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Commercial Law, Real Estate, Civil Litigation, and “White Collar” Cases

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Established: 2002
Line of Business: Commercial Law, Real Estate, Civil Litigation, and “White Collar” Cases
Address: Bet Rubinstein, 20 Lincoln St.,
Tel Aviv 6713412
Phone: 972-8-5622230
Fax: 972-8-5622240
Email: [email protected]
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  • Nimrod Vardi, Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Offices

    Nimrod Vardi

    Founding Partner

    Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Offices

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    Nimrod Vardi
  • Shmuel Leshem, Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Offices

    Shmuel Leshem

    Founding Partner

    Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Offices

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    Shmuel Leshem
  • Alon Ron, Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Offices

    Alon Ron

    Founding Partner

    Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Offices

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    Alon Ron
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About Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Offices

Vardi Leshem Ron, Law Office provides clients with the highest level professional legal services through its carefully selected, quality, skilled staff. The firm’s partners are actively and extensively involved in providing services to clients with personal attention adapted to each client’s needs. The firm has an intimate family character, and is one of Israel’s most professional boutique firms, providing business and private clients in Israel and abroad with comprehensive legal advice in commercial-civil law, and real estate, and represents clients in civil law proceedings and “white-collar” offenses.

In contrast to other boutique firms, it is a microcosm of large firms in providing a broad range of the highest professional level services in diverse areas. It is distinct from large firms by providing services through a compact, quality team with the partners’ involvement. The knowledge, experience, and reputation gained by the firm in providing high-quality legal services in many areas allow integrated solutions for a range of client needs. The firm’s clients include leading Israeli and overseas corporations, top capital market players, executives and shareholders, developers, landowners, and contractors.

Practice Areas

Commercial-Civil Law

The Commercial Department, headed by Adv. Shmuel Leshem, is highly esteemed professionally, and supports Israel’s leading corporations in a range of commercial law areas in-cluding companies and securities, commercial contracts, M&As, partnerships, mutual funds, ETFs, energy, fuel and gas, taxation, labor law, and routine consultancy to corporations, executives, and shareholders. The firm has also gained particular expertise in representation in the accountancy and gas sectors as well as merger deals in these fields. The firm is among Israel’s leaders in these business fields. Adv. Leshem has been appointed the arbitrator in a list of cases by the International Chamber of Commerce International Court of Arbitration.

Real Estate, Planning & Building, Tax

The Real Estate Department, known for exceptional expertise, is led by Adv. Nimrod Vardi who has many years of experience in supporting prominent entities in the real estate market Adv. Vardi was also appointed as the receiver of significant properties by the court. The firm provides legal support for business and private clients in a wide range of real estate transactions and projects, including: combination deals, sales and acquisition transactions; diverse building developments on a large and small scale, urban regeneration, transactions and projects relating to income-producing properties, apartments and luxury homes in the private sector, and more. The firm supports its clients in their correspondence with various authorities, including the Israeli Land Authorities (ILA) and credit entities, and it also specializes in real estate taxation and planning and zoning. In addition, the company specializes in the liquidation of partnerships and estate management.

Commercial-Civil Litigation

The Litigation Department, led by Adv. Alon Ron,  is renowned for its professionalism and specializes in representing clients in all courts and arbitration and mediation procedures including corporations, securities, contracts, banking, real estate, tenders, administrative law, class actions, inheritance, and wills. Adv. Ron is experienced in representing leading corporations and prominent figures in Israel in complex, large-scale cases.

White-Collar Offenses and Administrative and Disciplinary Enforcement

The White-Collar Department, headed by Adv. Alon Ron, is one of the leaders of this practice area in Israel, and specializes in representing the charged and suspects of white-collar offenses, including securities offenses, taxes, fraud, bribery, money laundering, and disciplinary law for professionals including lawyers and accountants who are currently under pro-ceedings. The department’s expertise is expressed in prominent legal achievements in cases that it manages, in precedent setting proceedings, as well as well-known and principle cases on complex matters with broad public attention.

Private Clients, Trustees and Family Wealth Management

Due to the family and personal nature of the firm along-side its accumulated experience, the partners enjoy the personal trust of their clients among them are key figures in Israel. The firm supports clients in planning and managing personal and family wealth, a practice area which is considered to be one of the most sensitive and complex legal fields. In this framework, the firm handles the preparation of complex intergenerational agreements and arrangements, drafting wills, tax consulting and representation, wealth management and the transferring of family wealth from one generation to another, support of real-estate transactions and diverse legal counseling in other practice areas.

Voluntary Disclosure

Adv. Alon Ron specializes in complex voluntary disclosure proceedings with the various tax authorities. In this line of work, while collaborating with experts, Adv. Ron lead some of the most significant settlements made in Israel over the last few years.

The Partners

Adv. Shmuel Leshem, Founding Partner - Specializes in commercial law, contracts law, corporate law, energy and fuel law, domestic and international deals, and routine support for business clients and senior executives. Adv. Leshem regularly supports leading commercial entities in the accountancy and fuel sectors, and handles mergers, founding corporations and forming a strategy for their operations, and the sale of companies to Israeli and overseas corporations. He acts in business arbitration and mediation including as an arbitrator and mediator.

Adv. Nimrod Vardi, Founding Partner - Specializes in real estate, property taxation, and zoning and planning law and provides legal support to business and private clients in a range of real estate deals and projects, including combination deals, sales and acquisition transactions; diverse building developments on a large and small scale, urban regeneration, transactions and projects relating to income-producing properties and apartments in the private sector. Adv. Vardi supports clients in various authorities including the ILA, and specializes in receivership, and managing estates. Adv. Vardi was appointed by the court as the official receiver of large properties, worth substantial amounts, in complex proceedings.

Adv. Alon Ron, Founding Partner - Specializes in criminal and civil litigation and manages the firm’s litigation department. In criminal litigation, he specializes in defending the accused and suspects in white-collar offenses. In civil litigation, he represents clients in legal proceedings in civil, commercial and real estate law and he has particular expertise in corporate and security law. He also provides personal and routine support to senior executives and represents clients in complex voluntary disclosure proceedings with the tax authorities.

Adv. Ayelet Leshem, Partner - Specializes in criminal litigation (white collar crime) and in civil litigation.

In the field of criminal litigation, Adv. Leshem specializes in defending suspects and defendants in white-collar offenses, including securities violations, money laundering, officer and civil servant offenses, tax offenses and other economic offenses. In her civil litigation practice, Adv. Leshem represents the firm’s clients in legal proceedings before all courts including arbitration and mediation proceedings, in a range of areas of civil law, commercial law and real estate.

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