostering creativity and a vibrant atmosphere. The innovative workspace includes a game room, a driving simulator, a Pilates and aerobic studio with classes, and the cherry on top - a barista who will personally tailor your coffee.

Furthermore, PAPAYA strongly emphasizes personal development, offering diverse professional and personal development tracks and facilitating internal career progression. Training tools and enrollment in professional courses equip employees with the skills needed to transition seamlessly between teams and fields.

PAPAYA's organizational values reflect a commitment to embracing challenges and stepping out of comfort zones. The company embeds these values into its users through its products, approach to employee management, activities, and business decisions. Notably, PAPAYA's 2023 TLV Night Run sponsorship aligns directly with its message, inspiring individuals to push their limits. 

In the past year alone, Papaya has led important projects that contribute to the community, such as the "Winning Challenge," an initiative to assist communities evacuated from their homes in the Gaza envelope. The company also granted scholarships to students at "Reichman University" and sponsored IGY, the LGBTQ youth organization, and its activities in pride events that took place. PAPAYA's holistic approach, from cutting-edge gaming experiences to supportive workplace environments and community engagement, establishes it as a pioneer in the tech industry.

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